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Average IQ in the USA.

Tom's Journal.

"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" ~Galatian 4: 16.     ---Brothers,  Please mark this scripture well !  Not to take it out of context, but to read all the surrounding text just as the apostle Paul spoke it to the Christians from Galatia, in ancient Turkey, Asia Minor, I believe.... but it is directed also at all true Christians.  
      And then, in the 1960's...  "Ain't it the truth ?!"  Things were so cool when some smarty pants lipped off in the English class room, etc,  with Mr. Joe Kaster [a red haired, slim, Dutchman], my English teacher in high school, also my FOOTBALL and TRACK coach !!   In those days, before shipped out for Vietnam, we knew how much our teachers were worth... their weight in gold!!   They loved their jobs and loved us kids, and wanted us to do well in life !   PTL.

I am SURE that the article and graph below will offend many thin skinned people who would rather bury their ignorant heads in the sand, while reality escapes them....  duh.   But figures don't lie, and it all makes sense.  Usually, the better education you have -- the better off you will be in life, business, and raising your kids.   But....  as our English teacher, Mr. Joe Kaster would say, "Any education cannot be complete without a study of the Bible !!" 
     My only wish that did not come true was that I wanted to learn Greek and Hebrew.... and what language do you think Adam and Eve spoke ?   We believe it was HEBREW, and now modern day Israel speaks, reads and writes that same ancient [perhaps, Perfect Language], said to be very descriptive and beautiful !  More of that some other time.... as we shall continue to learn all sorts of  great and useful things in Heaven !   After all, the book of Revelation states that we are to be "Kings and Priests" in heaven, helping the people on Earth rebuild a pure way of living, etc., with Christ ruling from Jerusalem.  Things won't be dull, I am sure.   When the Lord has a table set for all of us to drink and dine at His table, we shall not ask if it is good enough!

Tom Schuckman

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Average IQ in the US and in 80 Other Nations: Blacks Are On the Bottom Again!

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Because of the influx of low IQ immigrants into the US, the average IQ in this country has fallen by probably 5 points in the last few decades. Most of these immigrants are from Mexico, but of course, we are told that “They do the jobs Americans won’t do.”
One prominent thinker whose name escapes me at the moment speculates that a First World country cannot exist with an average IQ of 95 or less. The US is RAPIDLY headed in that direction.
Of course, the liberals tell us that we are all equal. Right you are, libturds.
As to Africa, an IQ of around 70 is associated in the US with mental retardation. The average African is mentally retarded!
And yet our globalist masters demand that we import more of these creatures into the US and support them with housing, money, medical care, and food. And then stand idly by while the ungrateful wretches rape our women, assault our men, and DEMAND their constitutional rights.
What a clusterfreak of a country has the former USA become. The USSA, the United Satanic States of America? Yep!
Source: Daily Stormer

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