Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pressure Points that Reduce Stress.

Tom's Journal.

Good Day,  Friends,
Having lived in the Orient for two years,  I just had to share this information,  and I sure want to be stress free, too !   But I also want to share a special news flash with all my fellow CPAP --sleep apnea sufferers out there.  There is a "pressure sore" on the upper bridge of my nose because of the uncomfortable CPAP I MUST use to aid me in breathing when I sleep or rest.   It can never heal properly, and the equipment that the VA supplies us with is the CHEAPEST they can "afford" to give us...  Ha!   I suppose I should be thankful for every service that the Gov't doles out to me, a Disabled Vietnam Veteran,  but I often wonder about all the free stuff that the "refugees" from Syria and Mexico are getting, who have never worked nor paid taxes all their lives like we Americans do....  duh.   Remember that when you vote next time....  IF we are able to vote 'next time.'   But now... here is the trick:  get/ buy a special 'gel-filled nose guard,'   flat piece, that you lay on top of your nose ---sore spot, and then put the CPAP mask on top of that, carefully.   You will see the good results in a few days !!   I am happy to share the things that I have learned over the years, for free. 
    ----  Hey,  I am serious !    And please know that other countries in Europe are being bankrupt already for taking care of their new 'invaders' from Syria and the Middle East,  and I fear that Europe is already lost, again,  similar to the 'Dark Ages.'    I am a History Buff, remember ?  

I want to tell you good people,  that NO human Gov't is perfect and without flaw,  even Democracy !!    And it is THIS point of contention that God and Satan had in the beginning, in the Garden of Eden !   It was never a question of Power,  because everyone knew that Father God had ALL OF THE POWER.   But in the book of Job, Satan questioned whether mankind "had the right to govern themselves, with out service and worship to God, without His direction !"   So,  God could have just zapped/  whacked the devil  out of existence,  forever,  right then and there...  but all of His angels were looking on and heard this stuff going down.   God chose, instead,  to set things straight once and for all,  by giving the devil enough time to prove his 'theory,'   and so it has already been SIX THOUSAND YEARS of time, that humans have had to try every conceivable type of "self rule" and they/ we have FAILED every time,  friends !   Now,  I would rather live in a place like America,  but you all must admit that it too is very corrupt, paid off, full of murders, rapes, greed, wars,  and manipulation.   God will soon 'clean house' and establish His original purpose, structure and dream on earth, and in heaven.    But first He must get rid of all the rats, mice and cockroaches that have infested all of His beautiful creation.... and that includes Satan and his demons,  and their earthly agents....  the devil worshiping human pigs and scum bags, who REFUSE to accept God's Son,  Jesus Christ,  "the 2nd Adam."    Enter,  the NEW WORLD ORDER,  before God's Kingdom comes, and utter destruction all around, for 7 years,  first,  and that time is so near right now.     If all of this makes sense to you,  YOU NEED TO GET WITH THE PROGRAM, NOW !   Bend knee and kiss the Son, study the BOOK, and get right with God.    But.... most of the world is too busy trying to survive this rat race of troubles right now, or side tracked and MISLED by STD [Satan the Devil], with his many false religions.   Do YOUR beliefs coincide with the KJV Bible, the only real, inerrant Word of God ??   The Koran won't cut it.... and those folks will be going down the tube,  but not before they bring a lot of hurt and destruction to many countries...   sorry.   But then, America elected a Muslim, and he is allowing all of his buddies to creep into the USA, right now !   And our Congress is AWOL,  or sleeping under a rock somewhere, like a worm.   Sorry to be so graphic, gentlemen and ladies.

Now.... go on to the store and spend what little money you don't have...  lol.   I am poor too,  thanks to the IRS..... and me taking some wrong, bad advice.

Now,  here is something to ease your Stress.   Learn, share, and Enjoy,  Friends.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

....  I only wish that I was in shape like this, in 1989 !    And I only WISH I had a kiss like this, 4 years ago...

8 Pressure Points That Reduce Stress

We all have our ways of dealing with stress. Some people escape to a sunny beach, some prefer a nice glass of wine, and others even do their best to ignore it. Each way has its advantages (and sometimes disadvantages), but we can’t always do what helps at the exact moment we need to. This is where pressure points become a quick and effective long-term solution. Pressure points are areas in the body that can trigger various effects in our bodies and minds when pressure is applied to them. 
The Scalp
Pressure Points
The Scalp is full of pressure points, many that can effectively and discretely reduce stress levels. You can sit at your office desk, lean back and use two fingers to massage the point where the neck meets the skull for about 20 seconds. Much of the stress we accumulate during the day collects in the shoulders and neck muscles, and applying pressure to this point can relieve much of it.
The Ear
Pressure Points
This pressure point is known as Shen Men (The Spirit Gate), and some experts claim it’s the best stress-relieving point in the body. In reflexology, it’s also used to reduce inflammation and pain throughout the body. It’s recommended that you massage this spot with a cotton bud or even a pen, and to take deep, slow breaths during the massage.
The Chest
Pressure Points
Stress can make us forget to breathe, or take shallow breaths. This point helps reduce the stress that accumulates in your chest, while reminding you to breathe normally again. Use three fingers to massage this point, or one finger to tap rhythmically on the area while taking deep breaths. If you experience chronic stress, combine massaging this point with the point between your eyebrows. The connection between these two points helps to calm the nervous system. 
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The Stomach
Pressure Points
Many reflexologists prefer to use this point because it helps create movement that frees the chest and diaphragm, which improves the breathing process. Patients who have this treatment instinctively take deeper breaths and almost always report a sensation or relief.
The Forearm
Pressure Points
This is a classic spot for reflexology and acupuncture. Stress and anxiety create reverse energy flow in the body, which this spot is supposed to repair. It helps your energy to move in the right direction while aiding your mental focus and reducing stress. 
The Palm
Pressure Points
The moment you press on this spot, you’ll feel your stress evaporating. It is located on one of the most important meridians (an energy channel), which affects the heart, liver, and pancreas. It is believed that much of the stress we experience is stored in the liver, so applying pressure at this point is highly effective. It is also a great spot for treating headaches, stomachaches, indigestion, and insomnia – all of which could be symptoms of stress.
The Calves
Pressure Points
If you feel stress in the upper part of your body, massaging this spot is perfect. The area could be quite tender in people who deal with a lot of stress, and in women in particular.
The Foot
Pressure Points
Pressure at this point can help ease a stressed mind that keeps rethinking whatever it is that causes your stress. Some reflexologists believe that this is the best meridian for treating the pancreas and that its location at the center of the foot helps patients reduce stress and provide better attention to their bodies.

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