#Crimea  Georgian Background to the Western “Invasion” Hysteria
Last weekend, "Christian" Sarah Palin suggested that Obama nuke Christian Russia in jest. Sane Christians would ask: WWJD?    Wouldn't they?
Please read this article linked.  You will see many similarities in the Ukraine scenario & the Georgia 2008 issue:
Russia at the time, was not “invading” Georgia – but rather pushing back US-trained, armed, and backed Georgian forces from their own armed invasion into South Ossetia. It was an engineered provocation designed to test Russian resolve and chip away at Russia’s territorial integrity as well as its influence along its immediate peripheries.
However, once again, Russia is not “invading” anything. Long before the West began sowing political chaos in Kiev, Russian troops had long been permanently stationed within the country. Ukraine, and in particular, eastern Ukraine including the Crimea peninsula, share a common heritage, history, linguistics, socioeconomic interests, and defense agreements both past and present.
Which is what we have been saying.
The whole article: here
If you can answer these questions:
#1. Svoboda, who joined a formal coalition with the ‘centre’-right
Batkivshchyna. Currently Svoboda Party has acquired: 37 parliamentary
seats.. Svoboda party is also known as “Nationalist Socialists” (or vc versa)= NAZIs
#2. Advise us WHY Victoria Nuland was in Kiev in Dec 2013. WHY she told an audience in DC why US spent 5 billion USD for the ‘revolt’
#3 Advise us of WHY John McCain was there inciting rioters in Dec 2013.
#4. Advise WHY Sen Murphy was in Kiev, Dec 2013.
#5. Advise WHY McCain is supporting Batkivshchyna party which is aligned with Svoboda Neo nazis.
#6. Advise WHY BBC put out a documentary about 10 days ago revealing that neo-nazis took over this ‘revolt’
#7. WHY did Pierre Omidyar co-funded Ukraine revolution groups with US government, documents show
When you can answer these Q’s, then you are qualified to talk about Ukrainan situation. Until you can, you're not qualified.
NO CONSPIRACY: Sen. McCain, Sen. Murphy and Victoria Nuland were involved in the Coup D'Etat in Ukraine.  That's the facts.  If you don't want to deal with these facts, then its evident:  You have your head up your ass.  You just want to nuke and murder Russians based on 1980's hatred of the former USSR.  Even though the USSR didn't hurt us, either.  At any rate: John McCain was also involved in the Georgia issue as well.
America has a reputation of calling itself Christians, yet assists in having murdered Christians in foreign countries like Serbia & Syria.  America now has a reputation of installing the worst leaders like Morsi who had his Muslim bro'hood murder countless Christians and coptics.
America:  When will you face your murderous ways?  America is a murderer: 55 million dead babies proves this.   God will allow America to go through judgment, wrath and horror for hurting his people all over the world, he will avenge.  Count on it.

We, here - are trying to avert nuclear WW3, you are trying to make it happen.  God is WITH us, he is against you.