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The Status of America's Gold.... Suspicions.

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Growing Suspicions about the Fed and the Status of America's Gold
Talk radio personality and commentator Michael Rivero of appeared on the Money Metals podcast this week, and has some alarming things to say about the status of America's gold reserves, the Fed's machinations, and related risks to our national security. You can listen to the full interview here, but here are a few excerpts of particular interest to supporters of Sound Money…

Mike Gleason: Texas recently followed suit of some countries when it announced it would repatriate the state-owned gold and rescue it from the hands of Wall Street and will soon be storing it inside the Texas borders.
What do these recent announcements by Texas now and Germany and the Netherlands and a few others before them say about the trust factor among and between these sovereign entities?

Michael Rivero: Well, trust is really a big issue. Now, the way the New York Federal Reserve and for that the bank of England and the Bank of France, and JP Morgan has a private bullion depository, they function like a safety deposit box. Countries will rent space in the gold bullion vault to store their gold.

The banks are not allowed to go in and use it.
Michael Rivero of
It's just like your safety deposit box at the bank. If you rent a safety deposit box, and you put in some gold coins, and you are aunt's heirloom bracelet, you can at any time go on in and remove all of that material.

Well, it seems that the Federal Reserve has been playing fast and loose with other people's gold.They've been leasing it out the back door to drop on the market to keep physical gold and silver prices down so that people don't abandon their savings accounts and their stock market portfolio to buy physical metal.

We know that the amount of gold and silver being traded these days greatly exceeds the output of the world's mines, so it's got to be coming from somewhere. This triggered some concern because over in Germany, they were getting some gold bars that had the hallmarks of Fort Knox and the New York Federal Reserve, and discovered they had tungsten cores, so there's some fakes.
Germany basically said, "look, we put our gold in the New York Federal Reserve after World War II because we didn't want the Russians coming in and taking it, but that's all over, and we're all friends. Send it back." They got the big stall. Germany said, "Okay, can we at least come in and do an audit and look at it?" The New York Federal Reserve said, "no, we're not really set up to do that. Just trust us. The gold is still here, and we'll get the gold back to Germany in maybe five or six or seven years."
This triggered a crisis of confidence all around the world because what little gold has already been returned to Germany are not the original stamped and numbered bars Germany sent over. Tests have shown that the gold being sent back to Germany is nowhere near as pure as it's supposed to be. They're playing these really reckless games, and this has triggered something like seven, eight other countries wanting their gold back.

Texas wants their gold back because there's a growing suspicion it simply isn't there at all. We actually covered this last year in an episode of America's Book of Secrets on the History Channel where all of a sudden people are wondering is the gold really there.
Can you imagine going into your bank, to your safety deposit box and the bank manager says, "I'm sorry. I can't let you take anything out of it, but here, I'll let you look into it from across the room," and you see something that kind of looks like some gold coins and maybe something that might have been a bracelet but not necessarily your aunt's heirloom bracelet you put in there.
The bank manager slams the box shut and says, "There. Go home and be happy." That's kind of the situation that all of these foreign nations and foreign banks and even now, Texas, are dealing with, that the gold that they paid the New York Federal Reserve to store wasn't stored but was actually re-hypothecated for various financial manipulations.

The New York Federal Reserve's rationale is, "Well, we leased it out the back door, but since it's only a lease, we're still technically in possession of it." That only works if they're able to get the gold back, and right now, they're not. This is why people are getting very, very nervous about what is going on. We could easily see a repeat of Roosevelt's 1933, I think it was, ban on private ownership of gold bars and gold coins in order to rescue the banks from their crimes one more time.

There's no question that the banks are behaving very badly and certainly are very untrustworthy with other people's gold bullion.

Basically, if you've got gold or silver, and you should have it, I wouldn't trust it in any kind of gold depository owned by the banks or the government. There are private gold vaulting companies that are much more trustworthy.

It is amazing how the New York Federal Reserve, which has tried to cultivate this image of trustworthiness and legitimacy for the 100 years it's been in existence and all of a sudden we're finding out that they've actually been playing dirty with other people's property.

Mike Gleason: That leads me right into my next question. The Fed has heavily resisted an audit of its inner workings and the grassroots movement that started the ball rolling with the Audit the Fed initiative, may now be turning its attention toward the gold at Fort Knox, where there hasn't been an audit in over 50 years. I think I know your answer to this, but is the gold there? If not, what do you think's happened to it?

Michael Rivero: Well there is something that looks like gold there.... [Read the rest of this interview here]

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The 144,000. Follow Up

Q. Re: The 144,000 of Rev. 7 and 14.  If one of the groups consists of Jews, and the other represents the raptured Church, does that mean that 144,000 is the pre-determined number of Christians who will be saved & raptured before the Great Tribulation? In which case, aren’t there a lot more Christians in the world than that today? Does this mean that only a select portion of the Church will be taken in the rapture?
A. In my study of the 144,000 of Revelation 7 and 14 I wrote that both are literal numbers, though they represent different groups. In Rev. 7:4-8 we have 12,000 from each of 12 tribes of Israel living on Earth.
But in Rev. 14:1-5 we see 144,000 who have been redeemed from the earth and are standing on the heavenly Mt. Zion.
This group is but a sampling of the redeemed Church which will have been brought to heaven in the rapture. They’ll be presented as the first fruits of the harvest of souls (Rev. 14:4), just as the wave offering was the first fruits of the harvest of grain (Lev. 23:9-14).
All the grain was harvested, but only a sample was presented before the altar. So it is with the Church. The 144,000 is not meant to be the full number of the raptured Church


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