Saturday, October 3, 2015

'Christian, Arm Thyself.' --Lt. Gov. Ramsey --Tennessee.

Tom's Journal.

Caution, extremely violent and graphic truth:

Hi Friends,
     This is a subject that I have struggled with for many years, but have finally resolved that SELF DEFENSE,  is not only proper,  but one's duty, IMHO [in my humble opinion].   If Webster Dictionary says that:   A Christian is a follower or imitator of Christ,   that doesn't mean that we are cowards, or totally defenseless !   It also seems that many combat Veterans have had the wisdom to find out that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to salvation, and to the Father.   Sure, you become a "New Man... a new Creature" when you accept Christ and get "Saved,"  but you don't lose you love for you family and watch them get slaughtered.   Yet people like the dog pile in the WH ALLOW bad people to flood into our country, hoping that there might be a 'push back' from righteously indignant Christians so he can declare Martial Law, and push Agenda 21 through and the New World Order !   Well,  I am sure that will come along anyway, but why rush it.   As most of you good people know, I also strongly believe that the Rapture is not too far off.... and if it came tonight, I would be HAPPY !   But until that time Christian are to be about God's Work,  sharing the Gospel as best we can.  

I have always been "Prepared" to defend hearth and home, especially after I came home from fighting in South East Asia ---RVN.   I can only hope that the people I surround myself with view me as a balanced man, hard working, minding my own business, and just desire my own little place in the sun.    I pay my fair share of taxes --- yet I KNOW that the police won't be here when we need them the most, as they will probably be overwhelmed by a flood of crime with all the new illegal aliens that the goof ball in the WH is letting pour into our porous borders.  

I highly recommend that all good people who are serious about protection,  acquire their own CCW permit and learn how to handle fire arms the SAFE way !


Christian, Arm Thyself: Tennessee Lt. Gov Ramsey Advises Believers To Buy Guns
Posted: 03 Oct 2015 10:00 AM PDT
GodAndGunsThis is something you won’t hear from too many politicians

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