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Jade Helm 15.

Tom's Journal.

Dear Friends,
I have thought and pondered this very question...   about the inner struggle in my own heart, over good and evil.   The answer is very important, brothers !!   We cannot just give up the ship, and bail out,  but continue FIGHTING against our fallen flesh and the dirty old devil !   Once we get to heaven we can relax and celebrate,  PTL !   I compare this our "Spiritual Warfare"  and we cannot let down our guard for one minute...  sorry folks.   The encouragement we all get from the emails and reminders, IMHO, is good and important.   When ever a person with the Holy Spirit reads/ studies the KJV Bible, he/ she gets a good, warm feeling, like a  shot in the arm of medicine and vitamins/ tonic [or a glass of pure water and medicines... I am not crazy about needles and shots.. lol].  And if  you all are blessed enough to have a good, KJV Bible teaching/ preaching Christian church, as we do U.P.,  Family Baptist Church --in Iron Mtn., MI  49801, you will be doubly blessed to make a few friends who care for you and help you !   I have some friends there that WOULD DIE FOR ME, AND MY DEAR WIFE, Terri !!  And visa--versa.  Oh... sure,  sometimes that are 'personality conflicts' and hurt feelings when someone steps on our toes ---  but the Bible says:  "Love covers a multitude of sins."   --- and Jesus, our Lord died for ALL THE PEOPLE ON EARTH, and so we all develop at different speeds of MATURITY.   Those of us who are older and perhaps more mature, and knowledgeable in the KJV Bible must put up with those who are new and immature.   Remember, when WE first came to know the Lord,  we also had a lot to learn.  Ha!  Smile.  

Have a great, sunny day -- and the temperature is getting warmer !
      And this morning I get to drive our new Dodge Ram 4 by 4 [2015] truck to church, relax, enjoy the Sunday message that pastor Sullivan has prepared, and visit with all my wonderful brothers and sisters !  PTL.   Terri, prob. has to pick up a few older ladies and give them a ride to church, as she always does.... and they prob. cannot get into the new truck that needs to have some running boards installed to help the shorter folks get into the MIGHTY RAM TRUCK.   And now I have another truck payment every month...  LOL !   Ha!  Such is life on planet earth, and we won't even need trucks in heaven, most likely.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Here is one of my older [newly purchased new Dodge Ram trucks--- back in 1997] that I bought shortly after I broke my neck in another truck accident, after finding out that I had:  'Sleep Apnea.'      It's a simple painless over night test where you can find out for sure if you also have that nasty condition, and then you can treat it effectively.   Ask me for more info about SLEEP APNEA, where you stop breathing many times each night and then fall asleep all day long, feeling tired and sleepy.  God saved me that time too,  because He had some important plans  and work for me to do on earth.   With the help of the Holy Spirit, I helped to bring many more people to the Lord and Salvation.  Praise the Lord !   I just LOVE telling folks about the Gospel !  Preach On !


The Struggle Over Good And Evil

Q. Everyday it seems that the struggle in my heart over good and evil gets more intense. Is there a remedy for this? I believe that I am saved but the struggle seems to be getting more and more acute (nothing illegal or harmful just immoral in light of God’s Word). Could this be a sign that I’m on the right track or is it a sign that I may not be saved after all?

A.  In Romans 7:14-25 Paul in effect lamented that the harder he tried to defeat the sin in his body, the more often he failed. He realized that he could never be free of it as long as sin lived within him.
So it is with us. As long as we’re in our natural states we’ll be sinners. We walk a narrow line between permissiveness and obsessiveness, with neither extreme being either right or godly. We long to behave in a manner that pleases God and continually fall short of the mark.
As we become more aware of the gap between the perfection required by the Law and the imperfection of our own behavior we become more conscious of our sinfulness. It’s a sign of our growing maturity in the faith. Paul said this was the law’s purpose; to make us conscious of sin (Romans 3:20) and of our need for a Savior.
When we turned to the cross and cleansed ourselves in the blood that was shed for us there, the sins of our life were forgiven (Colossians 2:13-14). We were set free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:2), and our inheritance was guaranteed (Ephesians 1:13-14).
Now we are free to live in a manner pleasing to God knowing that our shortcomings will not be counted against us (Romans 7:20). Thanks be to God – through Jesus Christ our Lord! (Romans 7:25).
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On Tuesday, April 7, 2015 8:43 PM

