Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Great News for the "Blade."

Tom's Journal.

You won't hear much about this country on the 'Lame Stream News...'  --- because the Gov't doesn't want us to be afraid, scared, frightened of what MIGHT happen to the USA.....  but don't worry,  IT WILL ! !

Venezuela is running out of everything: Bread, sugar, toilet paper..

Hi Friends and Readers,
    For some reason I am so happy today.  No,  it's not a 'mood swing thing' as one person loves to paste on me.... LOL.  but I just met a few people who just have that uncanny ability to cheer up and brighten up other peoples' lives, with just an email and a pleasant phone conversation !  PTL.   God answers my prayers, often after I pray at night, in earnest.  Praise the Lord.  
    It's pretty humid and muggy outside today, after a night's rain, and the weeds love to shoot up to the sky,  but it's also that time of the month when God blesses many people with new resources, and I just had a juicy cheese burger and a cold drink, and just met a nice couple there, Christians, and the gentleman was also stationed in a lonely place called,  Cu Chi, RVN,  my first duty station "in-country" in early '68, my first tour with USARV.     So, being in good humor, I paid for their lunch.   Ah.... now I feel better!    But I also made a friend  from a different State who is so cheerful and bubbly that you cannot help feeling better about EVERYTHING after we end our enlightening conversation, also a nice, kind, intelligent Christian human being.   As I said before,  COMMUNICATION is very important to me, and after all the fun and intimacy,  a normal, intelligent man wants to speak to someone with a good head on their shoulder, to share important things, thought and concerns with.    The last few dates and relationships didn't have that important quality, and my last marriage certainly didn't have it either, sorry.    In fact, the whole idea of getting married or having a LTR, is to BE WITH SOME ONE, OFTEN, AND DO THINGS TOGETHER.  Not a lady who is on the road on long, far, road trips that constantly eat up a couple's  resources/  finances and drive up/  max out the  credit cards, every stinking month, and then sleep on the couch, or in another bed room with the door locked for the past 4 years.   And when a woman kicks a man out of HER house  [after he sells his own house in WI.... duh] --with no hope of ever getting back together again,  she damn well KNOWS that the man will "eventually get hungry and seek out some one else to talk with, and be with...."   ---Duh !  that was all planned too.   And I am not trying to open up old wounds, hurt feelings, or stir up trouble.   In fact, I feel very sorry for my part in that unpleasant episode and relationship, and freely admit all of MY faults and failures.  And God will surely deal with ALL OF US on that Judgement Day, as some of us conspired to get rid of a mate, while stretching the truth to make a 'mistake' look creditable.    And the pastor who looks the other way will also have a load of guilt on his anatomy.    God sees everything and everybody !   

  But, let's move on now.    I don't know how much time we all have left, or the exact day, or timing of things,  but we all should at least know the 'Season' when things should start popping !    I am not just thinking  of myself --- but perhaps I can help a few others in the process and put something on the table to help them.    One thing for certain,  my traveling habits have already changed, and I honestly think that all intelligent people ought to carry some EDC  [every day carry] items, for emergencies.   I have already implemented that, today.   More cash, and maybe some 'Metals', some protection and ammo, food, snacks, water, and cold drinks, plus some extra clothes and underwear.    That is my humble opinion.    Clean, moist, wipes, tooth brush, medication,  toilet paper too,  etc.    You good folks all know me by now... Ha!   I even did a little shopping again, today !   I am buying my fav. Bush's Boston Baked Beans, in the larger cans, and that could be a meal in itself, me thinks.  And I am really surprised that another human being recognizes sardines are a viable, healthy, food source !     They will certainly be great for barter, after the SHTF, guys and gals !    And then throw in some brown rice to increase the volume and make the dish spread, and even a can of veggies.    I also love canned pineapple slices, in their own pure juice, in the refrigerator, for a great breakfast !!  
     Anyway,  I am talking to a sweet lady in a different State, and we seem to hit it off very well,  although the distance gives me pause....    But I meet other nice folks on line, and in every day life ALL THE TIME !   I LOVE TO EXPAND MY HORIZONS !!     And so, again, I am praying for the Spirit to give me Wisdom, Discretion,  and Understanding.   Maybe I can find someone who can help me lose the pounds, so I can be more healthy, I pray.   And just maybe the Lord will again lead me to someone who needs my help, as I continue to share the Gospel and lift people up, out of depression and sorrow.   The 'Ministry' of sorts has the primary goal of sharing, teaching, and enlightening others as I also hand them a nice, Bible Tract, to make a difference in their life....  before the Lord comes back to claim His saints and followers.   Visit:   Bible Tracts, Inc.  P.O. Box188.,   Bloomington, IL  61702-0188   ... snail mail... for some free tracts to hand out.    But when someone PLANS and PLOTS with malice in their wicked mind -- to hurt another Christian, or their own spouse, trying to get rid of him after they've   sucked out every last dollar and milked his Chrysler and VA benefits dry as a bone,  they forget that GOD is watching all of this folly, and foul, evil plan ! !  "Because the Lord has been witness between thee and the wife of thy youth, against whom thou hast dealt treacherously, yet is thy companion, and the wife of they covenant ?"   Malachi 2: 14.  KJV Bible    In other words, you DIDN'T HAVE LEGAL NOR SCRIPTURAL GROUNDS TO KICK THAT MAN OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE, AND YOU NEVER DID KEEP YOUR MARRIAGE VOWS FROM THE GET GO !!   I am not your judge, 'woman...'     But,   "Vengeance is mind, saith the Lord.  I will repay."   --- and yes, that IS scripture.   I have personally had just cause to HATE some men -- who killed my only son, Andy T. Schuckman, a tall, handsome gentleman, about age 38, in the prime of his life, in Racine, WI., about 6 years ago,  but I begged the Spirit to allow me to just "let it go, and leave everything in Father God's hands."   And God took that terrible burden off my human shoulders, and I am so thankful !   So, YES,  I have had some very happy robust times in my life, love and joy,  but also some horrible events that took my breath away and laid me low, so that I cried for 2 months straight after I lost my dear wife, Sharon L. Schuckman, and my son, Andy.   God has helped me thru those bad times.  He will also help those who worship Him in Spirit and Truth, in the coming hard times that will shake the world.   NOT THE END OF THE WORLD, as some floosy just hurled at me in the town of IM --- but the end of the world as we know it..... the hard time mentioned in Timothy and Matthew, that lead up to the 'Great Tribulation' and then Armageddon.     Prepare now, and seek God while He may yet be found !   Below:  is a picture of Sharon, my past, deceased wife  >>>>    I grill many good beef steaks for her, but she hated A-1 steak sauce....  but I like it.

