Friday, March 13, 2015

A Better Night's Rest.

Tom's Journal.

After years of hard work, sports, accidents, mishaps and fun, many of us older folks suffer from a 'bad back' and when we have sleep deprivation it just makes the next day worse, and we may even get grumpy and sour !   Riding motorcycles most of my adult life may also have a bearing on why I suffer from back pain also,  plus WE ALL KNOW THAT LOSING MORE WEIGHT MIGHT HELP that back pain too.   I usually go to bed early because I am just plain TIRED!   I read, write, type, blog, post on my PC often, and also study different things that I want to master.   I have also heard that the brain is like a muscle --- you need to use it--- or lose it.   Reading the KJV Bible is very good for everyone.  
       I was talking on the phone to my dear, old, Mom, today, among other things:  Happiness.   My theory is:  that people who search for happiness all their lives are missing the boat.   Why is it that lots of money and material things never really make any human happy forever ??   Why do movie stars, and big, important people have to drink a lot of alcohol and do drugs to stay "happy?"  Point:  they are not really happy, IMHO....  although it's certainly NICE to have the money to pay off our bills, and we need to live within our means.   Actually,   Happiness is a 'by-product' of serving Almighty God !   When we do HIS Will,  we stay out of harmful stuff and also have a sense or good feeling inside helping other find that same happiness from gaining true Salvation following Christ !  But now,  no body [including the bible] ever said that this kind of life would be easy or completely worry free, and we may even lose our heads for being real, KJV Bible loving Christians....   but we are promised everlasting life in Heaven, if we die, get killed, or Raptured, just as Jesus promised all His followers !   And what is 70-90 years of life on earth compared to all Eternity in a beautiful, wonderful, HAPPY place -- HEAVEN ?  

But while on earth, we want to share other good things with our friends and even strangers, like, "How to sleep the correct way --  to help reduce back pain."  Enjoy !

Warm Regards,