Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Prophetic Immorality: 'president's' legacy.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
     I just did some research into whom my 'audience' is in the world, and Americans read my posts 2nd only to Russia !!  And Germany, France, Alaska, some of Canada, etc.   I was totally surprised,  but figure that good people locked in Russia are also hungry for the pure Truth of the Bible.   I AM SURE THAT ALL PEOPLE ON EARTH WHO ARE HONEST, HUMBLE AND LOGICAL HOLD THE KJV BIBLE CLOSE TO THEIR HEARTS AND MINDS !  
      I am just amazed at our lives and culture, that we are not all that far removed from our ancestors hundreds of years ago, wondering why we are here on earth and what awaits us after we pass away, etc.   As from my own childhood, raised on a small farm in Wisconsin,  in North Central USA.,  we all learned from 2 sources,  our parents, and the America school system.   But having a real father living at home and seeing him every night after he got home, and week ends, was a super blessing [most of the time] as he taught us so much about farming, raising  beef cattle, agriculture, and respect for the land and other human beings, some carpentry and mechanics, how to safely shoot a rifle and shot gun, and to watch and care for my smaller, younger siblings.   I felt that it was unfair that I, the oldest boy, had to often do the dishes, but the girls had a 'free ride' as did my brother, Albert.  But after I joined the Army,  I had to do more huge pots and pans in KP, and other menial things, so my father's discipline paid off, as I learned to adjust to military life.  
      But I just wanted to say that being young and forming different opinions about religion, God, morals and relationships, can and do change as we grow older.   And change can be GOOD, if it follows God's Book and purpose for us.   We can say:  "if, if, if," the dog would not have stopped to 'do his duty' -- that he would have caught the hare [rabbit].   But we don't live in a perfect world, and were not all born the son of a king or prince.     However,  many high born individuals will not make it to heaven... and many so-called, "GOOD PEOPLE" will not make it to heaven either!   But those who do the will of the Father, and follow Jesus Christ, will GAIN EVERLASTING LIFE IN HEAVEN !   Now, you cannot get anymore simpler or logical than that, friends.   I would think that the sin of PRIDE is the prime reason why most folks will not bend to the LORD, and do His will.   It took the Lord a long time for him to 'beat the pride out of me.'   You see, that's the 'trade off when you THINK you are smart.'   God loves the humble ones...  but that doesn't mean the stupid ones!   
       And for that reason I simply cannot understand why some 'loved ones I know' refused to just sit down peacefully and read/ discuss the KJV Bible together.  How about just ONE HOUR A WEEK ? ? ?   How about just 30 minutes twice a week?    First you pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit, and then you just dive in, or use any subject matter and go to the fitting book and page.    And some of the people I am talking about are highly educated and smart...  maybe too smart.   Hey!  I like to goof off, relax, party, watch TV, and bake in the sun in the back yard too,  but we must get our priorities in place !    I fully know that we all have different ways to express ourselves, spend money, take care of our property, houses, friends, and help others in need,  but it still all boils down to PRIORITIES.   If we KNEW for sure that something BIG is going to happen in the near future, would we not prepare for it ?   Let's just say that a man goes to the local store and buys a few extra large cans of Beef Stew, some macaroni and cheese, beans and rice, and stores up some pure drinking water ----  just in case.  Parts of the South Western USA are now crippled from floods and in deep trouble !   Do you think they might have prepared a bit -- knowing that this 'stink could hit the fan ?'   But in our [true Christians] place, we KNOW FOR SURE what the bible says about the coming times--- that they will NOT get better, but they will get much worse....  before the Lord Jesus comes back to claim his church [Congregation of Saints---  those who truly follow Him].    So, what does that mean we ought/ should do now?   Well,  the short book of James, just 5 chapters tells us:  "Draw nigh [near] to God, and he will draw nigh to you."  ---James 4:8.  Verse 7, says:   "Submit yourselves therefore to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."   Now... it doesn't say, 'submit yourselves to your own fallen, weak, sinful flesh and do what ever turns you on, or what ever feels good.'    If you want to shack up with someone of the same sex [homosexuality].. just GO FOR IT !!  But don't think that God somehow releases you from his basic rules of the game, because God's Word is Perfect and incorruptible.     I have often said that I am a SINNER MAN, but I am honestly working on my personal problems and challenges, with the help of the Holy Spirit.  Still, I will never be perfect while on planet earth and God knows that.   We will be perfect after we get to heaven.    I am sorry if I sound like a "broken record" --- only the older generation will understand that message...  lol.    Back in the 1960's we had music on plastic disks called records.   
      And by the way, [BTW],  some of the scary stuff that 'scientists' are inventing and working on these days with human beings and animals is just too ungodly for me,  thinking that they are 'gods' in cloning things and people, etc.   You see:   If God allowed these terrible things to continue,  what would really happen to the human race.   So our Father in the heavens has a time table, and a set number of who is going to heaven,  and He will launch his agenda soon.   If he made this time and number know to humankind,  it wouldn't be a surprise, would it ?

