Friday, June 24, 2016

"Brexit Shocks World Markets !"

Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends!
     For some weird, strange reason,  I am very HAPPY, today !!   Maybe it's that day of  my small time, "vindication".... and,  "I told you so !!" mentality.   Gold really spiked today and silver came up, too.   And just look at our DOW Jones dropping 400 points today!  Wow!   I also am happy to make a new friend, and it's so refreshing to speak the language of the Scriptures to someone who has invested the time and effort, to learn God's Word.  But,  we shall see, and I am just holding back my emotions, so as not to be burned and hurt again....  but so much right now has jumped into my life, plus another sunny day where I intend to get some more sun and grill a few choice pieces of red meat on the Weber grill in the back yard.   I like the privacy and comfort of the walled in back yard, and the trees and Lilac bushes and flowers in June give off their precious scents and smells!   June is a special month to me, as it brings back fond memories from the farm of my youth in S.E. Wisconsin, the Dairy State.    I had to milk cows every single day of my life when I was a teen ager and clean the calf pens with a pitch fork, bale hay, and shovel all kinds of grains and corn, too.   I was a hard life,  but I loved it and always wanted to be a rich farmer.  But my life went in the different direction.  All said and done,  my only real treasure now is that I KNOW THE LORD, JESUS CHRIST, and am Saved !
      Now,  if a person is found to be a liar, cheat, thief, bitter, hateful, and wicked.... can he/ she really be having the Holy Spirit in his/ her life.... and be Saved ? ? ?   As I have always echoed...  "Sitting inside a church every Sunday no more makes you a Christian  --- than standing in a garage makes you a auto mechanic !"   I have left a few churches that became 'dead' to get away from the evil negativity of too many of their congregants,  sorry.   And some pastors mean well and work hard,  but they 'spread themselves too thin' and then sometimes the people that really need him, suffer.   I am not pointing at any particular church,  OK ?   But you can actually "FEEL" the presents of the H.S., IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.   Where the people are joyful, happy, helpful, and kind,  I bet that the Spirit is there, and the pastor does a good job, as best as he can.

Back at the ranch...  let me share the 9th Psalm, verse 17,  "The wicked shall be turned into hell,  and all the nations that forget God."   Well, for the older, more mature, serious people in the USA...  we have lived long enough to see the profound difference between the 1960's, 70's, 80's.... and now,  in our godless, selfish, Socialist Society, with the enemy, Islamic mad men bombing and shooting up civilians in our own country --- while God has been kicked out of our schools, courts, town squares and even churches !!  And the stupid, conniving, evil Democrats and other fools who mistakenly blame guns for the trouble, are so far away from the TRUTH that they stink!!    Guns don't kill people!   People kill people!    And to strip honest, lawful citizens of their guns --- but the enemy can still get any gun they want, any time, through any means [and they will have the money -- from one source or another!!  Backed up by Islamic drug money, or whatever.... the common man in America is always "OUT GUNNED" -- out matched, and LIMITED by the hypocritical, Socialist Congress men and women.... duh, and the honest citizen has nothing to protect himself with !!!   Got it ?   And it about self defense and protection --- not about hunting !   When the gov't gets too big and powerful, and tyrannical,  that is why our Constitution gets us the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS !!     Wake up, the devil is here, and many HONEST AMERICANS  BELIEVE/  think that he sleeps in the WH !  Ha!  OK,  friends, for what it's worth,  Venezuvala is eating dogs, cats, pigeons, and out of toilet paper, with big time RIOTS and starvation, because their godless Socialist experiment didn't work !  You will NOT see this on TV, and for good reason!  The WH controls the 'Media' and they don't want us to put 2 plus 2, together... GET IT ?  

What you see today on the Stock Market is nothing compared to what WILL HAPPEN in the near future.  Bottom line, again.... get right with God and STUDY His Word, the KJV Bible, now.  

Yes,  it's a happy day for me.  'this is the day that the Lord has made, and we can be glad in it.'

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Tom Schuckman, at age 19, in Cu Chi,  RVN [Vietnam]...  68-70.

Here is a pic of me, in 1989,  powerlifter but still a lot to learn and experience.



Heli gunner Tom said...

--from Greg L... IL.
Not many will heed the words you speak as they are too complacent, greedy, corrupt and just plain stupid! But when SHTF the first words ut of their moths will be peas to God for mercy, salvation!

Heli gunner Tom said...

from Larry P, in FL: