Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Dollar Will Fail.

Tom's Journal.

Oh, Man,  there are so many interesting things to talk about today, in my personal 'trick bag !'   And when you all wonder how to keep up or what to do.... smart men have told me that the "Cream always comes to the top."   Again [and again], it's ALL ABOUT PRIORITIES, folks !  And ain't it the truth ? ! ? 

As I have repeated on this humble blog so many times, 'There will be very few who will come out of this next disaster unscathed, unharmed, dear friends, and I see myself as one of the many wounded, economically.  I should not be mentioning this,  but I just got some very bad news today from our 'Tax Preparers', that the old house in WI., that I got rid off last year is coming back home to BITE ME, according to the IRS, and it all sounds so very stupid, crooked, totally ILLEGAL, and defies all conventional wisdom ! !  Long story, but the IRS says that the house that I let go back to the Mortgage company left me with [supposedly] more money that "I could have spent" minus the usual house payments, and so they say I owe them about $7K  !!!   So my goose is cooked, and the wolves already ate it.    Well,  I always believed that the IRS was shamefully crooked and illegal,  but now I have first hand proof !   Now I wish more than ever that the RAPTURE would come sooner rather than latter.  Our Father in heaven also knows that we, or most of us are suffering, being raped by our own Gov't, unless  you are on Welfare, on the take....   but that 'dream' will fail too, some day soon.   Because after the American Dollar fails,  those so-called, "Welfare folks" won't get their 'benefits' either, and will riot in the streets, and will then get shipped to the various FEMA camps that are already set up and staffed all over the USA,  while Obama flies off to some island or Socialist, or Islamic country, where his wife will have to ware those fancy black garments from head to foot...  and that will be pure justice, IMHO.   HA!   And then, there is PLENTY of room in Hell.  So, universally,  'What goes around --- comes around.'   The KJV Bible says, that we 'reap what we sow.' 

The article below is really only 'half the answer'  good people.  I believe that it's only a short,  "stop gap" between right now:  April 2nd, 2015  ---- and the Rapture.   After that things will again only get worse with the Great Tribulation.   So, go pick your worst nightmare and try to work out some kind of human resolution, and see how far you get.   When ever you put any of YOUR faith and trust in the efforts of human hands --- it's only a temporary fix, at best,  just a band aid.    And yet, the majority of human kind will do anything to exclude God out of the picture.   Why?  Because they are:  1.  Too prideful.   2.  They don't want to be accountable to anyone in the universe.  3.  We  are so chocked full of inherent  Sin nature that we literally stink to high heaven.   Our very best before God almighty is but like filthy rags to Him, yet we are all, mostly, so vain glorious and prideful.  
      When I close friends hear me 'brag', they all know it is just B.S. [Berry Sap]... lol.   Hey,  I know exactly whom and what I am, a big, old sinner man.   And I know that I have to account for every mistake and sin I do, before my Judge....  and  you have all heard me say this before, perhaps too many times.

Well,  I guess, if all I say is true, many people will have to take one of several tacks, as a ship plows thru the sea.   People will say, in a 'defeatist sort of way,'  I am going to suffer, be poor, and die, anyway, so why not 'Party Hearty today', for tomorrow we shall die.'  Ha!  The Bible even talks about that failed philosophy, going way back to the ancient Greeks.  They were supposed to be the 'GREAT Philosophers' of that day and age.   And today we have the same kind of people who say, "eat, drink and be merry !"   Others believe in storing up lots of cash, silver, gold, and real estate property,  but everyone dies, and in THIS day and age, we are surely living in the 'Last Days' when Jesus will b e coming back to take/ collect His Saints to a 'Safe Place' called heaven, while His fury changed the face of the Earth in ways that are sure to make most men 'water their knees' and produce heart attacks !    
       I can no longer rely on my own strength because I am too disabled, and surely not rich.   And even if I could,  'no man is an island'--- and we need to trust in The Great God of the KJV Bible,  His Holy Spirit, and the Son, Jesus, for salvation.   But, you've all heard this before, right ?   Then why are not YOU fine people writing a blog like this?

I do not celebrate "Easter."   But I do celebrate the Resurrection of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, am very joyful, and wish the best to all my great readers, and fellow Christians !!

Best Regards,

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Thursday, April 02, 2015 
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2 Failed U.S. Currencies Reveal this Simple Truth for Owning Gold

America's Ugly Money Secrets Revealed...more

America's Ugly Money Secrets Revealed... 2 Colossal Failures Point to a Dark and Disturbing Future... Is the U.S. Dollar Next in Line for the Dustbin of History?
From the moment a new fiat currency is created, the countdown to its death begins. This is because fiat currencies are usually manipulated until they are no longer worth anything. Eventually, all fiat currencies go to zero.
History is littered with the worthless paper of dead currencies. At least 590 different currencies have died in recent history – the majority of which have died within the last 150 years.
The two most common reasons for the death of currencies: hyperinflation and war. Of course, to pay for the costs of war, governments inflate the currency into oblivion. So even "war" is synonymous with "hyperinflation."
America Is No Stranger to Failed Currencies
FACT: At least two currencies have already died right here in America.
The first, of course, was the Continental currency. This was a paper currency created to help fund the Revolutionary War. Continentals lasted only 6 years. Too many were printed and they quickly became worthless.
In the wake of this economic destruction, two things happened: (1) "Not worth a Continental" became a popular saying, and (2) The founding fathers included the gold and silver clause in the Constitution of the United States to prevent future currency failures.
Unfortunately, this clause did not stop politicians from creating fiat currencies anyway. When President Lincoln needed money to pay for the Civil War, he fired up the presses and started printing "greenbacks."
From the moment the greenbacks were printed in 1862, they began to lose value. Just two years later, gold had risen by 158%more than two and half times – compared to the greenback.
Continentals, Greenbacks... Now Dollars?
Have we learned anything from history? Hardly. Since 1971 when Nixon abandoned the gold standard, the U.S. has been playing dice with TRILLIONS of dollars in unbacked paper currency. And the stakes are higher than they've ever been before.
Yes, the current iteration of the dollar has lasted longer than its predecessors. But how much longer can it really last? Consider these frightening facts:
  • The top 5 "too big to fail" banks in the U.S. collectively hold $279 trillion in risky derivatives, which could implode at any time. For perspective, the U.S. national debt is "only" $18 trillion. If the derivatives bubble pops (as it must), it will trigger a sudden and cataclysmic financial collapse.
  • Recently, the dollar has been rising in value compared to other currencies. On the surface, this might sound like positive news. But the last time the dollar had a big run-up against other currencies, it was mid-2008. The biggest recession since 1929 followed.
  • The Federal Reserve is now stuck between a rock and a hard place. They can't raise interest rates without collapsing the economy. Their only possible course of action: Keep QE turned on until dollars become worthless. Either way, it will lead to economic collapse. Peter Schiff says, "The real move of the dollar is going to be a crash."
No matter what metric you use, the U.S. dollar – and, by extension, the U.S. economy – is headed for unprecedented economic challenges. And do you really want to be caught holding the bag when the jig is up?
Look: Whenever there is financial uncertainty, it's good to be holding gold. The early American colonists knew this. That's why the Constitution prohibited the states from issuing bills of credit (notes) or making "any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts."
The dollar's days are numbered. Act NOW to protect your wealth.
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