BTW,  how do you all feel about the super spike in killings over the Memorial holiday week end in Baltimore and Chicago ??   Well,  the 'powers that be' told the police to stand down and make fewer arrests, especially on the minorities that are twice and likely to shoot their neighbors and friends.     And I am only relating the facts as I read them.   We are so blessed to live so far NORTH away in the mountains, where our crime rate is much lower....   but then,  we are a hard working, Conservative, Christian community U.P. here ...  just trying to scratch out a living, and paying taxes to support those in the big cities who WILL NOT WORK !   Smile.

I teach good people how to throw tomahawks and knives, accurately.

That's my good friend, Steve B., [Left], and my son, Andy, to the right, on a hot Summer's day in Wisconsin, before he painted my old house BLUE.   Andy was a tall, very handsome, smart man, and I miss him so much...  He was killed one month after I lost my past wife, Sharon, about 6 years ago, and those 2 things totally crushed my heart.   Yes,  I've been thru the mill and around the block a few times in my life.   But God has brought me thru it all, as I wait for the Rapture, but busy sharing the Gospel in the mean time.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman


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Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Prophetic immorality hallmark of "president's" legacy

In the coming weeks, court challenges and rulings will shine the light on the immorality of the current "president's" agenda and it will determine his legacy and the moral direction of society for years to come. What cannot be legislated through agreement and compromise, was instituted through executive order. What was challenged is left to the courts to determine. Either way, the Islamic Marxist agenda of the "president" is inching forward and will have a long-term and far reaching impact on America, the world, and the acceleration of prophecy. Fights over illegal immigration, border security, same sex marriage, socialist healthcare, and taxes to prevent the flawed science of global warming are all on the agenda.

It is difficult to imagine that the words same sex and marriage would be placed together as the law of the land. The Supreme Court will rule on this very issue which is already redefining the culture in America, the very fabric of family and the core value to the foundations of society. Courts have overturned the will of the people; media has shaped the debate; entertainment has desensitized homosexuality in the common household. The Communist Manifesto abolishing all religion and morality is taking root through this issue. Supporters of same sex marriage are vilifying Christians who believe the Word of the Lord as stated in Leviticus 18:22, "You shall not lie with a man, as with a woman: it is abomination."

Socialist healthcare and global warming are also on the agenda for the Supreme Court. They are very similar from a biblical perspective. Both are the compulsive participation in government covetousness and redistribution of wealth. Neither provide the stated relief or purpose. Affordable healthcare for all Americans is far less affordable under socialist healthcare, and it advances an agenda contrary to the Word of God through public funding of abortion and promotion of homosexuality. Global warming, now called climate change, is the taxing of citizens to stop weather behaviors. Problem is, the science, as admitted by the scientists themselves, is fabricated. The 10th Commandment is "Thou shalt not covet." 

There are many interpretations of 2 Thessalonians 2:3, "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition." While many hold fast for revival, we see in scripture after scripture that things get exceedingly worse as the Day of the Lord approaches. We are seeing first hand here in America how quickly immorality advances when ungodly leaders are chosen and the Church becomes self-indulgent rather than holding to accountability to God's Word. We should not, however, give in to this flood of darkness as we want to be found faithful when we come before the Lord. Let us not allow immorality to be our legacy.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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1 comment:

Heli gunner Tom said...

From my dear cousin in KS:
Good Blog message,

Among other things, I like that you talk about “priorities” and the Bible... if we don’t have time for God, why would we expect that He would have time for us????

Hope you have healed and are getting around better. Have you been going to the gym to get some exercise? or even walking as much as you can. I know I can do better, especially after sitting at a desk all day.

take care,

just wanted to say hi.

hugs to you cousin,

Wanda Jane