America is already under martial law. 
Jade Helm 15  will not bring martial law to America, it is already here, as this article will make clear. Jade Helm 15 is the manifestation of martial law. At minimum, this drill is the practice run for the implementation for the 17 principles associated with martial law. In the worst case scenario, this drill will go live and all 17 martial law principles, already in place, will go live as well.

Most experts agree that hard core martial law contains the following 17 essential elements. This article discusses where America is at with regard to the 17 categories.
Seventeen Martial Law Characteristics
1-Mass Roundups of Political Dissidents
Yes x      No            
Jade Helm 15 provides for the extraction of political dissidents. JH 15, as evidenced by the Ft. Lauderdale photos and videos was clearly an "extraction of political dissidents drill." 
In some ways, JH 15 is an extension of an obscure program that is still in place and it is known as Plan C.  According to  documents recently released to MuckRock, Plan C was a 1956 plan designed to arrest 13,000 subversives along with foreign diplomats if the cold war should go hot.
At some point, Plan C gave way to what is referred to as  Main CoreWikipedia describes Main Core as a massive database, which began in the 1980s by the federal government. The program consists of the gathering of personal and financial data of millions of U.S. citizens believed to be threats to national security. The data primarily originates with the NSA and the FBI, CIA, and alphabet soup agencies. The program grew to unprecedented levels following 9/11 and the implementation of the Patriot Acts I and II. The data is collected and stored without warrants or court orders. The database's name is derived from the fact that it contains "copies of the 'main core' or essence of each item of intelligence information on Americans produced by the FBI and the other agencies of the U.S. intelligence community." Today, we know from insider sources, that the creation of the "Red List" comes from this program. The Red List is a compilation of names deemed to be the potential leadership of any dissident movement. The program refers to dissidents as "Favorites" and they AND their close associates are targeted for elimination with extreme prejudice PRIOR to the implementation of martial law. There will be more on executions later in the article. From the best available information, this is precisely what JH 15 is preparing for.
2-Dusk to dawn curfews
Yes x      No
Every martial law extraction drill and subsequent mass roundups contain dusk to dawn curfews. Simply put, the establishment does not want to permit the dissidents to meet and plan under the cover of darkness. More importantly, when the round ups start, the authorities need to know where to find their targets of interest.
3-Rationing of essential resources
Yes x      No 
4-The seizing of personal assets (e.g.) food and water
Yes x      No
5-Control over all food and water
Yes x      No
In December, 1974, National Security Council directed by Henry Kissinger completed a classified study entitled,  "National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests." The study was based upon the unproven claims that population growth in Lesser Developed Countries (LDC) constituted a serious risk to America's national security. Population was mandated to be reduced in the LDC's.  THIS PROGRAM COULD JUST AS EASILY BE TURNED ON AMERICANS AND THE FOLLOWING DATA STRONGLY SUGGESTS THAT THIS HAS ALREADY HAPPENED!
With the stroke of his pen, Obama has total and absolute control over all food where his  EO 13603 states:
  1. e)  "Food resources" means all commodities and products, (simple, mixed, or compound), or complements to such commodities or products, that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals, irrespective of other uses to which such commodities or products may be put, at all stages of processing from the raw commodity to the products thereof in vendible form for human or animal consumption.  "Food resources" also means potable water packaged in commercially marketable containers, all starches, sugars, vegetable and animal or marine fats and oils, seed, cottonhemp, and flax fiber, but does not mean any such material after it loses its identity as an agricultural commodity or agricultural product.
(f)  "Food resource facilities" means plants, machinery, vehicles (including on farm), and other facilities required for the production, processing, distribution, and storage (including cold storage) of food resources, and for the domestic distribution of farm equipment and fertilizer…"
This unconstitutional EO is particularly disturbing in that it clearly states that the government has control over anything that is "capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals…"  If you thought that you and Fido were going to get through the coming food crisis by storing and consuming  dog food, think again.
