Thursday, January 14, 2016


Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends:
     I am happy to say that I have branched out, searched, and expanded my horizons, and made a few friends close by and other wise.    I am not so lonely anymore and also feel a bit more secure, stable and HAPPY !   Some one I know U.P. here is not happy with my positive hard won change,  but the H.S. is most responsible for helping me to change my ways and just be happy in my work, and treat people with respect and politeness.     Obviously,  I don't have the power to change water into wine,  but I can and have made a positive difference in other people's lives so that they are more happy now too !   After all,  who wants to hang around a sour puss, or someone who is 'pandering' and trying to put the squeeze on you all the time for cash, or what ever,  even after they tried to HURT you, steal from you, and extort money from  you......   but I am just going to let that go and rely of GOD to deliver JUSTICE in His own due time and place.  
       The world says:   'What goes around --- comes around.'   And the book of Proverbs has many scriptures to support the idea of true Justice,  bad human nature,  crime and punishment, etc.,  and that is why I love the Psalms and Proverbs so much lately.   But they also give me comfort and a good warm fuzzy feeling inside.  They are valuable to me right before bed time, and early in the morning to start my day off right.    Try it --- you will like it !
      I will soon quote some Proverbs that taught me some serious Life's Lessons, lately.

Warm Regards,

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