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Tom's Journal.

MY Generation, the "Baby Boomers" that went to Vietnam to fight Communism, etc., was the last Generation, IMHO, to embrace our Lord and Savior in a knowing, respectful, serious, meaningful way.   We studied about countries like Bulgaria and Russia, and China, that were anti-God, anti-bible, and thought that it doesn't need to take long to completely rip whole Nations away from the One True God, Jehovah, and His Son,  Jesus !   And who would have ever thought that the same nations we THOUGHT were so evil, corrupt, and godless, are NOW reversed and on the opposite side of the good, old, USA !  

From what I've read and believe,  China has MORE "underground REAL, Bible loving, practicing Christians than the USA and Europe combined !!   And so many other Christians have already been murdered and beheaded in the Middle East by Islam and ISIS, whom our very own "dog pile in the WH" is friendly with !   The so-called 'church', leaders and the rest of us have been mainly sleeping at the switch while all this has been going on...  more less, struggling to raise families and pay off our homes in this present rat race.     And now,  BOOM,  we are finally HERE, Friends deep into the 'End Times' of bible prophecy when the Rapture could happen any time now ! !   Wow!   Am I glad and happy to have run across this timely article of Hal Lindsey today !
     Duh...  I was feeling sorry for myself [again], home and alone, as usual, entertaining some stupid ideas, perhaps even packing my B.O.B. [Bug out bag] to get out of 'Dodge.'   Until I stumbled upon this article here right now @ 2:30 PM on a HOT afternoon, U.P. in our hunting and fishing paradise, or sorts.
         These are what I call, "The Dog Days of Summer," when we use the A/C a lot to stay cool, and thanking the good Lord for all of our blessings while retired.  Ha!  I know that I should not allow some dirty bird to land on my head and try to build his evil next...  lol.   And I am kind of embarrassed to even be in this wrong frame of mind,  sorry.    I should have heeded the pastor's words to me a few weeks ago.   I also need to be thinking and doing more for our Christian church/ Congregation U.P. here to help the brothers out who are taking the lead.  
      I hope you all realize that all of this was not just 'Chance.'   But the H.S. kicking me in the butt, stirring up my mind and heart, to "get with the program,"  and use my set of skills to engage more directly in the "Soul Winning" ministry,  that include not only the pastors and deacons of the various Christian churches all over the USA, and world,  but every born again, living, breathing, Bible loving CHRISTIAN on Earth !   Yes,  it's high time we all stopped feeling so sorry for ourselves,  but rolled up our collective sleeves and helped out in the 'Sharing the Gospel Ministry !'    And if we have not yet studied to be approved for this most important aspect of being a Christian, we ought to be ashamed.  Well, it's time now to stuff the 'ammo' ---bibles, and bible tracts, into a leather sack or holder and THINK about how we can best walk up to a person and begin to talk to them about the RAPTURE, now.   That is what I plan to do.

I still think that 'Prepping for emergencies' is not a bad idea,  but we have to put things in Priorities...  Lists of Importance.   That also means balancing mundane things, around the house, garden, yards, too many pets, birds, gold fish, and over 6 cats that take time and money to maintain, IMHO.   Go figure:   If the time it takes to daily take care of, feed, clean, brush, so many pets EXCEEDS the time we SHOULD BE SPENDING with our marriage mates...  something is out of order !   And I need to personally, get to more Christian meetings at church, and start visiting the fellow Christians in my area, also email those who also struggle with life's pitfalls, and mountains  that we must climb.   

You Guys may not believe this, but I have perked MYSELF up by writing this post today, just now.   But I am sure that God and the Holy Spirit made it all happen, and come together.

Thanks for bearing with me.

Warm Regards,

This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report' Last week, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, terror struck again.

Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez was a young Muslim man whose jihadist tendencies were a surprise to his friends. Last week, he drove to an armed forces recruiting center and began firing an assault rifle into the front windows of the center. Fortunately, no one was killed.

He then led police on a chase across town that ended at a Naval Reserve Center. There, he killed four Marines and a sailor who died later. Abdulazeez was shot and killed by police.

Abdulazeez disproved President Obama's assertions that all the jihadists are after is a more just life with greater economic opportunity. He had a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He lived in a comfortable neighborhood and seemed to have a productive and full social life. He drove a young man's dream car.

But in the last few years, he had made a couple of trips to Jordan and Kuwait. His friends recalled that when he returned, he seemed "different."

Some of his actions and activities in the last few days of his life suggest that he acted out of Islamic motives, not frustration over job prospects.

Yet, members of the mainstream media and our government are still reluctant to even imply that his religion had anything to do with it.

It seems that everybody in America, even many Muslims, outside the mainstream media and the federal government recognize what is happening.

And we also know that we will never defeat an enemy whose very existence we deny.

But apparently this Administration has determined that not only do we not need to identify the enemy, as long as we deny it exists, we can live side-by-side with it.

Last week, the P5+1 nations, plus Germany and the EU reached an agreement with Iran on its nuclear program.

No surprise here. Iran got everything it wanted and we got nothing. Israel got less. That's because this agreement, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), virtually makes impossible any future Israeli military strike against Iran's nuclear program.

But it did not take Israel out of Iran's crosshairs.

This week, I am going to attempt to give you a succinct explanation of why I think this pact with Iran is virtually a pact with the devil. I'll also show you why I think it's all smoke and mirrors. It's an agreement that does not really limit Iran's ability to secure a nuclear weapon but, rather, disguises the clear path that Obama/Kerry left open for Iran.

I believe the events of the past few weeks have helped to further set the world's stage for the great drama of Bible-predicted things to come.

Folks, we are moving ever closer to the Rapture of the Church. Get ready!

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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