Wednesday, April 9, 2014

China's Secret.

Tom's Journal.

Well, Folks, Friends, and Readers,
THIS is what I WAS referring to for a while, about a "POSSIBLE" event, or happening that I THOUGHT might occur around April 24,  2014, but I backed away from it, like a big fat cat... lol.   I thought this was all referring to a statement, or release that our Fort Knox doesn't have any more gold in it anymore !!   And I thought that just might be more than embarrassing for the good, old, USA.   Oh, and BTW, I am not looking forward to these kind of events either, as they will hurt and cripple ME just like all other U.S. citizens, and add more fuel/ steam to the 'run away train headed for the washed out bridge, or cliff !   Yikes!   But I doubt if there is even some remote island that won't see and feel the effects, sorry.  

Aside from the ghetto people, the unwashed, uneducated high school drop outs who are illiterate, etc.,  didn't we all know that this would happen, with Obama's goofy Gov't, and  a complicit Congress, and SCOTUS ???    Or....   what planet to YOU live on?  

Guys,  I had to make an early 0800 appointment at the local VAMC [hospital] again, today, for multiple tests on my heart, and also liver, that lasted ALL DAY !!  Stress test, with chemicals, electrocardiograms, and many other tests, procedures, that are free for me, [SC].   IV up the left arm, etc., hold your breathe stuff, and finally got home to eat after 2:30PM.   I was so hungry after fasting from last night that I ate too many delicious fish and baked potatoes....  duh.   I didn't make the Prayer meeting like I promised, and my wife was still sick from food poisoning from yesterday, poor lady.   
       But the point I wanted to make was the hospital staff !   They were short staffed because too many technical people decided to take off work that day, leaving only a skeleton crew to do the jobs.... and THEY were complaining TOO, because they had to work !!!  Here, the world is going down the shaft with major unemployment, but the hospital staff crying in their beer because they were rather be home, under the covers, sleeping in today.... duh.    If they only knew what was coming on the horizon !  they might be fighting and killing each other over a can of soup in the near future,  but they are howling now !   And I was complaining for having to be there too, and endure the pain and discomfort that they put me  through...  when in fact that we don't even know if these very nice facilities will even be here in the months or years ahead !   You see --- I don't leave myself out either.   I am a sinner too [of course].  

Well,  enough dirty laundry.  

But the date I mentioned MIGHT have some significance... and that is another reason why I made a gift of some money, to a very few of my close friends recently.  What good will it do me, if our "Paper Money $$$" falls from being used as a "Petro-Dollar" in the months to come.    Better to use, and share it while we can, and my kind, dear Mother had the same mindset.   And it's so great to be out of debt now, at least for a while.   Because, don't worry,  something will either break down, get broke, or need replacing, or some tragedy will befall us.    But if our U.S. Dollar is devalued, for one reason or another, our advantage might turn out to be shallow, indeed !  Ouch!  

 I still think that it's a good idea to store up pure drinking water, and buy extra Mac and Cheese, tuna, and laundry soap, just in case.   But that's just me, an old Soldier, Farmer, auto factory worker/ Welder, etc, etc.,  who has known poverty a few times, and has not forgotten the lean times, of yester year.   
   What say you ??

Please be advised,  that I am NOT endorsing any advertisements stated on any of the cut and pasted articles on this blog:  TOM'S JOURNAL.   I am NOT telling nor advising any of my readers to invest, or not invest in anything under the sun....   except that GRAND OLD BOOK, the KJV Bible, and God's love.  
Thanks for reading my stuff, kind people !   However, I personally think it to be a good idea to invest in some precious metals, etc.,  and silver and gold, right now, is at a low rate of purchase, and perhaps the right time to buy.     As someone ought  to be a well rounded man /  investor, that wants to take care of his family, and also support their local Christian church.  Just my humble opinion, folks.    We must be balanced in everything !!

Warm Regards,

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The biggest secret in China

Dear Reader,

China is getting ready to reveal a big secret.

One of the world’s most reputable weekly news magazines called it the Communist country’s “ultimate stealth weapon.”

We’ve taken dozens of trips to Asia investigating this situation… and found the details in little-known documents that must be published – by law – in Hong Kong (a Chinese territory).

What China reveals will almost certainly embarrass the United States, and could destabilize our country in various ways. Long-term, it will affect your investments, the value of your home, and your ability to have a secure retirement.

We believe the announcement could be coming as soon as April.

We've put the details of our five-year investigation into a special presentation. You can access it on our website, free of charge, here.


George Rayburn
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