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The Difference between being Christian and Muslim.

Tom's Journal.

Good Day, Dear Friends and Readers !
     Some of the new readers here may think I am a big crazy....  but it's fine, accurate, articles like this one, today,  that give me tons of encouragement !   That is because the truths of the Bible are fulfilled and incorporated so neatly in this targeted information !!   My simple analogy for today takes me back to 1989, when the huge company I was working for laid off over 6000 people in one day... Chrysler Corp., including me with my 17.3 years of 'seniority' working in the Welding Dept.   I got into college, a "dream come true," and really tried to apply and learn everything I could to get a skill to earn enough money to support my wife and 3 teen age kids.   It was a very stressful time in my life and I worried a lot.   Long story.   And in one of my classes,  Shop Math, we had a big Work Book that gave us all the answers in the back page,  but the instructor wanted to see how we got that answers !   Well,  the KJV Bible gives us all the right answers, but it doesn't show us HOW everything will "come about !"  And so, for earnest, curious, good, bible students,  we are so excited to see how everything the bible predicts is happening right before our eyes right now... every single day is an eye popping super event !!   I just hope more people take an avid interest in the Bible to "feel the heat" of the fire in the world, and as things get worse every day.... real Christians ought to lift their heads up HIGH...  because they KNOW THAT THEIR SALVATION AND DELIVERANCE IS NEAR ! !   SMILE.
       I guess SOME people think that I just love all the violence, hatred, murders and injustice in the world,  but that is NOT THE CASE!   I am just comparing every day sour, nasty news and corruption, to what the Bible actually predicts.   It just stirs my soul and heart, that I got SOMETHING super important RIGHT in my life ---- of so many mistakes and failings.  But there are so many others just like me, who have found the Lord, love HIM, and follow him.   And it just seems to me that there are many prior combat Veterans who have found the Lord, just like me, and we are 'real brothers, together, and so happy that we are in that right circle.'  
       For, no matter what super active, adventurous life, in war and peace, befell all of us,  we are now secured in that 'Brotherhood of the Lord,' and we KNOW for sure where we are going.   Compared to a frightening world of doubt, fear, anxiety, constant tension and stress,  we are of a different group, and HAPPY !!   So,  now you all know what 'trips my trigger,'  what gives me the strength to hold on, to reach out and touch many, with my humble blog:  TOM'S JOURNAL, and my Bible Tract ministry, etc.   If you wan to know where to get some fine, bible tracts, free,   ask me.

It's a rainy, over cast day, today, but all is well, and I might B.B.Q. some nice pork chops on the grill, outside.   I might also contact my attorney today to discuss an alternate plan of action.   There is nothing important that I NEED to do today, as I am enjoying my retirement, after working so hard all my life,  just like many of YOU !    Let us be happy today, because the Socialism that MIGHT come upon our land, if people don't vote with their brains.  On the other hand, we must all know that God's Will and Plan must be alive and functioning at His exact time.  
       So, one way or another, we will not trust in men and politics,  but in the Book of God, the Almighty, the KJV Bible, and be followers of Jesus Christ.   It's not about 'luck' or 'fate,'  it's about pure agape LOVE, and action.  Do you want to gamble on your life in eternity, one way or another and do nothing??   That's a long time to pay for a stupid, lazy, ignorant mistake, people !   I am going to bet on a SURE THING,  Jesus Christ and all His might and promises.

Have a great day.

Warm Regards,
Tommy   Schuckman

This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'
American police officers targeted, then assassinated. Scores of innocents slaughtered by an Islamic terrorist in a 19-ton truck in Nice, France. The Islamist-leaning Turkish government crushed a military revolt and tightened its grip on the country. The loony leader of North Korea tested a submarine-launched ICBM.

This has been an eventful, stressful, and tragic week in the world. And those are just a handful of the many disasters and catastrophes that have occurred globally in just the last few days.

In America, you can't deny that we are seeing a "war on cops." Sadly, it is being encouraged, if not promoted, from the highest reaches of government.

Most people look at these terrible acts of violence and wonder what we're doing wrong as a society. President Obama and others blame it on guns. But, generally speaking, we have more gun control than ever before.

