Sunday, February 7, 2016

Be Safe.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
    Oh, No !!   Here I go again talking NEGATIVE !   Shame on ME !   Sorry, folks,  it just caught  my simple eye, and I thought I would mix this 'news item' in with my Sunday good feelings after church ---  a nice place to meet good people who seem to be sincere....  a  new place for me where I feel SAFE and COMFORTABLE.   But looking at the short article below,  you wouldn't think so.   These "Wonderful, poor migrant people that Obama let in the back gate, going against our natural Laws of the Land, sneaking them thru will only lead to more blood letting and murder!   And for making such claims I will be labeled a dark, nasty, racist, Ultra-Conservative human !  
     Honestly,  I have given up  on Liberal Americans....  sorry.   I have neither the time, energy, patience nor will to warn them anymore.   This particular post is mainly for the Christian Conservatives who still read the bible, at least a little bit, enough to KNOW that God says it's OK to defend and protect yourself and your loved ones ! !  Smile, brothers and sisters in Christ !   You have at least ONE friend in me....   "Terrible Tom."   Ha!  
     I am not here to stir up a war, battle, or separate people,  but I am smart and educated enough to understand [with the help of the H.S. -- the Holy Spirit], that not all religions people  worship the One True God in Heaven, and His personal Name is Jehovah, and His Only begotten Son, is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.   Those on earth who do not confess with their lips, that Jesus is LORD, are doomed to a very dark future, from what the bible plainly says and I believe.   Period.  And yes,  it does take a certain amount of humility to confess and  follow Jesus in this world, dominated by STD [Satan the Devil], that is hell bent to exterminating ALL real Christians --- and it's happening right now,  already !    But the "Media: here in America and Europe SUPPRESS the facts and hide the truth!   What's new, huh?   And the faster you understand and accept that cold, hard fact, the safer you will be.    Places like Russia, unfortunately,   are 'one-up' on us and farther ahead,  because they already know this truth and they take a better, positive caution, and precaution against such animals/ rapists.    I am not saying that I want or intend to move to Russia.   I am merely saying that they seem to have their act together and have more common sense than many of Americans, or Germans, Swedes and Austrians, for that matter,   at this point in time.  Hey,  they are humans too, and want the same freedoms and liberties that most other people want.    I also know that many people in that country like to read my humble blog.... also people in Great Britain and Scandinavia,  Canada,  besides the good old USA,  etc.    THANK ALL OF YOU, for your kind readership,  and I welcome more feed back and email, please:  

I only want to warn the Christian churches that they are a "soft, easy  target for criminals who want to hurt good people to get their devilish jollies and sexual gratification....   sorry to be so blunt and direct.  
      You know friends,  I was raised on a farm and my Dad was in he Navy, and fought the Japanese in Saipan.   One time our farm dog, Duke, got hit by a car and was suffering terribly,  and Dad never used his shotgun,  but brought it out that day and shot the dog, to put it out of it's misery, and the whole family was crying, and then Dad buried the dog.   After they, we never got too attached to our farm animals.   I could go on,  but you get the point for today.   But I also had experiences where a dog, coon, skunks and other animals got Rabies disease and HAD TO BE "put down" --- shot !  For rabid human beings that can only think of killing and raping their fellow man and women,  you will all have to face reality sooner or later.
      What I am saying this morning is:  just stay alert and note that many, mentally ill and crazy, mean people now lurk around here in the good old USA.  Be Prepared.
    Have a great, wonderful, cold, snowy, safe Day ! 

Warm Regards,


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