Monday, May 23, 2016

A Meeting in Bonn, Germany, Right Now.

Tom's Journal.

    Isn't this just too cute !  ?   Go figure:  Our US Congress is either bought off or intimidated to death by some mysterious power on earth... and maybe the power of Satan, too.   Now, as a military man,  I know enough to get me hung, and I am not about to spill all the beans, in my retired years of finally starting to 'get somewhere, and enjoy some suds in the Summer sun.'   I have paid my dues many times over, and even if I have some quirks or a sun baked brain,  I am respected among most of my peers and many others.   And God loves me, too.     Let's just say that one way or another, Bible prophecy WILL/ MUST COME  TRUE ! !   So,   we can 'wonder' all we want and rack our tiny human brains as to 'why this and why that, and how come the Congress and voters don't get with the program.'   The FACT of the matter is, that the Bible never once mentions by any means, way, shape or color:  America, or the USA.  Period.   That can only mean that we will "cease to exist."   Sorry to be so crude, fellows and gentle ladies.   I am truly sorry, too,  because I love it here in America, and been all around the world before I was age, 20 !   Still,  I plan to vote for the one, hope, a Conservative, Christian fellow, with blonde hair, who seems to be a savvy business man, even if he does use some very colorful English....  

I took a nice, lovely, very pretty friend out for a late lunch, and those Mexicans ran out of my favorite hot roasted peppers today !!!  Shame !   But I enjoyed the gentle company of my old friend and she was very kind to me, after a slight shake up, yesterday.... another matter.   I hope that she helps me plant my veggie garden:  tomatoes, cucumbers and Zucchini [Italian squash-- so tasty on the grill, next to my T-bones...]  !    I prefer the larger 'Beef Steak tomatoes,' that are so great in salads and on hamburgers, etc.   Thank You, T.S., for your loving kindness, today.  Bless You.    

Well,  I also got locked out of my rented house today, and the landlord didn't even have the right key, so tomorrow, I will have 3 more house keys made so that NEVER happens to me again !   Ha!   Jeepers !  What will people U.P. here do when a REAL emergencies strikes, or when the SHTF ???   Oh, boy....   OK, I used to be a Boy Scout, and also a 4-H member, but my dad and the Army really taught me to have my gear always at the ready, and to always carry your EDC  tools.   Call me a paranoid, dumb ass,  but I am almost always ready for anything that comes down the pike.   I had too much on my mind today and locked myself out,  but I promise that will never happen again.   I normally have a "triple redundancy."    End of discussion.   

I got plenty of sun today, waiting for my landlord to come open the door for me, and tomorrow it might rain, and that is OK with me.   

Have a great day.

Warm Regards,
Tommy  Schuckman   

As you read this, two things are happening: (1) UN Globalists are meeting in Bonn, Germany to finalize implementation of the UN Climate Change Treaty and (2) Barack Obama is meeting with world leaders in Vietnam to strategize on implementing the climate treaty without Congressional approval.
What Obama is doing is literally surrendering our sovereignty and the United Nations is more than willing to accept!
When the founders wrote the Constitution, they implemented the 2/3 ratification requirement for a reason. It takes 67 Senators to vote in favor of an international trade agreement because the American people should always have a say in whether international treaties become US law.
The UN, for example, cannot force us to abide by one of its laws. Only Congress can ratify an international agreement.
Obama, however, has a different interpretation. He is promising to implement the treaty’s core requirements by executive order and then give away American tax dollars to other countries implementing the treaty!
Thomas Neviaser

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