I suppose I should be outside catching the sun's rays to make my skin look better/  nicer, more tan, but it's already 2 PM.   Pray also for the great State of Texas, as they are getting flooded right now.   I honestly do not believe in  'Global Warming,' which will be the biggest rip off and lie of the century, and it will help make people and businesses more poor and desperate, for sure.   And Revelation says that when the end comes,  it will be a super big shock to most of the world.  

I hope that my close, loving, relatives in a different State like, enjoy, appreciate the 'Care Package' I just sent them.    I love and care for them so very much, and miss them 'till it hurts.    But where they live, out West, will soon run out of water, as the underground Aquifers are just about drying up, especially in CA., but it will all have a devastating ripple effect on the entire country !!   So much of our daily produce comes from the West Coast, and we will pay thru the nose, after the big drought, lack of water comes.....  And that will happen THIS YEAR, FRIENDS !   Beware, Be Smart, Be Prepared !   I think that it's so important to get into some good, vitamin program and/ or nutrition before the fruits and veggies all dry up and blow away in the wind, folks.   I am working on that now, myself, too.   And yes, I do have a fav. company that deals with this subject.   I might share that with people who actually know how to email me.    But I have found out lately that most people, by and large are just too dang LAZY, and just resign themselves to being poor, not wanting to work harder to rise above the sea of ignorant humanity.    My real, true friends, mostly combat Veterans, are mostly, "Over Achievers" and smart !!   In fact, the people a person surrounds himself with are the sum total of what he/ she is !    And the KJV Bible bears this out many times.   "Do not be misled,  bad associations spoils useful habits."   And if you hang around animals with fleas -- you will also get those fleas.  

Lord,  thank you for another day of life, and all the fine resources you bless me with, and thank you for some new found friends that cheer me up and make me feel so good about life !  In Jesus name.  Amen.

Now,  many folks know that I am also an edged weapons enthusiast, and I also know how to sharpen knives, and how to throw tomahawks and knives, etc.   I learned that from an old, 'Mountain Man,'  many years ago, and also from reading many books.   My od buddy, Steve Brulport, also knows about that subject matter, in AL., and I miss his great company, too.  

And it's about time, IMHO, that SOME States finally got it right with their new registration,  to close down old, goofy, useless, archaic laws on the books, and allow reasonable, law abiding folks to carry knives, for 'every day carry' -- utilitarian use and protection against the new Muslim invaders FREELY infiltrating our borders every day, and the WH allows it to happen, against the Law of our Beautiful Land, America.  Shame !  At least we can now defend ourselves a little better --- when the Islamic scourge tried to decapitate our peaceful citizens in the USA !    If Hillary gets in office -- COUNT on us going back into the Middle Ages, and with out suitable protection, as the U.S. Constitution allows.  Count on it !

I got my Patriot Power Greens today in the mail, too, a great nutritional supplement that you add to your cold water in the morning....  used by many Veterans and Soldiers still on duty, to help them keep up with the younger guys and gals.   Shhhhh !  Secret !

Warm Regards, and Big Army Bear Hugs,


Above is me, tommy Schuckman, at age 19, in Cu Chi, RVN, early 1968, about one month after the big Tet offensive of '68, with my first AR-15 [but we called them M-16's.].   I weighed 160 pounds then and there, and 6 feet tall.  

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Wisconsin - Allows concealed carry of all knives, including auto-open knives (switchblades) and prohibits local laws regarding knives (statewide knife preemption. Caution advised as employers and government buildings may have restrictions.

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New York SB 6483 & AB 9042 - Adds bias toward closure language to switchblade and gravity knife definitions.
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