Friday, August 26, 2016

"Money Market Reform." 10-14-16.

Tom's Journal.

Folks and Prepper Friends,
    I researched a bunch of cool "Trail Mix" bags of good kind of snacks to keep you in energy and alive, when the SHTF time.   Enjoy and share, if you like.   Never forget to bring your KJV Bible with you, too.....   it's 'bullet proof !'

Tom    S

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    Hi  Friends and Readers,
         I TOLD YOU ALL ABOUT THIS A LONG TIME AGO !!    I knew and saw all this coming many moons ago, and you can check my past posts on this humble Blog !  

    Personally, dear friends,  I don't think that there is much time left in our tiny little world to get much more done...  before the  SHTF !
         Beware.....  Be Warned.

    Tommy   Schuckman

    Jesus is Lord.

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    As of October 14, 2016, the Securities Exchange Commission will mandate changes to IRA accounts throughout the U.S. with "Money Market Reform". These changes appear to be a prelude to forced U.S. Government securities (T-Bonds & T-bills) investments by existing retirement accounts. 

    The Vanguard Group and TIAA-CREF, who together manages nearly $5 trillion in assets, recently wrote plan holders that their investment options were now limited to investment in U.S. Government securities and all changes will happen by October 14, 2016.

    They further stated that during times of extreme market volatility that they can temporarily prevent investors from making withdrawals and impose fees. 
    How would you feel if your IRA/401(k) was forced into the same US Government debt that the rest of the world is rejecting?

    At this point it is clear that we are not going to pay off our National Debt and the Government is looking for unique ways to cover the $19.5 Trillion bill! 

    Fortunately, you can still protect yourself from any future threats by moving into physical  Gold & Silver now, that you could quickly take possession of in your IRA/401(k) before your options are further limited.

    GSI Exchange has over 75 years of combined market knowledge and our 100% free Gold & Silver IRA Kit will explain everything you need to know about how to move  your IRA into gold and silver -- from initial account setup to asset delivery.

    Click Here to Claim Your IRA Kit

    Best Regards,

    Anthony Allen Anderson
    Senior Partner, GSI Exchange 

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