Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Coming Anti -Christ.

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When I was still in grade school and high school,  "co-called,  Conventional Wisdom,"  dictated that our advanced medical, scientific, literary arts and communications....  even the Space projects gave Hope for the future generations, that we could/ would solve ANYTHING in the universe, so we thought !   But the apostle Paul said,  "For the wisdom of the world is foolishness with God."  ---1st Corinthians 3: 19.   Honestly,  I cannot think of any other sin as great as 'Pride !'    Because, without Humility, we can't even get to First Base !   In fact, I am finding out right now, today,  that my own pride has kept me back from learning the more important things in life, and growing closer to the Father, and Christ.     But,  better late than never. 

Some of us wonder why we re-read, and study the bible so hard, yet find out that something is 'blocking' that vital knowledge and understanding from doing us any good !   Yes, it's frustrating, for sure.   I am still caught up with working on my OWN challenges, and 'allowing the Holy Spirit' to change my life for the better.....   forget about everything and everybody surrounding me !
      I intend to meet with a smart gentleman in 45 minutes who is coming over to our house.   I am getting myself ready 'to absorb his wise words' right now.   I have also changed my diet to screen out sugars, and to drink more pure water, instead of soda pop,  a big challenge for me.   
     In the spirit of all I have just said,  let us read the following short article that I like so much.   But, please indulge me a bit, friends:   If we have read the O.T. [Old Testament], to see and watch how many times the Jews fell flat upon their faces, even after witnessing so many HUGE, GIANT Miracles,  just look at the last 6 years of rule under Obama ! ! !   How could a highly educated, civilized, cultural [so-called Christian country] make such a rapid departure from all the Judeo-Christian history and culture we've had drilled into us, collectively, these past 200 years ? ?    Another comparison would be:   'We would expect a young toddler/ child to make many mistakes in his/ her youth.....   but NOT a full grown adult,  right?'    When 'human laws and wisdom' try to supersede or trump God's laws and wisdom,  you can expect a big conflict.   but, actually, THIS has been the huge 'contention'  from the very beginning in Genesis, between Father God, and Satan !  It's not about "Power,"  ---- but it is about the "Right to Rule !"   And so it goes for the last 6000 years of human history,  Who Should Rule.    The devil says that humans should have the right to rule themselves, and God COULD HAVE JUST STRUCK SATAN DEAD FOREVER....  but then all the on looking angels might have had a shred of uneasy doubt left in their minds --- and God KNEW that !  So....the heavenly Father allowed every sort of human government or rule take place for a long enough time, and here we are right now !   That time allotted is just about over, and the book of Revelation says that every thing will be soon sorted out and the case in the Universal Court will have it's day, once and for all, for conclusive proof.   
     OK, not to spoil the ending....  but Revelation does give the final out come:   Father God Will Win this Battle, and the War at Armageddon [see:  Revelation 16: 16... only mentioned ONCE in the KJV Bible].    The only question is:   Will YOU FINE FOLKS BE IN HEAVEN [after the dust settles], or in Hell ?    The bible tells us conclusively that WE Followers of Jesus Christ can know for sure NOW,  where we are going!!   Smile !


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Tuesday,  September 8, 2015
Not hard to see how antichrist can come to power

When I was a child, one of the first books of the Bible I read was Revelation. I always had a curiosity about Revelation, what it meant and how it would play out. I kept thinking that it would be nearly impossible for an antichrist to come to power because people would know what to look for, know what to expect if they read Revelation. I know now as an adult that the prophets of the Old Testament along with Revelation and other books of the Bible also speak clearly about the beast, or what has become known as the antichrist. There is clear warning. But when we look at today's events and how things are coming together, I am beginning to see how the beast can rise to power by looking at America's example.

The election of a "president" without proof of being a natural born citizen; the subsequent change in direction toward the enemies of God becoming the allies of America; the opening of our borders to anyone and and any persuasion resulting in domestic crime, domestic terrorism and a re-colonization of our country; the move to redefine marriage; the selective enforcement of law; the demonization of moral and righteous people--all things known widely before his reelection. This person rises from obscurity to becoming the most important man in the world in such a short period of time, and his actions are accepted as if they were normal. There is no better example than the current Iranian nuclear deal.

The "president" has pushed this nuclear deal with Iran hard. He has gotten members of his party, some of them Jewish, to agree with him. It is reported from sources close to the deal, that America may be required to defend Iran in the event that Israel attacks it. It is a given that Iran can deploy a nuclear bomb after the agreement expires in ten years. These facts should be enough to turn every American, every Jew, every Israeli, every peace-loving citizen of the world to the streets demanding a "no deal." Yet, apart from some opposition, the world seems mesmerized to support it. Americans should have more sense--every day there are legitimate, confirmed reports that Iran is vowing to destroy the US and Israel.

The Free Beacon reports that US naval forces are routinely approached by Iranian warships and aircraft in the Strait of Hormuz. Free Beacon's Adam Kredo observes: "These encounters are underscored by violent and threatening rhetoric from senior Iranian officials, who have maintained in recent weeks that despite the recently signed nuclear accord, Iran will not end its support for terrorist proxy groups." Yet the American Congress and "president" persist in pursuing the Iranian agreement. This is a type and shadow of how people can be deceived, which is the first warning of Christ to his disciples regarding the end times in Matthew 24:4, "Take heed that no man deceive you."
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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