Sunday, March 23, 2014

Blood Moons.

Tom's Journal.

So,  I've read, and listened to 2 different takes/ explanations  about the coming "Blood Moons" today.   My pastor doesn't yet put much stock into them, and when something like that happens to me,  I  ether do more research on them or just forget them.  I think that one of them should appear in April of 2014, and the other in 2015, and always has something to do with Israel in some way.  

On a side note,  I am now free of all credit card debt, for the first time as far back as I can remember !!   Wow !  I feel so strange and different... lol.   There is nothing more that I want or need to buy, to make me feel more "complete" or "happy."   I suppose that I SHOULD feel happy,  but I just have an empty, void, feeling.   I know that I shall try to support the local church and field ministry more, if I can, and be more active in sharing the Gospel this Spring and Summer, as I have the spirit and inclination to do, as best I can with my disabilities.   I might look into buying a 'good on gas' motorcycle, and helmet/ brain box,  maybe.   I want to go fishing more, and need to get a license to fish and hunt.  In that way, the State of Michigan is good to it's Veterans, as I will get mine for free....  'Disabled Vet.'   I like to take advantage of everything that I earned, having paid my dues many times over, before the Gov't decides to take them away.  Not to sound negative, but we ought to be looking to learn all we can now -- before the stink hits the fan, as world events could change for the worst over night !!   The Bible has much to say about being wise, and being stupid.   Some of my off  spring like to think that they are too smart compared to me, and suggest that I INVEST in their hair brained schemes --- and I say, 'use your own money, before you risk mine !'   Indeed, I have a strong back ground in investments, etc.   In fact,  I lost everything twice and rebuilt myself, with only my brain, two hands, and the Lord's help.   PTL.    I am also a firm believer in Murphy's Law.   "What ever can go wrong,  will."  

Back at the ranch,   Jesus told about a time when there would be so much gossip, misdirection, and confusion, that even the "Elect" might be going in circles in the 'Last Days."   Best to be well anchored to the KJV Bible, IMHO.   That is the ONLY 'Way' we need to know.  And then, the 'Sleepy, lazy, Christian Church' has got o wake up,  take a firm stand and do the Lord's Work, of sticking to the sharing of the Gospel, instead of getting side tracked with 'entertaining' the flock with Hollywood type, State of the Art Music, etc.   Fellowship IS very important, where the fallen, needy, discouraged, depressed people need special caring for and council.   That is part of shepherding the flock.   But the TRUTH of the KJV Bible must be taught.   In fact, if you ever go inside a church that doesn't either have bibles in the pews/ seats, or  you don't see people bring in their own copy --- walk on out !!  I just ordered some KJV Nelson Study Bibles last night to help the church, and feel good that I could be of service.   

I am so happy and glad that the small, country church that we attend is doing such a good job in every conceivable area, and the pastor works so hard to be all things to all people.   I could NEVER handle such a hard job...  it would kill me.   

I think that I shall sleep well tonight.  Lately I've been sore, tired, and feeling too heavy on my feet,  but so does my wife.   It's easier for me to follow a 'ritual' -- a pattern of doing all the regular things I do before climbing into bed each night....  because I am a 'creature of habit.'   A regimented soldier.   I burn out easily after 3PM in the afternoon, but like to get up early and start a new day.    My Mom and Dad raised me that way.    


The Last Blood Moons?

Q.  There’s something I don’t understand. If these are the last Blood Moons (2 in 2014 and 2 in 2015) and there will be no more this century as NASA says, are these the Blood Moons of Joel and Acts? If they are not, then the blood moons will be caused by something happening? My mind is really pondering this and could we be so close to the Tribulation!

A.  The currently popular blood moon discussions all involve lunar eclipses. These eclipses occur when the earth gets between the sun and the moon partially blocking its light and causing it to turn dark orange in color.  But the blood moons of Joel and Acts take place when the sun is also dark. Therefore they can’t be eclipses.
I believe the blood moon prophecy of Joel 2:31 which Peter repeated in Acts 2: 20 refers to a sign from Heaven that will tell the people on Earth that the Great Tribulation is about to begun.  This sign will be fulfilled in Rev. 6:12 and is not something NASA can predict because it will be a supernatural event.  It will take place during the 6th Seal judgment shortly after the beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week.
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