Saturday, November 15, 2014

Islamic Colonization in America.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
I am typing with most of my fingers bandaged and taped, for them splitting open from dry air, and I guess, lack of water,  but I don't need a Q to drink loots of fresh cold water.
            Hey,  no more crying in my beer now, from here on out----  bad habit of mine.  She told me to get my nose back into the KJV Bible  and follow the Lord, etc.   And because I respect her, I will.   And thank you very much dear Judy.  Wanda Jane, too! 
     I am off F/B it seems, as  I forgot my password, etc., so don't look for me there.     But I wish there were some way that I could contact the FACE BOOK people so I could just post one more time ---- an explanation to all for my rude, goofy conduct right before I finally got back home from Rehab,  when I felt attached by my wife and another lady,  which I KNOW NOW was not true, but my emotional gray matter was feeling a bit paranoid, in my old age.  You must see, good people who read my blog thoughts,  I actually had terrible things happen to me in the past where the spouse DID LEAVE ME HANGING OUT IN THE  COLD WINTER WIND WITHOUT A PLACE TO CALL MY OWN ! ! !   And so,  I have since tried to 'insure' that those things and times don't repeat themselves,  especially now that I am over age 65, and crippled, injured and disabled ! ! !    Sorry, again, that I made such a darn fool of myself, and also hurt those I love the most.   The pastor tried to reason with me in a kind, brotherly way, that I sought relief in my old, sinful, emotional way....   instead of allowing the H.S. to guide me !   If there is a "next time" I can only hope that I will do the correct, positive thing and let the Bible be my guide.  Pray for me, brothers and sisters.   Thanks.
    I just hand wrote a letter to Dr.  Rolf S. Lulloff, thanking him for doing such a fine job on my fractured Ankle,  although it needs a lot more healing and bed rest.    Thank all of you for your many prayers, and I will make it to church in the morning, or die trying.

Love, and Hugs,
Tommy Schuckman

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Friday, November 14, 2014 

Prophecy clock--Islamic colonization in America

One needs to look no further than parts of Minneapolis, Minnesota and Dearborn, Michigan to see the wave of Islamic colonization hitting the US. Islam is incompatible with representative government, yet it remains protected, even revered by some, as a religion of peace. Just ask children in Iraq and Syria how peaceful it is to witness their parents and friends being burned alive and beheaded because they disagree with the religion of peace. The religion of peace is built upon modern slavery and drug trade and Muslim nations are among the most egregious violators of human rights around the world. Yet American politicians protect this invasion under the First Amendment, and amnesty will accelerate colonization.

Consider a Washington Post report that the Border Patrol's annual statistics were posted on the US Customs and Border Protection Web site for about five hours on Oct. 10, then taken down--53% of migrants--some 252,600--caught on the border in 2014 were not Mexican. Past Governor of Texas Rick Perry repeatedly has said that Muslims and terrorists are crossing the borders as evidenced by the prayer mats and Korans that are left behind. A Washington Times story documents four men who flew from Turkey to Paris to Mexico where they were kept in a safe house until trying to sneak into the US. Congressmen say these men had terrorist links. The White House says they were freedom fighters.

Now the "president" says he will take unilateral action to give amnesty to some five million illegals. Of course, he will play on the uninformed's heart strings that these people have children already here in the US. This means that if you have an anchor baby, you're in. Most Americans tend to think those are Mexicans. But how many are Islamic colonists who intend harm to the nation? There is no way of telling. Even so, La Raza, a Mexican nationalist organization that believes America stole its land from the Mexicans, and has mutually beneficial ties to the "president," is also sending people across the border. In the last election La Raza encouraged illegals to vote where there were no voter ID requirements.

The impact of Islamists in America is being seen at the local level. Maryland's Montgomery County schools have outlawed Christmas now because Muslims are offended by it. Sharia law has been proposed at several locations across the US, but to date has been denied. Some states are actually passing legislation to prevent Sharia as a substitute for US law in Muslim communities. Islam is an enemy of the United States. It is neither peaceful, nor a religion. The "president's" policies are allowing it to spread, and American's are deceived into believing it is protected as a religion. Jesus said in Matthew 24:4, "Take heed that no man deceive you." America is being filled with men as like locusts, and they are about to bring a battle cry against her. Amnesty by executive order will accelerate it.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

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