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I will still attend my church.

Tom's Journal.

This is just one man's view, and I am still holding my peace,  not piece.

Tom S

There was a time when I was very young and ignorant, and since I didn't have the money to attend college [even though several WI Universities already accepted me... and waiting for my tuition money...], I join the U.S. Army, for 3 long years.... "Regular Army."   I have the 'scars' and nightmares to prove it, too,  but I survived and worked hard the rest of my life, and retired from Chrysler Motors, in Kenosha, WI., after 30.5 years and a fair pension, plus I worked at many other places when I was laid off for 5 long, hard years and went back to school.   I am NOT complaining.   BUT THE WAY WE WERE ALL SCHOOLED AND TAUGHT regarding money, and investments was wrong.   We never learned about the "Rule of 72" -- the 'magic of compound interest, and where to invest and how.  
      And now because some of us Americans are starting to 'think outside of the box' and educate ourselves...   we are called 'traitors', un-American, evil, and bad !!   
      After I got home from Vietnam: 68-70, I started to learn about the real TRUTH of things, and how our own Gov't was crooked, corrupt, guilty of lying, hiding, covering up all sorts of things, and in league with Big Pharma [medicines/ health/ drugs], and Big Business/ Corporations, and Big, corrupt greedy Banks..... and Religion, too!!   The only real truth I found was in the KJV Bible !  PTL for that.   And to think that all of these entities were sending millions of people to the poor house, and hell.   Even when you take your time to humbly prove the truth to ordinary people,  they just walk away and say something goofy....  'oh well.'  
     Well,  I am used to being called 'stupid,' crazy, and whacko, by many people....  but still I feel the H.S. [Holy Spirit] push me to share the Gospel with most everyone I meet, if I can, and also teach a few things about Silver, etc., and the fall of our American Dollar.   If things like this offend you, I am sorry, and perhaps this web site/ Blog/ Journal, is not the place for you.   Although I am always open to constructive criticism.   My email: 
    Or just use this web site to make your comments.

Warm Regards,

New Currency Law Now in Effect — Could Be Devastating for Anyone Holding U.S. Dollars

Hidden within H.R. Bill #2847, is a little-known provision known as “FATCA.”
The first part of this law went into effect last year. The rest of it will roll out, piece by piece, through the end of 2018.
Few Americans have any clue about what this is — but FATCA actually stands for the “Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.”
Like many problematic pieces of legislation, this one sounds innocent enough.
But it has major repercussions — which could expedite a worldwide flight from the U.S. dollar and ultimately result in billions in potential losses for U.S. citizens.
For one, this law means any institution that deals with U.S. dollars has to now comply with the IRS… which means many institutions could essentially stop dealing with U.S. dollars.
For another, this law makes it increasingly difficult, if not impossible, for the average American to get some of his money out of U.S. dollars, and into more stable currencies via foreign banks.
Already, we’ve seen two of the largest banks in the world, JP Morgan Chase and HSBC, set all sorts of new rules and regulations surrounding international wire transfers and how you can get your cash out of the bank. Many small banks have reportedly followed suit.
We’ve heard several reports already of banks now refusing to accept American citizens’ deposits. And this trend is likely to accelerate rapidly in the months to come.
But most importantly, this law may signify that a true currency crisis is much closer than most people think in America.
This new law is a clear example of what are known as “Capital Controls.” And this is exactly what broke and desperate governments do when they know the value of their currency is about to collapse.
We’ve seen governments around the globe pull these stunts over and over again… right before a currency devaluation or collapse.
And now it’s happening right here, in the United States of America.
Porter Stansberry, the founder of a Baltimore-based financial research firm says:
“The same financial problems I’ve been tracking from bank to bank and from company to company for the last six years have now found their way into the U.S. Treasury. What it means is critically important to every American.”
Stansberry continues:
“The next phase in this crisis will threaten our very way of life. The savings of millions will be wiped out. This disaster will change your business and your work. It will dramatically affect your savings accounts, investments, and retirement. It will change everything about your normal way of life: where you vacation… where you send your kids or grandkids to school… how and where you shop… the way you protect your family and home.”
Porter Stansberry and his research team have put together a full, written analysis of not only what they believe will happen next, but what you can do about it. As part of this analysis, they also conducted an exclusive interview with 22-year Congressman Dr. Ron Paul.

CHARLESTON CHURCH MASSACRE: Is Why Christians Should Carry Weapons To Worship

The Emanuel A.M.E. Church massacre in Charleston, South Carolina should serve as a screaming wake up call that no one is safe any more… not even in frickin’ church.
Welcome to Obamaland where things have not gotten better but much worse.  So much for you healing the planet, Mr. BHO.
Oh, and speaking of Obama, old el Presidente wasted no time calling for stricter gun laws as if mass murderers will ever, at any time, jump through the proper legal hoops before they carry out their murderous wet dreams.
Yep, our culture has become a violent crapsicle where racist dipsticks like Dylann Roof and other violent chuckleheads have decided to kill innocent folks that don’t fit into their scrambled-egg Weltanschauung
Now, given that toads like Roof are opting for murder versus sucking it up and getting a life, ministers had better morph PDQ from imitating Mr. Rogers to mimicking Clint Eastwood.
Which brings me to this question, pastor: Exactly what kind of armed arrangement do you have in place when Satan’s spawn shows up at your worship service ready to kill congregants because he’s a Grade-A douche bag?
What’s the plan, man of God, when some demoniac rocks up to your house of worship to carry out the insidious commands of ‘the voices’ whispering in his whirring tin-brain to kill your congregants? What are you going to do?
This is the ultimate What Would Jesus Do query, eh?
I think if Jesus were placed in such a situation he would whip out his Glock and double tap the center mass of any killer who was attempting to put a bullet in one of his defenseless disciples. Okay, maybe Jesus wouldn’t do it but Peter definitely would have.
Now, I know that doesn’t fit with most folks bearded lady, soft focused, Precious Moments figurine version of Jesus that some have been peddling for the last twenty years, but it does square with the Christ of my Bible. (By the way: I read The Common Sense, Good People Live, Bad People Die version of the Bible. It’s printed in Texas, and you can get a copy at www.You’
Pastors, let me help you out: The job of the shepherd is to serve and protect sheep, and in this permissive and paranormal milieu that means not only with TLC and sound doctrine but with several semi-autos and some Cor-Bon hollow points. I know it’s not a pleasant thought, and they didn’t tell you this stuff in seminary, but this is the world we live in, and this is the hand we’ve been dealt, so . . . play it like a poker champ. Be relevant.
If you or your church do not know where to begin or would like some advice on how to protect the few or many people in your pastorate there are many security experts in the US that can help you assess your situation and get appropriately armed to the teeth.
Lastly, obviously, I’m thinking as good Christians we should send a message to all the evil Dylann Roofs that remain out there that we are here to help them and will walk them through whatever funky stuff they’re having to field.
However, if you, the struggling and confused guy with a gun, won’t let go of your demons, know this: We are watching you, we are prepared for you, and we will have no problem whatsoever dropping you in your tracks as soon as you draw your weapon on innocent people. Yes, the wages of sin is death, and we’re now here to inflict it if you force our holy hand.


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