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Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
     I hope to contribute my '2 cents' worth by posting this web site of the people that also make/ publish DEFINED KJV Bibles....  []... hope I am correct in that statement.   I figure that if a Christian entity talks about Jade Helm in TX, it MUST BE TRUE !   Serious Bible Believers and Publishers ought to be trusted, IMHO. 

Now,  I am just guessing, but also using logic, that an EMP attack is very possible against the USA, because our sanctions are honestly hurting the Russian economy, albeit there are many other factors included...  and with our super, WEAK impostor in the WH, the Russian head of state grows stronger and more aggressive.    The Bible speaks of the "King of the North, and the King of the South."   I am just one old, disabled man, but perhaps I can help to Save a few people and draw them to Christ before the big storm, even by posting stuff like this today.    Anything is possible, in my opinion, of how things go down in the near future.... as I have been doing some reading and research about the EMP devices that Russia has, and their "dry runs" near all of our directional borders with their heavy bombers.   Since Obama already pulled most of the Military's teeth by now by design, we are weak, frail and unready, from my point of view.  Not like the great, super fine Army that I served in the 1960's and 70's !   We were a kick-butt, heart breaker and life takers group of well trained and disciplined Military !  Now, I am in God's Army under Jesus Christ, still well trained and eager to serve!     Even as some people [ever so close to me] remind me every day 'what a big sinner I am....',  Satan has inspired Women's Lib, and too many women turned aggressive and belligerent, sorry to say.   But a close friend of mine tells me that so many brothers have the same spiritual fight, and they get worn down, and somewhat discouraged....  so we need strength and prayers too.  

If a few EMP's were detonated above the USA, it would certainly set us back into the 1800's world, with the horse and buggy scene.   And if that happened, I am thinking that our Lord might Rapture us up BEFORE that horrible business!    But that is ONLY A GUESS at best, as a pitiful human seeking God's kindness and approval, one way or another.   Just my personal thoughts.   But what this all boils down to is:   We are living in the latter part of the 'End Times' scenario, and we ought to be ready for anything ! !   I cannot help it if "Lot's wife" didn't listen to her husband and the Lord, with her 'Independent spirit' of disobedience, and I am sure the same will happen in the near future.   Hey,  Satan is working over time, and some women are just plain silly and too independent for their own good, always fighting and contending for the 'headship' in the family unit !  What a shame when women get together and talk about how they control their husbands and play mean tricks on them.   Maybe they would be happier if they were completely on their own, or had a heathen hubby...    Ponder on this, please, and do the Lord's will.   Husband,  continue to love your wives and care for them as best you can, and pray often.

Warm Regards,


                          SENDING #2
Why Not Look At Many Of The LINKS From Dr. Scott Johnson For June 9, 2015.  Serious Things Are Happening In Our USA And In The World That We Should Be Aware Of.  Here Are Some More Of Those Things To Look Into.  (DAW)

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Dr. Scott Johnson

End Time Current Events: 6-9-15

3,700 illegal criminal immigrants released on to streets...
'Worst of worst'...

Illegal Alien gets law license...
Number who believe immigrants are draining country on rise...
Obama Says About His Illegal Alien Amnesty: ‘The Law Is on Our Side’
SHERIFF JOE STRIKES BACK: Dems using illegals for votes...
Alleges 99% of drug traffickers are aliens...

25,098,000 Foreign-Born Now Employed in USA...
92,986,000 Americans Not In Workforce...
6,652,000: More Americans Working Part-Time, But Not by Choice...
In quake-struck Nepal, traffickers offer to buy children for $500 each

Muslim Male Hacks His Wife Into Pieces With Axe in Leicester, England
Hamas Launches Third Unprovoked Missile Attack Against Israel From Gaza Within 10 Days – Israel Responds
Senator Graham to reintroduce Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act in U.S. Senate!
Sent: Friday, June 05, 2015 11:04 AM

My son Daniel and his wife Cory have been expecting their first child together, a son.  Last night Cory prematurely went into labor at only 28 weeks into her pregnancy, and their son was born - only 2 pounds, and struggling to survive.  Presently the doctors are having difficulty getting the baby stable - not breathing right, low blood pressure, etc.  PLEASE PRAY for the survival and good health of this young lad, named Samuel Clay Adams after his grandfather.
Bro. Sam Adams --Pastor, Independence Baptist Church--Belleview, Florida
From: mdc
Sent: Friday, June 05, 2015
Subject: Prayer Request--5000 End Times Tracts Heading To Big Spring Texas

Hi Scott, I just wanted to ask your listeners to be in prayer about 5000 End Times Tracts ("18 Future Events") that I'm mass mailing to homes in Big Spring Texas. Big Spring is one of the towns that will see part of the Jade Helm "military drills." It is also close to the Midland Walmart that closed down. Pray that God will open many hearts there to receive information like this, especially the gospel, so that many might be saved! The tracts will be sent out Tuesday (6-9-15) at the latest and should get there by the end of the week. God bless you and thank you for your prayers.
TAKE ACTION Sign the petition to FOX Network, urging them to drop plans to air "Lucifer."
Same-Sex Marriage is Not Marriage: Not Now, Not Ever!
Book: How to Prepare for Hard Times and Persecution

From: Pastor Jason Cooley [mailto:   ]
To: Contending for Truth by Dr. Scott Johnson
Subject: [Contending for Truth: ] Gaia Middle School teachers are Witches teaching Crowley MAgic

Hi Brother Scott, This is Pastor Cooley from Northfield Mn. Gaia Charter school was just in the news for taking middle school children to the Smitten Kitten sex shop on a field trip.
The Following is a in depth report we did on the founders and head teacher of the school who is in a group call the PSYCHIC SLUTS. They Practice Crowley Sex Magick and they are teaching these children
Top Anti-Christian Bigotry Stories of the Week
Friday, June 5, 2015
1. FOX Network to air 'Lucifer' - portraying Satan as a good guy
2. NC Gov. vetoes religious objection bill on gay marriage
3. Public records suggest fix was in against Christian bakers
4. Christian leader: Boy Scouts approaching moral collapse

And...from the Anti-Christian Group of the Week:
Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)
GLAAD shows its intolerant side as group sidelines SC football coach
Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney canceled a speaking engagement at a Palmetto Family Council event after GLAAD employed its strongarm bullying tactics.

Fighting Back...and winning!
1. Oklahoma latest state to protect pastors, churches
2. School apologizes for banning Jesus
3. School learns lesson about banning American flag

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