Thursday, January 14, 2016

Renting from a Friend, in Norway.

Tom's Journal.

Proverbs 17: 17m  "A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born from adversity."   Ain't it the truth !!

      "A man that hath friends just shew [show] himself friendly:   and there is a friend sticketh closer than a brother."   ----Proverbs 18: 24.

Hi Folks, Friends and Readers,
     Sometimes we find out these pearls of wisdom in the book of Psalms and Proverbs late in life, and many times when you are down and out, even homeless and poor !!    That is a very hard way to realize the sum total of Life,  when you lose a job, lose a loved one, and so on.    It is THEN that you find out who your real friends are,  and when you are far away from supporting relatives, friends,   and your so-called "wife" kicks you out on the cold, Winter Street, in the FROZEN TUNDRA, of the U.P. [Upper Peninsula of Michigan],  3 days before Christmas,  you start praying so hard that tears run down your cheeks.   Blessed is that individual whose prayers ARE answered, and a few Patriots gather to make an 'iron ring' around that Disabled Combat Veteran, and shelter him.    And the real truth eventually comes out how his greedy, selfish "wife" has betrayed him,  ONLY  after she has stole many of his valuable possessions and even extorted money, etc., out of him.....    Hey!   God will Judge the Wicked and the true servants of His only begotten Son,  Jesus, in due time....   but we the innocent, will also be Judged at the "Bema Seat."   A few of us U.P. here believe that God sent a close, noble, loyal FRIEND, called Tim, to offer his old, huge house to me as a place to rest, and RENT, so I agreed, and now I have a chance to rest my weary head, catch my breath, and plan the next phase of my life,  paying my debt and getting back on my feet, and meeting many people along the way.   PTL,  And Thank You, Tim, for helping me out....  even though we are indeed helping each other.   An Old German proverb..... "When one helps another ---  both are strong !"   And,  "Iron sharpens Iron."   ----Proverbs 27: 17.   How very true that is !   Smile !
         I guess that too many of you may be getting tired of this saying....  "Attending some church in your area no more makes you a 'Christian' ---  than standing in a garage makes you an Auto Mechanic...  or a car !!"  Ha!   It is a  fact  ---that if  you indeed have the Holy Spirit in you, along with the content of your pure, repenting   HEART, is what makes you a Christian !   So....   if you claim to have the H.S. [Holy Spirit] in your heart and body,  you would exhibit the Fruits of the Spirit found at Galatians 5: 22,   'Love, Joy, Peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, Temperance.'   Do you show these fine qualities towards your husband or wife ??    Or do you sleep on the couch for years at a time, refuse the "marital Due,  refuse to cook the spouse's meal for months on end and treat him like trash....   while going to church all the time and putting on your,  "Church Face" and being a goody- goody toward every one else,  and volunteering for every duty that comes up at church, and helping your girl friends,  but NEVER having any time for your spouse....  cannot even sit down and face him / her for five whole minutes and actually LISTEN to him !    I am ONLY writing this to show that there are TWO sides of the story,  and although I am a big, nasty SINNER MAN, deserving of hell,   I did NOT deserve to b e kicked out of HER house in the Winter, with barely the clothes on my back --- and with no where to go !!      By the Grace of God,  I managed to find a motel where I stayed for a week and a half  $$$$, with low cash and barely any money left on my 3 Credit Cards, and I "fasted" for the first 7 days,  to not only lose weight,  but also to punish myself for what ever it was that she kicked my 66 year old, DISABLED butt OUT,  with COPD,  PTSD, hard to walk or stand on my feet for any length of time,   on the cold streets of Iron Mtn., MI.....  Brrrrrrr !   Well,  my aged Mom, in Burlington, WI {Chocolate Town,  USA} has dementia, and Alsziemers disease ... needs to see me more often, plus all my friends and other relatives would benefit from my staying closer in their older years, perhaps.
        Well,  my brother must have also been "shorted in many ways."  He is a great, skilled Welder, State certified, and a hard, consistent worker all his life,  but also belligerent and offensive,  never having or willing to acquire "People Skills" or communications skills,  barely able to read and write,   and his house really needs a top to bottom CLEANING, Sanitizing job,   from all the dog, cat,  hair and dust that is thick all over his house,  in most areas...  sorry.   I stayed over there for ONE NIGHT and I woke up so itchy all over, and panicky, from dog and cat dander, pee,  animal hair all over, that I checked right into a motel to shower off all the barnacles, to stop the itching !!   Perhaps I was allergic to cats....  and   I will NEVER stay there again...  Ha!     I have tried to mend fences with him many times,   but we all have relatives like him,  grumpy, ignorant, and hostile, hard to get along with,  some who hates God and the Bible...,  but it's like walking on egg shells, as we are fearful that he/ she might take offense to anything we might say.    I am far from perfect, but the last time I saw my brother....   I thanked GOD that I was not like him,  that he has learned nothing most of his life about a kind, merciful, benevolent Creator, who loved mankind so much that He sacrificed His only begotten Son,  Jesus Christ !!    And remember:   "Give not that which is holy  unto dogs,  neither cast your pearls before swine,  lest they trample them under their feet,  and turn again and rend you."   ---Matthew 7: 6.    The term,  "rend" means:   tear, pull apart, split, or rip us with violence.   And having raised both dogs and pigs,  I well know what sharp teeth a pig has and how they can rip up a man's leg...  and worse !   I don't play with poisonous snake and spiders, either. 
         Again, folks,   I am just clearing the air, setting the record straight, not wanting to air our dirty laundry, as some will say.   I am sure that my ex-spouse will have all of her lies and embellishments prepared to make her side of the story "look good."   And after all,  the Bible says that the ONLY grounds for divorce are ADULTRY, and not that you don't love your spouse anymore !   Duh...
    She "drew First Blood !"   I am not going to give her another chance to hurt me again....  although I tried everything to heal our rift in marriage,  she wanted no part of reconciliation, as even other concerned spiritual people got involved and tried to help us  !!    All she ever wants is more cash money!   Sorry,  I am dead broke, and in deep debt,   trying to pay off all the CC's that she totaled for me in the first place.   She made her bed,  so let her sleep in it.   But she already has a younger, pretty woman renting one of her bedrooms, and it seems like she planned all of that from the get- go !!   Let God deal with her,  as she has already caused me enough damage and hurt.   People will someday learn the Truth of the matter.    This is the first, and the last time I will ever speak about this sad episode in my long life, and very soon I will be FREE,  again !   PTL.

I humbly ask for your prayers and direction, dear friends.   Thanks.

Warm Regards,

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