Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Things are going much better for me.

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Hi Guys and Gals,  Friends,
     The preacher ought to be pleased that his friendly, kind, brotherly words last night at our house, with T-bone steaks, potatoes and salad here were tendered to help a fellow servant of God,  Jesus Christ, throw off the "old man" -- the sinner man, and start acting like a good husband.   I believe that I now see the light of the scriptures and can apply them better towards my own life and relationship with my pretty, kind, lovely wife,  Terri !   I finally have that sense of ease,  PEACE and tranquility, and happy with my lot in life !!   PTL !   And Terri is responding in like fashion, and happy with the 'change', too.   I am just sorry that it took so long to sink in to my hard, coconut head...  LOL !  
     Pastor gave me a small part before the Sunday Sermon, to express my great Thanks to everyone who took the time and drove the 30 some miles to Crystal Falls, MI, to the Rehab place that helped me to get better and prepare to walk again on a fractured Left Ankle [although it still hurts a lot...  PAIN], and the dang VAMC in Iron Mountain, MI  49801,  STILL can't seem to give me the proper medicine to help me in my struggle of continued Rehab, etc.....   duh!!   If you guys and gals have never dealt with the VA, you don't know how much red tape it takes to get a ROLL OF MEDICAL TAPE,  OR SOMETHING REDICULUSLY SIMPLE !!!   Some good doctors and nurses just walk away, shaking their heads at how slow and stupid our VA system is !!!   Sorry,  it just blows the mind, and once in a while  some innocent person blows the whistle to get the TV NEWS attention, when a few poor combat Veterans collapse and die, needlessly,   but then a few days or weeks later it's  just business as usual !   And people like me who have a forum, a mouth piece like a blog, as said to be "a crank" or a 'drugged up angry old man'....   duh !   And I talk to many other Vets standing in line, or those who are sent on a wild goose chase  at the local VAMC,  until they collapse or die, or go home without the right medication,  never to go back to the VA again because they are frustrated and vexed--- AND HAVE GOOD REASON TO BE PISSED OFF !!   In the 1960's and '70's, sometimes a screwed over combat Veteran just went back to the VA with a pistol and let loose --- killed a few jackass doctors and nurse who jacked them around, and gave the majority of us good, VETERANS a bad name, so that "lame stream "News" and  society" thought of us as violent, drugged up, CRAZY Veterans!!   So it took DECADES for us good Veterans to set things straight and TEACH THE PUBLIC JUST HOW CORRUPT AND STUPID AND SLOW THE VA was / is !!   I know that most combat Veterans will agree with me, that these are the facts.    We are the survivors of this corrupt, stagnant, mixed up, unjust VA system!  And don't forget that the folks who work for/ at the VA are in a Union, and it's hard for them to get fired...   when in fact that a regular 'civilian' hospital staff or nurse would have been FIRED on the spot for doing things the wrong way, or disrespecting a Veteran!!   And I heard this from a truthful "Lab 
guy" whom I will NOT name, who worked in both kind of hospitals.   PTL for honest men like him !!   And even right now at  the VAMC in Iron Mtn., MI  49801 hospital, which is normally a good place with caring nurses and staff,  that one 'doctor' has done me wrong, on purpose, a number of times,  but I can't do much about it !   Not to worry....   God will take care of him...     Some of us have our own Health Insurance and have left the VA stupid system.   I HAD some good quality Chrysler Humana Health Insurance,  but just lately that all changed after I turned age, 65, and now it seems that I too, am screwed and tattooed !    Smile !

Please pay attention to the great Prophetic Significance of the last few weeks concerning the Middle East happenings.

Warm Regards, to Judy, Pastor Kevin Sullivan, and my lovely wife, Terri !

Tommy Schuckman
Very Imperfect....   but Forgiven.

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Monday, November 17, 2014 

Three recent events with prophetic significance to US

There are many current events that have prophetic significance these days. A look to the the Middle East gives us several a day, especially with the advance of the so-called Islamic Caliphate, the Islamic State, in Syria and Iraq. The implications for coalescing an end time coalition of Islamic states against Israel are enormous and Turkey's involvement is also something to be placed on a constant watch list. The nations named in the Bible who are led by the antichrist, the Beast, in coming against Israel in the Day of the Lord are all Arab/Islamic with Gog of MaGog coming directly out of modern Turkey. There are, however, certain recent events that have dire prophetic implications here in America.

On November 3, the first tenets entered One World Trade Center, built on the site of the 9/11 Islamic attack on America. USA Today reported that the "408-foot spire" of the building "which weighs 758 tons, includes a broadcast antenna and a light that will be visible from miles away to serve as a both a beacon for aircraft and a permanent signal of triumph over extremists who jolted the city and the country." This "spire" is shaped identically to an Islamic minaret. Two blocks from the World Trade Center minaret is Park 51, originally slated to be a mosque. As of August 14, it is an Islamic museum, including an Islamic prayer space and condos developed by US-born Islamist Sharif El-Gamal.

The three: The National Cathedral was chartered by Congress in 1893 as a national house of prayer under the Protestant Episcopal Church Foundation. It was meant for Christian prayer. On November 14, Islam "claimed" the National Cathedral by holding Islamic prayer in the building. On November 16, the Islamic State announced the beheading of another American citizen and vowed to "slaughter your people on your own streets." The same day, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Islamic leaders that Muslims, not Columbus, discovered America in 1178. Erdogan's claims of a mosque being built on the location in 1178 are not remotely verified, but he says it would be good to build one there today.

Throughout the Holy Land, Islam claims Jewish and Christian Holy sites as their own. They erect mosques and minarets on those sites. It starts with a proclamation, then a symbol. Jerusalem and Bethlehem are excellent examples. The Islamic State has claimed or destroyed historic Christian sites throughout Syria and Iraq. Islam is claiming America as its own. They believe their acts legitimize and accelerate colonization. Meanwhile, Americans are expected to tolerate and embrace the most intolerant, barbaric, slavers and drug dealers in the world--Islam. These events are prophetic because they are a precursor to possible Islamic occupation of the US. 2 Corinthians 6:14 asks: "for what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion has light with darkness?" We had better figure it out and soon.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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