Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My New Pal.

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“You Can’t Listen To Your Damn Stock Broker”
Forecaster Warns Of 70% Stock Market Crash And New Great Depression

Hello/  Good Morning,  Friends,
   Another BEAUTIFUL Summer morning in the Upper Peninsula of the State of Michigan, the great Northern Woods/ forest area.  
    Yesterday, I had a very nice "Cleaning Lady" named Heidi, come over to clean my humble hovel, and she has a 'hearing loss' --- also teaches me American Sign Language, so we don't have much trouble getting our communications working well.   I just love learning new things, and Heidi is a very hard worker and does a super fine job making the house clean, scrubbing the floors, laundry, dishes and organizing things for me !!   I highly recommend her to others if they want a good, hard working person with cleaning needs.   If you live in my area,  I will give positive references.   My email:  tschuckman@aol.com   

To change subjects,  it is my personal opinion that Mr. Donald Trump, who is running for the office of President ---USA, is a good, hard working man that I think can HELP America in these last days ! !   But sometimes he goes off like a 'loose cannon,' and "shoots himself in the foot,"  LOL.     IMHO [in my humble opinion]  Mr. Trump needs to think first ---  before he 'fires back' at all those people who daily 'assault him',  verbally.     Other wise,  he gets himself into too much trouble with his friends and enemies.    I think that sometimes when a person is insulted,  it is better to just say  NOTHING, and let people sort it all out, and "consider the source" of where the criticism is coming from.    And yes,  I know that is a hard thing to do.  

The so-called,  "News Media" is totally unfair, crooked, corrupt and big time biased.   So it's important that we all do some 'digging' to uncover the Truth of the matter.   One of the candidates is lying all the time.....   so let her hang herself with her own treacherous lies !

Well,  I now have a pal staying with me to keep me company and also watch/ guard the house !!  He is a pure, fine, well trained Rottweiler male --- Dog,  man's best friend !!     I need to stock up and buy more food for the big boy and also some Milk Bone Dog briskets.    When I sleep,  his better, acute hearing is what I need to make sure that everything that goes 'bump in the night' is friendly, and not foe.   Although I am very blessed to be living in a safe, low crime area of the USA....  PTL !    I think he has  a  good "Dog's Life."    I feed him the best dog food and brush/ clean his beautiful coat, play with him, and make sure he knows he is loved and wanted here.    Some people claim that a good watch dog is better protection than a loaded, .38 Special pistol !   He looks fierce,  but he is a gentle giant, and loves women and children.   {Children emit a scent of potassium from their skin that is pleasing to dogs...}   And when my wife and I got into a mild argument, the dog sensed trouble or conflict and who physically get between us, and 'separate us.'  Don't tell me dogs are dumb, please !   The better, well  trained ones a very smart, protective and "NOBLE BEASTS"  created by our Holy God in heaven, to be great, helpful and fun, companions !
       I might just go outside to get more sunshine on my skin today,  before the snow comes, and take the dog with me,  of course.  Smile.

Warm Regards,
Tom   Schuckman

My Rotty  male,  looks something like this:

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dem nominees and terrorists: Follow the money
Eight years ago on August 5, 2008, Federal Election Commission filings for the Democratic Presidential nominee indicated that he took some $29,500 in illegal campaign contributions from two Palestinians living in the Hamas-controlled Gaza. This information circulated for several days, but WorldNetDaily's Aaron Klein, tracked down the two brothers in the Tal Esaltan area of the Rafah refugee camp. Klein was unable to confirm if they were connected to the terrorist group Hamas, but he did confirm that they were not US citizens and that they contributed beyond the legal limits by any individual to a presidential campaign. Continued digging into the money trail demonstrated a pattern that continues with the current nominee.
The FEC continued investigating the contributions in 2008, but there was nothing ever done about them despite documented incidents of campaign finance violations. A host of accusations ranged from accepting money from non-US citizens for a political campaign; using the Internet for illegal financial solicitations; receiving more than theallowed $2,300 from any individual for any campaign; falsifying records to hide illegal contributors, and so on. The mainstream media gave it virtually no attention. Currently, the Clinton Foundation has received huge sums of Islamic money. This support provides a solid financial base for Hillary Clinton to campaign for president, some call it money laundering.
Connecting the dots in August 2008, there was an ever-increasing case to be made about the support of the radical Islamic world for the future "president's" campaign--and worse yet, his support for radical Islamists. Libyan dictator Moammar Qadafi said that the future "president" is a Muslim who claimed to be a Christian in order to win the US presidency. The future "president" supported his cousin Raila Odinga for Kenya's presidency resulting in a bloody purge of Christians and an agreement with Islam to establish Sharia law upon his victory. His fundraiser Hatem El-Hady once headed an Islamic front charity that was shut down by the US government for raising money for Hamas and other terrorist factions.
The "president's" campaign started in Chicago at the home of unrepentant former head of the Weathermen terrorist group, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn, who was once on the FBI's most wanted list. These are all people who hate America and want to see the Republic replaced with their brand of communism or Islamic fascism. Isaiah 30:9 says, "That this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the Lord." Eight years ago, The Daily Jot covered this. Since then, there has been a terror attack on American soil every year. Today, there is a candidate and running mate with similar ties to terrorism. The funding, the connections, the history are all there. We cannot afford another four years of increased terrorism because of wrong-minded philosophy and "friends" in Islamic nations. 

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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