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Walking into a VA Hospital is like rolling the Dice.

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The VA is doing what the VC could not do 

In total, VA hospitals reported 23 deaths due to 76 instances of delayed care, an April 2014 VA fact sheet said. Then on June 5, Acting Veteran Affairs Secretary Sloan Gibson revealed that at least 18 Phoenix patients died while waiting for treatment on a secret list kept off the books. It is not clear if that number is in addition to the 23 deaths reported earlier. During the past month, the scandal has resulted in the resignations of both the VA secretary and the leaders of its health care component.
According to a June 3 audit, 100,000 veterans had lengthy wait times for appointments. Of the nation’s 216 VA hospitals, 37 percent will require further investigation.
A whistleblower revealed Tuesday that seven of the patients listed on the Phoenix VA hospitals waiting list are already dead. That same Phoenix facility spent $20 million to build the nation’s largest solar carport. Phase one of the project was completed in 2011. The hospital also had an $11.4 million shortfall that year, an Inspector General’s report stated.
Also in 2011, only 49 percent of first-time patients nationwide got a full mental health evaluation within the VA’s own goal of within 14 days after initial contact, the IG’s report said.
The Phoenix hospital is not the only VA hospital to have installed solar panels while hiding long wait times. Millions in stimulus funds were used to install panels on two facilities, one Albuquerque, N.M., and another in nearby Tucson, Ariz.. With the latter, the VA spent $14.7 million between 2010 and 2012 to install solar panels on the roof of its medical center. The contract was awarded to REC Solar, the sixth-largest recipient of stimulus funds from the VA and a major Democratic donor.

Last day of June -- 2014!  I hope that I am not repeating myself [a trait noted from older people...  lol, and Hey, I am age 65], but I am still trying to play, "catch up" after losing a whole month of my sacred SUMMER TIME !!  Being in an 'Old Age Home/ Nursing Home' is/ must be a lot like being in jail, and I feel, and know from experience just how lonely and depressed many of those older people FEEL now.    I did a tremendous about of Praying while there [at Pinecrest Nursing Facility, JUST TO STAY SANE !!   I felt somewhat saturated from so much intense Bible reading/ study, and the lack of cable TV drove me batty too.   Please, please, if you have a loved one at some nursing home, go visit them, spend some time with them,  bring them some home made food, etc !!  Pray with them, and for them, rub their back, hug them and kiss them, please !  If you don't do these things for them,  they will die sooner-- than latter, folks. 
       Friends/ Readers,  If I consider myself to be a well educated, strong, bible studied Christian--- also a well trained Soldier, combat experienced Warrior, with 2 years in Vietnam, and I had trouble focusing in a Nursing Home, in Powers, MI., for just 2 weeks [although they were force feeding me via IV, mucho antibiotics, night and day,  I would think that a normal person would have a hard time there, surrounded by many older people with dementia and Alsziemers'  disease, etc.    For me, it was very depressing, even though the staff tried hard to be kind, friendly, professional, and caring.   But remember that this is not a charity, but a business looking to make a profit -- so the food won't be so hot... as putting it nicely... ahem.   I lost weight, and that's the only thing I can think of right now that is "positive."
     I went to the Iron Mtn.,/ Kingford, MI., VAMC this morning -- on a special mission... lol.  I did get a great professional, Robin Rappley, RN, who is a specialist in inserting a Picc-Line, going from my elbow inside -- to my Vena Cava [right outside the heart], that permits the staff to either draw blood, or deliver medicines via IV.  And I gave my permission to have another RN observe the procedure too.   I will tell you more if you are really interested, via email.   It didn't hurt one bit !  
    I found out that another 'doctor', 3 weeks ago did a real number on me, by just taking away 3 important Medicines that I depended on, a person called, Choragudi, from India, with a very dark complexion.   If he doesn't get his way --- it's the highway!   And only in a VA facility, there are some so-called doctors who are just 'so full of themselves, so arrogant, aloof, condescending, and all powerful, that they can really throw a monkey wrench into a person, a respected combat, honorable Veteran ! ! !  I hope that I never meet that little bug again.  In times such as these, you really wish other Doctors would step up and take the lead.   But the VA has their little 'pecking order.'    No wonder so many of my other Veteran buddies opt to get their care at civilian hospitals.  
     Well, guys, let me get OFF that subject for a while, please, while I am still in good spirits.  
   I was a very warm  cloudy day, but with the wind starting up with something latter that might be wet.   The world is getting worse and more violent, but those who put their faith in the Lord will survive.  I guess I will begin to write my Congressman, who also just happens to be a doctor at the VA here in our thriving little town of Iron Mountain, MI  49801.   I just wonder what side he will lean...... NOT.

Remember, tomorrow we shall see the new 'Obama-- tax laws, designed to make many of us POOR !

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

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