How will farmers maintain the nation's food supply when all fertilizer, their farm equipment and all of their vehicles are under the control of this sociopathic President or the next power-hungry President? Obama has set himself to be the modern day Stalin in which he would use food as a weapon to force compliance upon the American people just as Stalin did to the people of Ukraine.
6-The prohibition of weapons of any kind including guns, knives or chemicals which can be turned into explosives
Yes       No___In Progress   x
Despite all the rhetoric with regard to  gun control, Obama has been able to surprisingly put very little into law. He has banned certain AR-15 ammunition by administrative fiat, but he has made negligible progress toward getting the guns out of American hands. It is likely that Obama, once martial law has been officially implemented, will declare that any possession of guns will be a felony and all that do not turn in their guns will be guilty of a felony and sent to prison without any due process.
There is however, one very concerning act that involved the Secretary of State, John Kerry, and President Obama and that would be the illegal and unconstitutional signing of the  UN Small Arms Treaty which effectively bans all private ownership of guns. There is one provision in the treaty that has received absolutely no attention in our mainstream media and that is the section having to do with confiscation:
State parties to the ATT "may seek assistance" in implementing the Treaty. The ATT indicates that a voluntary trust fund was established to promote the establishment of a multinational gun confiscation program.
I have learned the JH 15 will also use its "mutli-national" partners in the drill. Therefore, it is difficult to believe that gun confiscation is not on the list of activities for JH 15.
7-The confiscation of property, homes and businesses
Yes x      No
8-Arrests without due process
Yes x      No
9-Massive "papers please" checkpoints with intrusive searches
Yes x      No
All across the country,  the MERS theft, by the mega banks (e.g. Bank of America, Wells Fargo) has increased through the "assistance" of a very favorable set of judicial rulings which allows the banks to steal the homes of Americans without so much as a mortgage note. In many states, these proceedings can take place without even setting foot inside of a courtroom. The estimated number of American households who have been victimized by MERS is estimated at 13 million (Personal communication and radio appearance disclosure on The Common Sense Show by Dave Kreiger, the author of Clouded Titles).
The most obvious statement in this article is to declare that the Obama administration has the authority to arbitrarily arrest American citizens, detain them indefinitely, and do whatever they please with these individuals.  I am referring to  the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which granted the federal government to play judge, jury and executioner. The day the NDAA passed Congress was the day that the Constitution was declared "Dead on Arrival."
The government has moved to a "Papers Please" society with the implementation of the  REAL ID which is a document which contains highly personal information and will soon store everything about you including your financial information. Beginning later this year and extending into 2016, the public will not be able to travel, even within the United States, or operate a motor vehicle without this document. This is ultimate in  Big Brother surveillance and control.
10-Forced relocation
Yes x      No
11-Forced conscription into various labor camps and even into the military
Yes x      No
FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations  ( PDF) states when families are transported to the I/R camps, husbands will be segregated from wives and children from parents.
"Detainees may also be segregated by ethnic and family groups and further segregated to protect vulnerable individuals. Additionally, detainees may be categorized by behavior (cooperative, neutral, or combative) to accurately resource guards and facilities." Juveniles within the I/R population are typically segregated from the general population. (See DODD 3115.09.)
Does this sound like forced relocation to you. If the government wasn't planning to carry out this action, then why would they grant themselves the authority to do so?
All of the following references to EO 13603 are verbatim copy and paste of the referenced PDF file entitled, Executive Order 13603.
Sec. 801. Definitions. In addition to the definitions in section 702 of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2152, the following definitions apply throughout this order:
(a) ''Civil transportation'' includes movement of persons and property by all modes of transportation in interstate, intrastate, or foreign commerce within the United States, its territories and possessions, and the District of Columbia, and related public storage and warehousing, ports, services, equipment and facilities, such as transportation carrier shop and repair facilities. ''Civil transportation'' also shall include direction, control, and coordination of civil transportation capacity regardless of ownership. ''Civil transportation'' shall not include transportation owned or controlled by the Department of Defense, use of petroleum and gas pipelines, and coal slurry and pipelines used only to supply energy production facilities directly.
The above effectively restricts movement of all goods, services and people.
1-40. External involvement in I/R missions is a fact of life for military police organizations. Some government and government-sponsored entities that may be involved in I/R missions include—
International agencies.
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
International Organization of Migration.
U.S. agencies.
Local U.S. embassy.
Department of Homeland Security.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Again from Executive Order 13603, Section 502 provides for the introduction of slave labor to America.
Sec. 502.  Consultants.  The head of each agency otherwise delegated functions under this order is delegated the authority of the President under sections 710(b) and (c) of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2160(b), (c), to employ persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation and to employ experts, consultants, or organizations.  The authority delegated by this section may not be redelegated.
This means that Obama, and his fellow communists, can seize any resource, property,  or person at any time for any reason, including being able to force that person to perform assigned labor  without being paid.
There is only ONE word for forced, "uncompensated employment." That word is  slavery. Congratulations President Obama, you have effectively repealed the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.
12-Outlawing of free speech
Yes x      No
13-Control of the media
Yes x      No
14- Massive surveillance programs and snitch programs
Yes x      No
15-The total control or elimination of religion
Yes x      No
The Net Neutrality Act implemented by administrative fiat by the FCC has given the government complete power over all media and ultimately all free speech.
Religion is in grave danger in this administration and the regulations of the Clergy Response Team clearly shows the intent of the federal government. At the time of citizen roundups, the decision has been made to eliminate Christianity as a viable and legal practice as evidenced by the revelations of Pastor Walt Mansfield who provided me with the details in an exclusive interview following his training with the Clergy Response Team. It is highly recommended that you read  this article as it details that FEMA camps are real, the  Pastor's role in helping to maintain order within a FEMA camp and the fact that Christianity will not be allowed. Further, Pastor Mansfield revealed that Clergy Response Team pastors are required to spy on those that they minister to. Finally, Mansfield revealed that reading from the Bible is expressly forbidden because Christianity is a form of persecution.
16-Executions without due process of law
Yes x      No
17-Total suspension of the Constitution
Yes x      No
When Executive Order 13603 and the NDAA were allowed to stand, this effectively destroyed the Constitution and they made all civil liberties to be null and void.
Most Americans do not realize that executions without due process of law have already been carried out against American citizens. The primary targeted individual, Anwar al-Awlaki, was a radical Muslim cleric whom U.S. officials said was involved in planning Al Qaeda operations and terror attacks. Besides al-Awlaki, Samir Khan, Jude Kennan Mohammed and Awlaki's son, Abdulrahman Anwar al-Awlaki, were executed by drones according to Attorney General Holder. The precedent has been set and Holder declared the authority to carry out unwarranted executions. These were American citizens who were executed without being afforded the due process of law. Either our laws apply to everyone, or they apply to nobody. 
Jade Helm 15 is not the problem, it is the manifestation of the problem. And what is the problem? How can anyone look at the 17 points raised in this article and not conclude that we are already under martial law and are awaiting our final disposition? Jade Helm 15 might just be that final disposition, and if it is not JH 15, it will be something like it right on its heels.
Finally, when martial law and these 17 points are realized, there will be an international flavor to the process and this will be the topic of a future article.
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