Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bad Gov't Operation--Unconstitutional.

Tom's Journal.

     It is not my intention to promote any company that sells or informs real news and info about guns or PM's [Precious Metals], although I do have my favorites.   However,  here is a timely article about the corrupt Gov't looking to take away our God given rights to buy and keep important products to secure our still FREE way of life in the U.S.A., and I want everyone to know this.   I am not even going to argue any points here today.   When a Gov't works thru the back door, illegally, to take away our rights and freedoms ---  it's high time to Prepare right then and there, and protect yourself, no matter what  your 'snake fascinated' relatives and friends may say.   It's a little bit like true Christianity,  no matter what church you might attend or support,  the KJV BIBLE is the only book that tells the absolute truth of the matter!   No matter if you are a slow reader, a poor reader, or even hate to read,  I even have audio tapes and CD's of the pure, KJV BIBLE, and can direct you all where to buy them without going broke.  
      In college, they teach you HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT, ACCURATE INFORMATION.... not that you learn so much in-class or from the instructors.   I like to share my good things, and what is near and dear to my heart.   I know that I 'drift and get off the well beaten path too much,'  but you can usually get my point.   At least,  that is my intention.   And while I am at it,  let me say that I am very sorry for any negative talk, or airing my dirty laundry about my relationships, etc.  and other wise.   Sorry.   I hope to clean up my act, or quit posting this humble blog.   Let us just say that I am now in the midst of change, and have learned many things the hard way --- and I must NOT let myself grow bitter, but do more on my own and be more independent from now on.  
God help me !

Let me say, discreetly,  that you might not know when you might just have to "BUG OUT" and move to save your self, and so you definitely need a plan....  or an "A, B, and C Plan."   What  you cannot stuff in your truck or bug out vehicle might have to be left behind, just to save your skin !!   I hope that I am not 'showing my hand' --- and this could mean many things, so try not to guess or read something else into my statement, please.   But...  sometimes it's better to cut your losses, as my dear son, Andy, once told me.   I miss him very much, and hope to see him in heaven.   I have suffered great loss too many times in my life, and not because of anything I did.   I just know that:   given the right, normal person, with a good heart,  good, meaningful relationships can and do happen.   But death is a reality that must be dealt with, however God gives us eternal life in heaven, if we kiss the Son,  Jesus Christ, and try to do His Will.

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Gov't Operation Denies You Access to Guns & Gold

As first exposed by the Wall Street Journal, the Department of Justice and bank regulators are unconstitutionally pressuring banks to refuse banking services to perfectly legal industries, under the guise that they pose a “reputation risk” to the bank. Not surprisingly, two of the main industries targeted by this illegal program just happen to be two of the biggest threats to the federal government:  guns and gold.  That’s right, the federal government is actively trying to choke sellers of guns & precious metals out of the financial industry.  The government's stunning objective with such an operation:  to cut off American citizens from access to guns & gold completely.  So if you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to defend your savings & retirement from government overreach, you better act soon.

Operation Choke Point
As initially reported by the Wall Street Journal, “Operation Choke Point” was secretly launched to cut certain industries off from banking services, under the pretense that they jeopardize the “reputation” of the banks.  Since no company can survive in today’s world without the ability to make banking transactions, Operation Choke Point’s clear objective is to destroy certain industries.  Which industries?  As reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, critics believe "it's a thinly veiled ideological attack on industries the Obama administration doesn't like,” such as gun sellers, precious metals companies, and coal producers.
What’s more, Operation Choke Point is conducted without first having shown that the targeted companies are violating the law.  All of the targeted industries are perfectly legal, and the companies have not been charged with any crime.  So the government is shutting legal companies out of the financial industry – effectively shutting them down – without any shred of due process!  And this comes on the heels of numerous government programs to unconstitutionally confiscate citizen savings & retirement.  The U.S. government is officially out of control!
Why Gold?
There’s no need to explain why the federal government would want to shut down gun manufacturers & sellers.  A well regulated militia, although necessary to the security of a free state, is a direct threat to a tyrannical government.  The question is, why target gold?  The obvious answer:  gold is as great a threat to the nefarious interests of the state as guns are!
Why?  Because the United States and governments across the globe are increasingly turning to private wealth confiscation in order to manage their massive debts and maintain their power structure.  Throughout America, police seize cash from innocent citizens without ever charging them with a crime. Bankers conspire with the IRS to seize the accounts of innocent citizens with no notification, no court order, and no charge of crimes.  The IMF proposes global wealth confiscation as a means of funding bankrupt governments.  And Congress passes controversial new laws to make your savings & retirement a prime target for confiscation.

So with our desperate government gaining unprecedented access to your personal savings anywhere in the world, naturally the government’s interests are threatened by the one thing that takes your money out of the digital financial system and beyond government control:  And that’s gold & silver.  Gold & silver are the ONE asset class this sits outside the financial system and is completely secure from government confiscation and global economic collapse.  So when you keep some of your savings & retirement in physical gold & silver, you keep it out of government reach.
The Time to Act is Now
Gold & silver have been the best wealth protectors for over 5,000 years and have survived every government & currency collapse in history.  But now the government threatens your ability to access gold & silver at a time in history when you most need it -- a time when governments are going bankrupt and global banks teeter on the edge of total collapse.  So the time to act is now.  Protect your savings & retirement with physical gold & silver while you can still get it... before you have nothing left to protect. (Call 800-226-8106 to receive your free copy of Damon Geller's popular book, "Defend Your Money against Gov't Confiscation," or see below)