Friday, July 8, 2016

The Modern Lie.

Tom's Journal.

  When you know as much as I do and have a 'target' painted on your back  ---  you then understand WHY the Rapture MUST come SOON !   What a rotten, stinking mess the entire world is in right now, and on a pivotal point that will lead to the NWO.  Hey!   I am all for hope to somehow change things using civil disobedience,  but the KJV Bible says it just won't happen that way !!  So my old mantra is still the same:  Learn, study, read the bible often and get close to Jesus where true Salvation stems.


This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'
On this week's edition of "The Hal Lindsey Report," I'll discuss 'The Modern Lie.' Hitler's philosophy was that if you told a big enough lie (one that rational folks wouldn't be foolish enough to devise) and you repeated it often enough, the people would begin to believe it as truth.

We're seeing exactly that strategy at work in the world today. In fact, the conflict that seems to preoccupy the world is predicated on an enormous lie. The mainstream media, the Left, the United Nations, and many governments of the world have either fallen prey to the lie or are actively perpetuating it.

Either way, the conflict it fosters is just as deadly. More ominously, 'The Modern Lie' is rooted in and animated by 'The Everlasting Hatred.'

What is the monstrous lie that much of the world has swallowed hook, line, and sinker? That the modern state of Israel was created when the Jews stole Palestinian cities, land, and houses.

Those claims are patently false.

As we watch our government purposely distance itself from our longtime ally, Israel; as we watch it cozy up to the regimes that are threatening to annihilate the Jewish state; as we watch our President and Secretary of State try to strong-arm the Israelis into national suicide, we have to ask, "How can we be so blind to reality?"

On this week's program, I will present a series of powerful facts that prove the entire Mid-East peace process is based on a gigantic myth. A myth intended to deceive the world into annihilating Israel.

A myth that will eventually lead to the destruction of the nations of the world, because God Himself will defend His people.

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