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Tom's Journal.

The 'Key thought' of this post is:   That things will get MUCH WORSE before Jesus comes back to claim His Believers/  Followers ! !     The 'key to survival' is the "Christian S. O. P."   --[Standard Operating Procedure --- Military speak.].   Goal for today:   Find out what that "SOP" means and implement it.   Yes!  "Implement, Adapt, and Overcome"  -- to Survive.   We must learn these key things to survive, and also to help others survive.

Hi Friends!
     I have to pan fry some great Pork Chops in a few minutes before my sweet heart, wife, Terri gets home from her Rehab routine, etc., and I let her use my CC, so there is no telling when she will finally walk in the door, using a cane for support, after her successful knee replacement operation... and she still have much pain.  
      I am soon to find out how to get this pre-mentioned INFO to get with the program,  but I am sure that it involves leaning on God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to win the battle.    And that is just what we are in right now....   a BATTLE !    If you don't already have the Holy Spirit working in you/  for you,  you are probably working for STD and his nasty organization.   I was once in his net work, too,  until the 'scales fell off my eyes' to finally 'see the light' and I found the Lord.   It's more about HUMILITY than being smart or super intelligent.    And I had a stubborn, hard, prideful head.... so it took me half my adult life to figure things out.   Had I been more open minded and humble,  perhaps I would have found the real TRUTH about the KJV Bible and Father God,  sooner !    But his is the most important "race" where you don't have to come in first or second.      You just have to cross the finish line,  BEFORE the Lord comes back to clean house.    And I pity those prideful, bragging, goof balls, who always say that they will cross that finish line at the last micro/ Nano second to be "Saved !"    Thee will most likely, soon come the time when we will have to choose one side or another --- and that will certainly separate the men from the boys....  Ha!  
      And there is something to that scripture that says:   "Store up your treasures in Heaven where moth and rust cannot consume..."    Now,  my military and farm life back ground dictate that I do store up a few cans of beans and pure drinking water in case of emergencies.   But we are really to put all of our Faith and Trust in our heavenly Father, and His Son,  Jesus Christ!   Hey,   if we have to die,  let it be for Jesus' sake.   

Thank You all for your prayers and well wishes.   You have my thanks and gratitude !   Smile.   Terri's birthday is in the latter part of December !

Warm Regards,

This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'
President Barack Obama finally acknowledged last week that the war on terror has entered a new stage. But he's still unwilling to admit just how serious and deadly the struggle has become.

When two ISIS sympathizers attacked a Christmas party in San Bernardino, California, last week, they killed 14 and wounded 21. It may have been a defining moment for the President and the Left. When he addressed a nation in mourning last Sunday evening, he couldn't resist the opportunity to lecture us again on Islamophobia.

It proved once again that the President has a tin ear. He cannot hear and understand what the American people are feeling and saying -- or he just doesn't care. More likely, though, is that Americans' distrust of Muslims and growing impatience with Islam disturb him and he's doubling down in his obvious efforts to degrade Christianity and elevate Islam in America.

And he's apparently instructed his Attorney-General, Loretta Lynch, to use the power of her office and the Justice Department to silence Islam's critics.

Folks, we are entering treacherous waters. After the shootings, several of the killers' neighbors have come forward to say that they were suspicious of the couple, but were afraid to say anything less they be branded as racists or, worse, Muslim-haters.

This is a perfect example of how "political correctness" is working beautifully for those who seek the destruction of America, or, at least, its fundamental transformation. If they can silence you before you even open your mouth, they have won.

I have news for you. Things will not get better. In fact, the Bible predicts that they will become  MUCH  WORSE  before Jesus Christ returns to snatch away  all of His true believers.

In view of all the fearful things that are happening in the world today, it is wonderful to know that no matter how tense circumstances may become in these last days, God has provided for our needs.

On this week's program, I want to teach you about the Christian's S.O.P. That is, the Christian's "Standard Operating Procedure." When you're hit with some problem, especially the unforeseen kind, there are three steps you can automatically take to gain the strength and guidance to deal with those challenges.

And as the days grow darker, your S.O.P. should become second nature to you. You're going to need it to live a triumphant life in the waning days of this Age.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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