Thursday, July 16, 2015

Is Self Definse OK ?

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
   I am very delighted to post a nice message right now, before I get some sleep.   It's about "Self Defense !"   Even I have had an 'inner conflict' about this matter many times and had a different point of view with other 'Christians.'   Is it not totally illogical to have and hold a woman/ wife, child, or dear friend in love and high regard, and tell them that you care for them ??  And the bible does not speak well of cowards at all.   If I were born a Jew in ancient Israel, I think that I would probably be a Soldier, and fight for the Lord.   Although my Germanic heritage came from a agriculture/ wheat farming clan/ group, they were also expected to fight for their War Lord, King, or Prince.   I have studied Military and History for many years, and so when I first started getting into the Bible,  that was the most pure History ever !  So it was simple and easy for me to become attached, plus my own personal Military back ground...  that I still miss at times.
      But I digress [as usual...   sorry].   I love to study and watch ancient and medieval weapons, traditions, and customs, on TV programs, and military strategy.   But of all the mighty military powers and nations, I believe that Israel had some of the best "Special Forces" Soldiers, however their Father in Heaven won all their battles for them...  if they obeyed Him.  
     You might be surprised to learn that most Soldiers practice and train hard for battle and combat -- that they HOPE will never come,  but they are ready just the same.   And sadly, the American VA system falls far short and mistreats their Disabled, and wounded Veterans !   I know that from my own personal experience and have talked to hundreds of other combat Vets and study the stats.   They are still hurting and avoiding treatment of hurt, ill, injured Soldier, Marines and Navy guy right now, but they sweep things under the rug, until they are discovered, and rarely fire some one.  
       I know one thing,  if I worked like that at AMC/ Chrysler, they would have fired me on the spot !  We had hot/ cold, dangerous, loud, polluted fumes and the spray of lubricants in the air that we breathed, and people were even allowed to smoke on the job -- until just a few years before I retired at age 54, with over 30 years of hard service.  And some goofy, ignorant people say that we were over paid and greedy...  duh.  Shame on them! 
      Back at the ranch,  Self Defense is not only a "right" of every human and certainly Christians,  but it is a DUTY.  Ha!  I am ready to die for my loved ones RIGHT NOW!  My life is soon coming to the end, and if I don't lose a lot of weight I will be dead soon.  I won't let the doctors cut me open, but I need to LEARN how to eat and what kind of food to eat.  The VA has not given me much help, and my wife has slowed down cooking for us-- especially me, but that is my problem, I guess.  So I eat a lot of baloney sandwiches lately and hot pickled Jalapeño peppers.
     With Self Defense, I had studied Judo and Kung Fu  while serving in Vietnam: 68-70, and am proficient with most fire arms, and edged weapons.  I teach people how to accurately throw knives and tomahawks too.   I also carve scriptures from the bible into wood and give them away.  
      But if the time comes to be somehow overpowered by a superior and legal force for my biblical believes, let them kill me, and send me home to be with my Lord and Savior ! !   Actually, being beheaded with a sharp sword would be a quick way to go, and merciful....  but not like the savage, heathen Islamic folks like to bring as much pain, humiliation and suffering to their captives as possible.  All false religion will be completely and totally CRUSHED by the Lord, and most Bible loving Christians believe that time to be SOON !!   And I pray that all Catholics STUDY their bibles hard right now and see for themselves that the current Pope is deviating from divine Scripture !  He is a Socialist, and I think a buddy of Obama !  This is my own personal opinion,  and I do not want to insult the good Catholic people, many of whole are my friends and relatives.   Just let the bible be your guide, dear friends.   Please...  Just read what Paul sent to Timothy @:  First Timothy, Chapter 4, verses 1 thru 5:   "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seductive spirits, and DOCTINES OF DEVILS,  Speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their conscience seared with the hot iron,  Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth."    Etc, Etc.  --- 1st Tim. 4: 1-4.   The two books to Timothy are very important with true doctrines.   Of course...
    I would encourage most heads of the house who do not have any felonies in their past/ back ground, to take their State Concealed Carry permit class, for about $100. and learn the correct, SAFE way to handle a fire arm, if they so choose.  And only draw that weapon when their and their family are threated.  Teach your kids never to handle the guns, until they are old enough and legal enough to understand what God has said about the sanctity of Life and how precious it is.   Fighting and shooting are the last resort, IMHO.   And I had better have a real,  dangerous,   life and death issue in front of me before I point any fire arm at someone. 
   When we all get to heaven we won't ever need guns again.   PTL.

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Is Self Defense OK?

Q. I am currently taking a course in self defense.  Unfortunately this has set up a conflict in my mind regarding the violence required in some situations (some to protect others) and what I understand to be the teachings of Christ.  Give me some guidance here regarding these matters.
A. I think you’ve been subjected to some incorrect teaching.  There’s nothing in the Lord’s teaching that forbids defending oneself or those we’ve sworn to protect.
When Jesus said to turn the other cheek in Matt. 5:39 He was in the middle of a passage explaining the kind of behavior it would take to earn one’s own way into the Kingdom.  These were not instructions for everyday living as some have been taught, but a way to become perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect (Matt. 5:48).
And when Jesus told Peter to put his sword away because all who draw the sword will die by the sword (Matt. 26:52) He was warning Peter that he was about to single handedly take on an entire contingent of trained professional solders and

The Iran "Deal."

Tom's Journal.

     I did not fully understand the far reaching results and reasons why the weasel in the WH pushed this latest 'deal' with Iran !  It was all about blackmailing ISRAEL !   The Iranians have historically never kept their word and are treacherous and mean spirited, IMHO.   And BTW, women and Gays would never fare well in that backward country.  Slavery still exists too.   They threaten Israel with death all the time, and America is called the "Big Satan."  Inspections of suspected nuclear areas can only be inspected after a 21 day warning, so they can move all the machinery and underground factories, etc.   The congress is also controlled with blackmail, threats and arm twisting, and we all know about the SCOTUS being in the pocket of the 'dog pile in the WH.'   Sorry to be so graphic,  but I do get excited when things are 'in my face.'  

Back on the home front,  I plan to drive a few miles to the Iron Mountain VAMC [hospital] to have my left ankle cleaned and re-wrapped [AGAIN].   I thought 'my way' of just letting it heal by itself, and fresh air and sunlight was working to heal it better,  but now the scab fell off with an open wound again, and I am afraid of infection setting in... and toxic shock syndrome like before, that almost killed me, if it were not for the fast thinking of my pretty wife, Terri.   She is very smart in many things, and en expert remodeling gal, a horticulture expert, and our back yard looks like a  paradise garden with all of her handiwork !   But things are right here lately after dealing with the IRS that is penalizing me because of the 'sale of my old house in Union
Grove, WI.   The was foolish of me to just let it go and lose it in the end, and I should have kept that property, as a 'safety net' of sorts.   I could kick myself for listening to 2 people's 'advice.'   But it water over the bridge now...  
      I am preparing for 'the storm' said to be coming in October,  but putting 100% of my Faith and Trust in Jesus Christ.   However, the Proverbs encourage us to save some money and goods for a 'rainy day' or a sudden adversity or disaster.   Other wise, Murphy's Law tells us that the money we should have invested WILL BE SPENT OF OTHER STUFF THAT ARE NOT SO IMPORTANT... AND WE would be poor stewards of our income and substance.   I always believed in some savings and investments just for that very reason.   And the church needs donations for the upkeep of the buildings and meeting place.

Warm Regards,