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Manufactured "Crisis."

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This all sounds very logical and real to me !!  But, best to check everything out and verify.   PAY OFF YOUR BILLS, store some water and beans, pray a lot and study the KJV Bible.   That is what I am doing.  
    Someone once told me to,  'NEVER be the first one, or the last one to get into something that sounds good, legal, and proven.   I know that just like a new model of auto on the assembly line...  it takes a while to "work out the bugs in the car,"   so don't be the first one to rush out and buy one...  lol.     You may say to me,  "Tom,  don't YOU believe in your own product ?"   And I would say,  things that work out well on paper, are just that !  Why not put the machine thru it's paces to see what it's made of ??     That is why the Army has "Intel", and why a good manufacturing company starts out with German tradesman, engineers, and tool makers !!  Question:   What has Africa put out lately, or any Muslim country contributed  to society ???

Manufactured Illegal “Crisis” a Way to Activate Foreign Troops in America

Written on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 by
There is now ample proof that the Obama administration has manufactured the so-called crisis at our southern border where perhaps as many as three million illegal aliens from Mexico, South America, China, the Middle East, and elsewhere have entered the United States just since January of 2014. Besides flooding our country with millions of welfare recipients designed to overwhelm and crash our system and gain more potential Democratic voters, the scheme is also designed to give more authority to and the general knowledge of foreign United Nations troops already here in our country.
With recent events where it has been reported that United Nations personnel are now on the border, the reason for this sudden influx of illegal aliens flooding into America aided by U.S. government agencies like the fraudulently conceived, Homeland Security, is becoming apparent – The “crisis” has been manufactured by Obama as a pretext to give foreign troops greater involvement on U.S. soil.
According to the Save America Foundation, as of 2013 it has been “estimated that anywhere between 200 to 400 thousand foreign troops have entered through U.S. borders.” The foreign troops from reportedly Russia, Poland, and other Slavic countries have been here for several years now training along side our own U.S. military forces under the guise of preparing to fight against international terrorism. If this is true, why haven’t any of these units gone after and taken out the 35 or more terrorist training camps that are already known to exist in compounds scattered around the United States? Because the real reason for these so-called anti-terrorist and multi-national training units is much more frightening and sinister!
It has been reported that Obama has been actively engaged in purging the U.S. military since 2011 and, according to a story in 2013 by World Net Daily, retired Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady states, “There is no doubt he [Obama] is intent on emasculating the military and will fire anyone who disagrees with him” over such issues as “homosexuals, women in foxholes, the Obama sequester,” Brady told WND.
But this writer and others believe the reasons are much more diabolical than simply compromising and emasculating the U.S. military – it is to get rid of anyone who Obama believes will hinder him or refuse to fire on U.S. Citizens during another manufactured “crisis” that he creates as a pretext to declare martial law. There is little doubt that his ace up the sleeve is to have foreign, United Nations troops who will have no trouble of conscience disarming or even shooting down dissident American citizens.
Anyone thinking that a narcissistic megalomaniac like Barack Obama is just going to quietly hand over the reigns of power in January of 2017 should think seriously about this man’s lack of regard for the laws of this country and the fact that he has gotten away with every un-Constitutional act he has ever done. He has already been acting like a king, so does any astute person really believe he’s not going to create something else in the next two years to feed to the leftist media and brainless masses as a reason that he must stay in power and preside over some new crisis that he has created?


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