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Reformers Unanimous -- Addictions Program.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends !
Let me tell you [again] about relatively new  method/ way,  that WILL BREAK THE CHAINS OF ADDICTION, if I may, that has something like a 97% success rate!    The Apostle Paul's letter to the Galatians @ Chapter 5, verses 18 ---23, gives us both the "works of the flesh...."  and the "Fruits of the Spirit [the Holy Spirit].   IMHO,  few of us have all of the 9 Fruits of the Spirit.  I have some, but still working on others.  Hey !   I am, and still will be a sinner, until I get to heaven.  For some of us---  years of hard work is involved in growing some of these Fruits, as we are all different, yet Jesus certainly loves us ALL !!   So...  the fruits of the Spirit are:  Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance.    Reading, studying, memorizing certain scriptures helps me learn, and practice these special quality.... and praying, talking about them with other mature Christians seems to help a lot too !  

Just like working to be a better human being, instead of a immature, selfish, spoiled, child/ baby, takes time, and we cannot choose our parents or how we were raised too.   Read the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and also the book of Romans, helps us learn how Jesus felt about many subjects, and his teachings.  I can relate to learning many things on our family farm in Racine County, Wisconsin, from my Dad, the local 4-H club, High School Agriculture, etc.   Learning to be a good Soldier helped shape my character, and studying the KJV Bible helped my marriage and relationships, etc.  

But there is a great way to help a person battle, fight and stop doing the wrong things that is sweeping the nation, called:  Reformer Unanimous [see: Isaiah 55:7] --- Addictions Program.   You can visit:  -- to find a chapter near you.   Also, phone:  866-733-6768.  Ministry Founder Steve Curington.   People also come there to quit smoking, cussing, bad, filthy talk, anger management, drunkenness, drugs, relationships, etc.  Really,  all of us have SOMETHING TO WORK ON !!   Bad manners, or 'buttons that we push' drive our wives and loved ones nutty, or over the edge, mannerisms, habits.   We would all do well to understand the high price Jesus paid for all of our various sins, guys !   With the Bible telling us that things will only be getting worse -- not better, we could all use some of this good stuff.

I just thought I would pass this good information on.   I go to the meetings to work on my private, personal flaws that I want to work on, too, and I have many good friends that attend the meetings, every Saturday evening @ 6:30 Sharp at our little, old, country church @ Kingsford, MI.  If you really want the phone number there, just contact me:    
     And who knows that I just might be able to lower my blood pressure, without taking more VAMC medicine !!  And if I can get my scanner/ printer to work right, I will put some R.U. pix up here too.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

And here below is a great helper to study and dig into the Bible !!



Can We Get Out of God’s Hands And Choose Hell?

Q.  I believe we are right with God on our profession of faith in Jesus Christ. If we believe in Christ, we are made righteous, but if we do not believe in him, then we aren’t. Recently, I’ve encountered people saying that we ask for forgiveness and run our race in order to remain righteous.  Also, they believe one can fall away from God completely with no possibility of return if they renounce Christ.  I’m having a hard time understanding this myself because I’ve been having demonic attacks lately trying to pull me away from God and I do not want to go there. I know the Bible says once we are saved, its forever,  but I have a hard time understanding this since in our human nature, we feel like we can just get out of Gods hand and choose Hell. Can you help me understand this?

A.  In the first place, I don’t know of any believer who would want to get out of God’s hand and choose Hell.
The easiest way to refute these claims is to look at the clearest statements the Bible offers.  Where it comes to walking away there are several.  In John 6:39 Jesus said it’s the Father’s will that He will lose none of all that the Father has given Him, and in John 10:27-30 He said no one can take us out of either His Father’s or His hands.  Jesus called Himself the Good Shepherd and we are the sheep of His pasture.  Sheep try to wander away all the time, and when they do it’s the shepherd’s job to bring them back.  Our Good Shepherd promised never to lose even one of us.
But to me the clearest one combines two statements made by Paul. In 1 Cor. 6:19-20 He said we are not our own, we were bought at a price. And in 2 Cor. 1:21-22 he said it is God who makes us stand firm in Christ. He anointed us, set His seal of ownership on us and put His Spirit in our hearts as a deposit guaranteeing what is to come.
What this means is, using the blood of Christ God has purchased us for Himself. We agreed to let Him do this, so we belong to Him now. The phrase “we are not our own” means we don’t have the freedom to walk away because we don’t belong to ourselves.
Lets put both these ideas together.  God purchased, put His seal of ownership on us, and gave us to His Son to watch over us.  The Son promised never to lose us.  We belong to the Father and are under the care of the Son.  No one can get us away from either one of them. There’s no one in Heaven or on Earth who can change this, not even we ourselves.
Satan knows he can’t get you away from the Lord.  But as long as you believe you can be pulled away, he will make you miserable with uncertainty.  Once you become convinced that you belong to the Lord forever, Satan will stop tormenting you about this.

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