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Aren't They Saved ?

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Aren’t They Saved?

Q. Re: Mt 7:21-23 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’  Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’
I’ve never really understood this passage, It says these people prophesied and performed many miracles. Wouldn’t they have to be saved to be able to do this? Yet Jesus gives them the boot. I guessing they were never really saved but I was hoping you could shed some light of the subject. thanks!

A. In 2 Thes. 2:9-10 Paul wrote that the anti-Christ will perform miracles to deceive unbelievers. In Rev. 13:13 we see the false prophet doing the same thing. Pharaoh’s priests could duplicate some of the miracles Moses performed.(Exodus 7:10-12)  There is also evidence that witch doctors and medicine men have done so. The performance of miracles is not always a sign from God nor does one have to be saved to perform them.  All one needs is access to supernatural powers and the devil can provide that as well as God.
In Matt. 7:15-23 the subject is false prophets who will be denied entrance to Heaven.  They may have demonstrated supernatural abilities, but they haven’t done the Father’s will for us, and that’s to look to the Son and believe in Him (John 6:40).  In other words they aren’t saved, and that’s why Jesus said He didn’t know them and called them evil doers.

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Good,  Sunny, Breezy, Monday !  60 degrees F.  !  PTL.
 I have been looking for the correct passages/ scriptures that would help me prove the facts I claim....   that people 'will see strange and awesome ["miracles"] in the 'Last Days' and even now.    I am not an expert, and I give those kind of people a wide birth/ space, not wanting to show too much interest in the 'Dark Side' and demonism,  because they can hurt you.   The name of Jesus is powerful and His Father,  Jehovah, so mighty.   But now, after the Rapture,  the H.S. will be taken away -- simply because we Saved Christians will have been carried up, up, and away to that 'Safe Place', away from the 'fray' --  down here on earth.    Those 'Left Behind' will NOT have the Holy Spirit to help and guide them.   They will prob have to 'lose their heads in martyrdom' to be counted good followers of Christ.  
       After the Rapture, the devil will be let loose in a big way to misled and delude all the nations and people, with great miracles and acts,  trying hard to kill all those who disagree and fight against their form of demonic supremacy.  And you THINK that times are bad now...  LOL ??    And if you "Take the Mark" -- there will be no more '2nd Chances' for any kind of Salvation.  Period.  

I repeat this mantra so often, mainly for my loved ones who still read my humble blog,  that they might take a few minutes to chew on this and meditate, and then take action today !!  Strike while the iron is hot!  Go into your bedroom all alone and PRAY to the Lord God, the Father, THROUGH the Son, Jesus Christ, and beg/ ask for the Holy Spirit to be in you now, and forever! 
Ask for forgiveness and help to grow and study the KJV Bible, starting today, and get with the program...  and JOIN THE BROTHERHOOD of fellow Christians.   And please don't go to heaven alone --- take someone with you.

We are enjoying our new Dodge Ram 2015, 4 by 4 truck, but need to have some side steps installed to help get in and out of the truck.   I SHOULD have bargained and factored that in before I signed the papers.   --Duh.  We will have those mounted in a few days.   Getting in is not so hard for me,  but getting out is like jumping out of a helicopter before it lands all the way...l0l., and my wife is shorter than me, and she would really love this great helper.    I WISH I would have included all that in the "package" before I signed the papers,  but I was tired of waiting all that time.   Shame !   And like I said before, the newer cabs are a tad bit smaller with less wriggle room inside, so now I will really have to lose the weight.
       I admit that Tax time is ALWAYS a stressful period for me,  because you know that the IRS will try to skin us one way or another.    I am all for progress ---but now days the working man and woman have to pull a double burden of supporting the poor, and the illegal aliens in this country !!   And when there are fewer people working these days, The Piper will come calling and demand that all the bills be paid, and call in all his markers.   You see,  if America only had one or two enemies knocking at the door, we could prob get thru this predicament,  but not 4-5 super problems !   I think that THIS YEAR, we shall also see a more severe drought, and food shortage in our once great, abundant country.   I don't trust "GMO" foods, either.  
        The only 'GOOD NEWS' is that God LOVES US, and Christ died for us all,  yet few in number will take advantage of that divine Salvation, and the devil is very active in these 'End Times'  as he knows his time is short.

Tom Schuckman


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