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Tom's Journal.

Dear Friends,
   Those of you who already KNOW me, understand 'where I am coming from,' which is a cryptic way of saying that I hope you fine people, Patriots, Americans and all others in the world who love Freedom and Father God in Heaven, ought to write some things down and get some of the web sites that I highly recommend,  BEFORE the Gov't takes them all down, please.   I repeat, that I am NOT a paranoid, old, man running around like, the fairy tale character,  "Chicken Little --- and the sky is falling !"   Most combat Veterans can identify with my blog posts, that we are 'not in Kansas' anymore and our very important FREEDOMS THAT WE TAKE FOR GRANTED ARE NOW AT STAKE !!   Once those freedoms are gone,  they are going to STAY GONE !!   And I am reading and getting most of my "juice" and Info/ Intel, from the KJV Bible --God's Word, written on a 5th grade reading level, dear friends.  
       Let me explain some important terms that I think we all need to learn.   'EDC' means:  Ever Day Carry.  When you walk out the door and get into your auto/ car/ truck, Dodge Ram 4 by 4,  please get into the habit of carrying some drinking water, MONEY,  a good knife [like a 'Swiss Army knife']  and maybe a few tools, like a screw driver, Crescent wrench and plyers, just in case something happens.   I carry some wrapped hard candy, etc, also, just in case the 'sermons get tedious,'  lol.   Like Lemon gum drops.   I also put a few Hershey's chocolate bars in the freezer, just in case, someone drops over to visit, and I have something to make them feel welcome and happy, etc.    Actually,  some nice friends found a nice, clean refrigerator and gave it to me about a month ago,  but I am thinking about buying a medium size, chest freezer, to stock up on a few different kinds of meat, etc.    It's not that big of an investment $$$,  but I sure do enjoy and getting good at grilling steaks and veggies on my new Weber grill this Summer !   It makes me feel good inside and happy when I learn new tricks and master a few skills that other friends appreciate when they come over !   
      I also make sure that there is a slight 'redundancy' in my EDC, like 2 sets of keys, so I don't lock myself out of the  house or truck.    I learned that the 'hard way.'  
      Let's just say that I was 'blessed enough' to have a strict, loving father to teach me common sense and his 'Navy ways/ training' to do many things and not forget, and as I frequently mention, the Army taught me tons of special things to help me survive and stay alive in combat, but it all helped me in later life.   I have a young nephew named Joe, who totally understands things like this too.  

Guess what !  The Gov't's  stupid, dangerous plan:  "Fast and Furious" goofy  gun entrapment program that didn't work... that the authorities are now finding some guns were found that that source....  in Phoenix, AZ.,  all the way to the France murders !  Check it all out on one of the posts below.    It would be smart to down load, "Dave Hodges -- The Common Sense Show,"   which is filled with the truth that you will never see on TV !!   It just might change the way you vote in September.   However, if you or your family have been on Gov't Welfare for the past 4 generations,  I already know how you are going to vote....  for the crooked, godless, Dems....  lol.   Just remember, that the day is coming when all the worthless, paper American dollars will dry up and won't be here to pay your bills [for a couple of logical reasons], because the few people in American that still have a job to go to every day, cannot support all the leeches on Welfare who refuse to hold down a job, even though they are young, strong, and fully able to work --- yet they choose to just live off the not so free money from the girl that they made pregnant to start the welfare/ and food stamps money rolling in every month !   Now, the truly DISABLED are a totally different case.    I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran, and have trouble walking to far or too long, also with COPD, acute Arthritis, PTSD, too many frightening bone fractures and a bad back, from working myself to death in caring for my family, including putting in over 30 years at AMC/ Chrysler Corp., in Kenosha, WI.   Yes, I did work all my life, only to burn out a bit early, and retired with FULL benefits at age 54, in the year, 2002,  30.5 years,  but I also worked at many other places and was rarely unemployed....a good, skilled Welder, etc.    PTL -  Praise the Lord !   I am thankful for EVERYTHING I HAVE,  especially the saving Grace and kindness of my heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ.  

And, BTW, the UN will soon control food in America, and use it as a weapon.  Are you prepared ? ? ?
   Please share this post with other, if you think it has merit.
We are going to have perfect, warm, beautiful weather for the next 4 days.  Enjoy !

Warm Regards,


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Whole Foods goes ROGUE… partners with Monsanto to kill GMO labeling across America and replace with fake labeling deception… SENATE VOTE TOMORROW

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Paris terror attack Law Enforcement Sources: Gun Used in Paris Terrorist Attacks Came from Phoenix Judicial Watch is reporting the following: “One of the guns used in the November 13, 2015 Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix, Arizona where the Obama administration allowed criminals to buy thousands of weapons illegally in a deadly and futile […]

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The UN Will Soon Control Food Distribution In America with Devastating Results

By Dave Hodges on Jun 30, 2016 07:14 am
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