Sunday, April 6, 2014

When the Dollar Collapses.

Tom's Journal.

Jane Cline, is a fellow Tea Party member and friend of mine, in that we share stuff/ info, back and forth, and she is NOT a 'Chicken Little' type person !   Along with the fine video tape m---YOUTUBE, link that she just sent to me, are other great videos in the same area and genre.    Beware!   There are bad people out there feeding on the general fear of the people, seeking to skin them, for their ignorance.   
       It is certainly NOT my intension to add to the fear being circulated right now, but I have always liked being a step ahead of the crowd, being raised on a farm in Wisconsin, also trained in the Army, to be self sufficient, learning to live off nature's land, etc.   A word to the wise, should be sufficient.   Even greater value is the wisdom and knowledge of studying the KJV Bible !!   Being Saved, and going to heaven, trumps everything we could have on Earth !!  PTL.
      My pretty wife, Terri, and I don't have a lot of wealth,  but we do have some good things set aside, food, water, etc., but only enough for US!   We do feel a sense of worth and wealth when we read and study the KJV Bible, also worship at a nearby, old, small, country church, with friends that we can trust.   My personal email address is:     It's so good to feel the Power of the Holy Spirit active inside you, dear brothers and sisters,  readers and friends !!  

The good pastor, Kevin Sullivan, was very sick with the Flu today, something very rare for him, a big, strong man, and country boy.   I ask that all the Believers here pray for him, please.   If my wife already has not done it,  I will personally carry some orange juice and fruit over to pastor's house latter, or tomorrow.

Warm Regard's
Tom Schuckman