Sunday, December 13, 2015

Knife Sharpening, Etc.

Tom's Journal.

This clip is from Judge Jeanine on Fox News.  This was her opening statement this past Saturday night.  

Hello  Friends,
   Does anyone ever get split figure tips in the dry Winter time ?   You can call me the 'Band-Aid Man,'  and it's also hard to type that way.
      I have good friends like Greg, a great Navy man who likes to send me DIY stuff, and survival/ handy man articles,  so today I am passing one on in this post.   Please share this with people who have a "Good Heart" who are morally upright....  not the bad guys !

      I really liked that joke about bringing another Baptist guy with you when you go fishing  [joke] !

Have a great day !

Tom Schuckman

The first article may interest you (knife sharpening)!

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