Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What is Really going On?

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Hi Friends and Readers:
     Let me start out by saying that 'Ignorance is Bliss' as some would say, but especially RIGHT NOW, I am seeing for the first time some of the future horrors of the OWG [One World Gov't--- or the NWO --New World Order], and it hurts my soul, my heart to see what terrors are waiting for all those 'Left Behind' -- and even we Christians, now, who are privy to the real nitty gritty!    I am actually afraid, for a number of reason to even print this info on my blog !!   And most of it seems logical and in keeping with the possibilities, biblically, IMHO, speaking.    Greed, lust of power, control, of the super elite that few Americans even know about.
       Cut to the chase--- final analysis,  most humans on earth cannot do a dang thing about it, as Satan has almost total controls of so many evil humans' minds and hearts.   Pray hard for the HS [Holy Spirit] and then slowly READ, and re-read Revelation, please.   No body can stop the wheel in motion--- the divine Prophecies that are set in stone by our Father in Heaven, friends.   So understand and work with that assumption, for now, until  you have that real FAITH IN GOD !!   BTW, the HS is FREE !!  All you have to do is:  ASK FOR IT, and God will give It to you.... but only if  you have a pure, honest, heart.   Evil men and women can never get it, unless they have a complete change in heart, for real, and only the Father can tell that.  
       OK, let's build on this for a minute.   If it's true that all real Christians [who are of course Saved] have already found Salvation thru the blood sacrifice of Jesus, a lot of material Prepping might now help in the long run....   but maybe good in the short run.   What we want and need is enough to span our immediate future from now --- to the Rapture, because after that, who cares ???    Once WE Saved Christians are up in that "safe place" heaven, the "New Jerusalem", all our former troubles will be gone, and the pain washed away.   OK,  many people still wonder and care so much for their un-Saved children, relatives, friends, that they wish that they could somehow 'hold off the Rapture' for a while until their own people are in the fold.   Guess what?  That is not our call, and who are we to even, ever, question God's Wisdom ??   So, if you are not gifted with a silver tongue and speaking ability...  AQUIRE it thru prayer, practice, help of others, along with the HS, and anything else you can muster, NOW !    I have had to work very hard for everything I got all my life, and continue to work hard on my personal faults, errors, sins, stupid judgment calls, etc !  Just ask my sweet, meek, mild tempered wife, Terri... LOL !
And while  you are at it, please read, First Peter, the 1st and 2nd chapters.   I WISH I was in heaven right now, all safe and tucked away, with no more tears, sorrow, infirmities, fears, insecurities or temptations, etc., but I am NOT !  I STRUGGLE JUST AS HARD AS THE REST OF YOU.   But God's way is the 'only game in town' and there is no other alternative.  
      Hey guys,  we are up against a terrible, huge, smart, Monster, that Dragon, Satan the Devil, and I am sure that MOST of  you don't even know the whole scope of how insidious, crafty, and poisonous he is, and how much of the world, including our own American GOVERNMENT... all three branches, etc, he controls ! ! !  He will not stop until there is total control of every human on earth.....   but God has PROMISED that He will intervene at the right time.   See: Revelation 16: 16.   
    More later, if I am still alive.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

...  My dear son, whom I miss so very much, perished about 5 years ago....  I miss you so much, dear Andy.   Love, Dad

Q.  Why is a large segment of the Christian community so vehemently opposed to the idea of the Rapture? No matter how many times the Scriptures  that support a Pre-Trib Rapture are pointed out to them, they deny that’s what they are saying and sayt the Rapture is a relatively new concept. It seems amazing to me that so many feel that Christians will have to suffer God’s Wrath in order to be saved. It is very frustrating to have any type of meaningful discussion on the subject as they are so entrenched in their belief, to the point of anger and attack.
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Baptized But Not Born Again?

Oct 07, 2014 02:00 am

Ask a Bible Teacher
Q.  Ephesians 1:13 says “And you also were included in Christ when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation. Having believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit…”: are these “having believed”people only the born-again ones? What I’m trying to figure out is the destiny of the baptized people who will not be raptured because they were not spiritually re-born: was the Holy Spirit sealed within them at the moment of baptism?
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Life After The Rapture

Oct 07, 2014 02:00 am

Ask a Bible Teacher
Q.  Is our character fixed after we are raptured and given our glorious body? Will we continue to grow in spirit once we are in heaven? Also, in Rev 6:9-11, the souls under God’s altar in heaven was crying out to the Lord asking Him how long will it be before He avenge their blood on the earth dwellers. Does this mean that we will also be able to pray for others on earth after we depart from this world or are raptured?
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