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Dollar Destruction.

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This Is the Next Major Depopulation Event- Make This Go Viral

If you can hear this, your health is in jeopardy.
If you can hear this, your health is in jeopardy.

I know, I know, you have heard it all before, cell phones are dangerous, blah, blah, blah. This is different and the new technology associated with cell phone towers and cell phones are deadly. This is the next great depopulation event.
On a recent edition of The Common Sense Show, I hosted noted researcher, Virginia Farver, in the second hour of my show on Sunday evening. Virginia has done extensive research into the new generation of cell phone towers and cell phone frequencies and the future health effects are frightening.
Your 4G cellphone will soon become a 5G, which is hundreds of times faster and lethal then 4G. Guest, Virginia Farver, joined Dave to talk about the dangers of the soon-to-be new cellphones and cellphone towers. Broomfield and Ft. Collins, Colorado, want to place a 5G cellphone tower every quarter-mile and no public comment is allowed. These strength levels are deadly over time. No public comment is being taken and the projects are being hidden from the public.


Details are in the video:

Hi  Friends,
     It is my humble opinion, balanced by serious Bible study, also as a History buff,  that God WILL bring in his worshipers, sheep, Believers 'into the fold' so to speak BEFORE the SHTF !   I don't think it much matters what or where a person has been in his former life on earth, or what he/ she has done.  And there is no reason whatsoever for any human being to feel that she/ he has committed an 'unforgiveable sin' that will keep them out of Salvation, Forgiveness or Heaven ! !  If you have read my humble blog posts before, then you know that The Lord God [Jehovah, Yahweh] can and will forgive ANY HUMAN BEING if they confess Jesus Christ as their eternal Lord and Savior.   Period.   But a truly repentant sinner will WANT to learn more about God, His purpose for mankind, the earth, heaven, and Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son.  
       What we have now, folks,  is some very serious 'end times' scary, frightening situations coming up and ready to bite US ALL in the rump, and hurt us !    But Christians are not cowards and we don't run away when facing the enemy nor anything coming down the pike.  Our forefathers came to this country to seek Liberty and Freedom,  to worship their God the way they seemed right.   Are we the offspring any less, or too wimpy to stand up for our rights and freedoms ???   I have fears and anxieties too, but must work them out and depend on the Holy Spirit to direct me and all other Christians.  
      Frankly,  I confess that I am not ready for this soon coming American Dollar failure to come/ happen,  but I have been trying to prepare as best I can, with some stored water and water filters, etc.   I also think that we ought to make close friends that we can trust, so that we can band together and help one another.  And VOTE FOR THE RIGHT MAN to help steer the country to some sort of normality, if that can be done.

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Tom   Schuckman

Jim Willie: Dollar Destruction “Will Send Shock Waves Throughout The U.S.”

Mac Slavo
August 5th, 2016
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The entire house of cards is crumbling, and the empire is more desperate than ever to hold it together.
Jim Willie of tells the X22 Report that the dollar will soon be refused in international trade, and the loss of the dollar’s status will trigger massive shock waves throughout the U.S. and around the globe.
This isn’t just the same old warning about the someday-coming apocalypse. This is stuff that is really happening around the world. Geopolitical events, narcotrafficking and megabank money laundering are all reaching tipping points; the banks are insolvent, and their operators are readying the collapse.
The day will come soon when things will never look the same again. The U.S. we have all known is dying, and the American people will be left in shambles, as desperate to survive as Venezuelans are today.
This is a powerful and eye-opening interview:

Our economic future has never been more bleak. These are serious times indeed.
Let us pray for protection, and prepare everything we’ve got.
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