Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Letter from a new Friend.

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Hi Friends:
     As I mentioned before, my wife and I made the time to visit a near by town South of Iron Mountain, MI  49801, in the Great U.P. of MI., and met some great, valuable contacts, especially the important,  "Vet Center" in Escanaba, MI., but also a nice guy named, Dennis, and his son Isaac, who took a few pix and perhaps someone else made a short video tape of me and the Army Huey "H" model helicopter at the "Moving Vietnam Memorial Wall,"  last Saturday.   My wife doesn't like the picture of her, but I think it's fine, and mine too.   I am age 66, and 'been through a war... lol.'   Hey,  we don't stay young and handsome all our lives....  Smile!  

I have been to visit the original "Wall" in D.C. about 4 times, and it always stirs up emotions and sober thoughts in me, some of the people on that Wall were friends of mine,  but I was spared an early death over in that pagan land in a terrible hostility that I lived in:  68-70.  
      Some ignorant civilians used to tell me:  "Tom,  that war ended over 40 years ago, so why don't you JUST FORGET ABOUT IT ??"   How can I explain something like war and intense battle to ignorant people who are so myopic...  duh ?   It's like a mother trying to explain child birth to a MAN....  duh !     Perhaps there are some things in life that are best described only as someone had to endure or experience it in person,  I guess.   Sorry, I am at a loss for words at this point.  
     Another pet peeve [strong disagreement.... something that gets under my hide...] is that too many 'church folks' who are too lazy or goofy to read their KJV Bibles accuse some of us who love to study God's Word,  that WE have memorized many scriptures [and that takes hard work and time!],   but that WE don't really have that information in our HEARTS !    One of my cool answers is:  "Attending church all the time no more makes a person a real Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes you an auto mechanic !"   How in the heck can another human being presume to 'see inside MY heart' and somehow Judge ME, HUH ???   Actually,  if a person says that he/ she loves Jesus Christ and tries to do what's right according to the bible,  we ought to take their word for it.   We are not Judges of our fellow Christian brothers and sisters!   But...  if we personally see another brother or sister robbing, murdering, raping, lying and causing mayhem, and  big trouble....  well,  that is a different story.    We should then approach that person, according to Matthew 18, and talk to them...  reason with them according to the scriptures.  Our God is a God of Order, not disorder, and He wants His people to be orderly and gentle too.  But then again, we do have the divine Right to defend hearth, home and family.  

Again,   many people THINK that they can somehow turn America around again and gain God's favor as before ----  but the Bible says otherwise.  For that reason, I laugh at the smoke screen of political parties again lying to the people, when our main hope ought to be in Jesus Christ, and the soon coming Rapture.

I want to thank Dennis and his fine son, Isaac, for the nice, kind letter and pix of us on that classic UH-H Huey helicopter, and his friendship, and I hope we can get together again for dinner and good fellowship/  talk.   We also got a  pamphlet on that "Wall" memorial site, etc., that explained what ages those young soldiers were when they got killed in  Vietnam,  and it HIT ME, that most of them were my age, even one man born on my own birthday.... and how God loved me so much so as to Save me from an early death,  but God certainly had a reason for that !   My life was not a total wreck or failure, as I grew in my bible study and witnessed to many other people, and even led some to the Lord, with the help and direction of the Holy Spirit, of course.  God's Spirit gives me ALL my tools, tongue and abilities.  Praise the Lord !  

BTW,  many folks in this country believe that something BIG is about to happen here and all over the world in the months of Sept. and Oct.   So it is high time that people draw very close to Jesus Christ, and read two very important books:  The Gospels:  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John... and the book or Romans !   Don't be, "Left Behind !"   And don't go to heaven alone --- take someone with you !

Warm Regards,


It must of been the Lords doing to put you at the HUEY the same time as my
19 year son. I can't think of a greater impact on him understanding the Vietnam
War than to have a two tour Vietnam door gunner sitting on the HUEY he served
on, willing to talk about his combat experiences (as you know a lot of Vietnam
Vets would say "I don't want to talk about it").

Issac said it was really neat
to have an actual Vietnam war door gunner at the HUEY and likes your story about
the Jesus bolt.

Thanks for your service.
Dennis Pantti

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