Maybe we should consider issues of the heart. Our society strips individuals of their hope and dignity, then wonders why they behave like animals.

We murder 700,000 babies in the womb each year, then wonder why our kids don't understand that life is precious.

Most people believe we need to return, as a nation, to the old values of truth, justice, honor, and love. But we can't effectively teach those values to our children if we leave God out of the lesson!

France is reeling from the second mass murder of civilians in its streets in the last seven months. In fact, France teeters on the edge of a civil war because of the massive Islamic cancer it has allowed to develop in the very heart of the country.

The French face the prospect of living permanently in a legal "state of emergency." French President Hollande recently stated that if that occurs, "it would mean that we were no longer a republic with laws which can apply in all circumstances."

Is it any wonder? France has become a spiritual wasteland.

In France, it's the rare individual who ever attends church. Protestants make up less than 3% of the population. Only 27% of the French people say they even believe in God. And more than a third of that 27% are Muslims who don't believe in the God of the Bible, but Allah.

That sounds eerily like a future America if we continue down our current path.

Many members of the mainstream media are trying to make a big deal out of the fact that the terrorist who murdered 84 people in Nice, France last week was not a "devout Muslim." It seems they are relieved, if not happy, that he was an evil person, but not a "radical Muslim."

These clueless people (who, unfortunately, wield enormous power in our world) completely misunderstand the appeal of Muslim terror groups.

Terror groups do not recruit from among the devout. They intentionally look for bad people. They search for those whose lives are so horrible that they know they have no chance of entering "paradise" by observing all of the rules of Islam.

Why? Because Islam offers a "shortcut" to redemption and paradise.

That shortcut is "martyrdom."

That's why radical Islamic terrorist groups recruit from among the most violent and bloodthirsty people in the world. That's why radical Islam is exploding in America's prisons.

It offers a way -- codified in the Koran, the Sura, and the Hadith -- to live a life of evil, but, at the very last moment, guarantee acceptance into "Jannah," or the Muslim version of paradise: Die violently, killing the enemies of Allah.

And for thugs who "believe" but don't "practice" Islam, that shortcut to an eternity of paradise is a powerful incentive to unrestrained violence. And the Hadith promises that that kind of violent death won't even hurt!

Here's the difference between Islam and Christianity: Islam promises eternal paradise for anyone willing to die a horrible death wreaking destruction on the enemies of Allah. Christianity promises eternal paradise for anyone willing to accept the free gift of pardon that Jesus Christ died the horrible death to purchase for us.

I don't believe you have to be a rocket scientist or brain surgeon to figure out which is the better deal!

Last week's attempted coup d'etat in Turkey may prove to be a stroke of good luck for the government of strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It conveniently plays into his attempts to Islamicize the traditionally secular Turkey.

Though initiated by and blamed on the Turkish military (traditionally the guardians of Turkey's secular constitution), Erdogan has taken advantage of the weak coup attempt to strengthen his grip on the nation. He immediately fired 2,700 judges and prosecutors and dismissed more than 15,000 teachers and educators. He revoked the licenses of another 21,000 teachers in private schools, most of whom I'm pretty sure didn't have anything to do with the military's "attempted takeover."

In all, in the first few days following the attempted coup, the government has detained or dismissed more than 60,000 Turks from their jobs or positions. And like all would-be dictators, Erdogan is targeting -- and has previously targeted for elimination -- members of the opposition, journalists, teachers and professors, legal and medical professionals, and high-ranking members of the military.

We'll know more in the coming weeks about the nature of the attempted coup in Turkey, but I won't be surprised if we learn that it was encouraged, if not staged, by Erdogan himself to provide a pretext to seize more control of Turkey's government.

If so, it may permanently entrench Turkey on the path to becoming a full-fledged "Islamic Republic" like Iran.

Finally, in view of the upheaval of just the past week, I want to discuss the "believer's authority in Christ."

We need to fully understand the "authority" we have "in Christ," because the days we are facing are dark and dangerous. We are going to need that authority.

In times like these, we need to know WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE HAVE in Christ Jesus. It will be the key to our survival and victory until He returns to snatch us away from this old world.

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Hal Lindsey

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