Sunday, May 29, 2016

Time to 'Make Hay while the Sun Shines.'

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
     Wanted:  Someone to beat me with a stick, preferably a 1/2 inch dowel .... LOL !   I cannot believe that I missed church again, by going back to bed to rest for a half hour before getting dressed properly to drive  to church in Iron Mountain, MI....  duh !   Sometimes I just feel so stupid.  And now, when I am 'on-line' posting something --- the clock seems to do a 'quantum leap' movement, every time I look up at it.   It leaps by a half hour every time I look at it.   Ha!   This is just too much for me, friends.   It seems like time is racing on,  to something much worse than we have now, and the article below might scare you, IF 'Big Brother' doesn't pull it down, censure it sooner than you think.   
     OK, folks,  for the record, I have been duped, misled, before, and got suckered into a few life changing things in my life, made some big mistakes, etc.    But one thing for sure is:   Father God, Jehovah, Yahweh,  YHWH,  up in Heaven, is very much alive, and in control of what happens here on Earth ! !   He loves us and Jesus Christ WILL return, and most real, bible-smart Christians believe --- that will be SOON !   We will stop preaching, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ --- Salvation, when we are taken UP, UP and AWAY, by our Master and Lord.   Period.  
       In the meantime,  we must act responsibly, and pay our bills to the best of our ability.   For many, especially in Venezuvala in South America, that may be very difficult, indeed, when many are starving to death, eating their own dogs and cats, etc ! !    Now how do you define 'starvation' to THIS AMERICAN GENERATION that lives on McDonald's and sugary Coke ?   Think about all the Welfare Generation folks who don't have a job, any skills, any way to earn a living, etc.,  no concept of work or survival.   Their answer??  Riots, and then we WILL HAVE  martial law.   It seems pretty clear to me !   As usual,  I HOPE THAT I AM WRONG.    And now, the people who diligently studied their History, are  becoming people of value/ importance!   And in the same thought -- those Christians who really know and study their Bible !!  

Revelation, Chapter 13  [It's best to just read the entire chapter...],  and verse 4:   And they worshipped the dragon which gave power to the beast."   And verse 16,  "And he causeth all to receive the Mark on their right hand or in their forehead..."    Talking about a One World Gov't, here.  
       But I just happen to think that we are 'so late in the game', right now,  that I think it wise not to go on extensive trips and vacations when the SHTF scenario might come this very Summer, and I really wonder if we will even HAVE an election this Fall.   Sorry to be so blunt and direct.   And the 'spirit of the world' has infested so many people, as they sense some kind of unknown emergency coming.... they know that SOMETHING IS WRONG !   It's hard to live in a "pressure cooker" with Satan breaking up so many marriages and fostering the Liberal Women's Lib 'Liberty Movement.'   So I wonder what my short term future will be.    It's tough to be alone all the time,  but I get the feeling/ vibrations that the Lord doesn't want me to hook up with a non-Believer.   "Do not become unevenly yoked with unbelievers."   Their so-called,  "Freedom and independence," from their husbands and the bible, will prove to be their own undoing...  just like Eve, who was deceived in the Garden of Eden.    And when a woman would rather play with her hand held electronic gadget, playing silly on-line games, like a kid --- rather than have a serious talk about the bible, just for a short 30 minutes,  you've got to wonder what is really in her heart.....  duh.   I don't mean that every has to be a super bible scholar,  but could they not at least know the BASICS of the Gospel ??   And be able to verbalize it, even to share it with others??   But they are into garage sales with a vengeance... lol.    Anything/ Everything BUT the Gospel, and a feeling of Joy, to serve and share the most important thing in the world right now !   Wow!   And just because I admit I am a sinner, doesn't give me license to sin more.... OK, this I do understand.   Proverbs 6: 26,  "For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread:  and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life."   And the 'heart is treacherous....  who can know it?'  --- Jeremiah.   And I have also known women who want their bills paid off, and then dump the poor slob they married, just to jack up her standard of living, pay off her car and fix her stinking house.... just as "Lot's wife" turned around and was made into a 'pillar of salt'  because so many are just misled by the material things of the satanic world of glitter.   And I also know that many bad men abuse women too and then dump them, so they are all guilty.   I am not trying to stir things up, folks.   But as I said before,  we are living in a 'pressure cooker,'  IMHO.   
      I know:   'Life goes on.'   But I just want to admonish the wise.... Be prepared.   Also pray often, and for me,  Tommy Schuckman,  because I truly need all the prayers I can get !  Smile.   I've got so much to 'work on,' too.  
       If I have enough pure, drinking water, I know that I can go without food for a long time.   I have been into fasting -- the safe way, since the mid-70's, and now all my fat will feed me... LOL.   Even so,  I need to lose the weight --- that slows me down these days.   I just feel that Father God is protecting me, and I have to learn to be more happy and joyful, I guess.   Ha!  Don't we know that it's easy to be happy and content when the money is flowing in and you have the world by the ass, so to speak, and everything is going your way.   I felt like that a few times in my life.   But Satan and his hordes of demons are hunting for true Christians to "spoil them" one way or another.... BEFORE the Lord comes back to claim them and 'remove them' from this hostile environment, BEFORE things really get messy.
    Sorry to always sound like a broken record [or a song in your automobile, and then you lose power...].   Maybe I am spoiled too, and eat too high off the hog...

Warm Regards,

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