Wednesday, September 7, 2016

FEMA Threats.

Tom's Journal.

Friends,    I knew this stuff would happen even 20 years ago and told all my friends about it  ! ! !  Very few listened..... Ha!  Oh well....

As of October 14, 2016, the Securities Exchange Commission will mandate changes to IRA accounts throughout the U.S. with "Money Market Reform". These changes appear to be a prelude to forced U.S. Government securities (T-Bonds & T-bills) investments by existing retirement accounts. 

The Vanguard Group and TIAA-CREF, who together manages nearly $5 trillion in assets, recently wrote plan holders that their investment options were now limited to investment in U.S. Government securities and all changes will happen by October 14, 2016.

They further stated that during times of extreme market volatility that they can temporarily prevent investors from making withdrawals and impose fees. 
How would you feel if your IRA/401(k) was forced into the same US Government debt that the rest of the world is rejecting?

At this point it is clear that we are not going to pay off our National Debt and the Government is looking for unique ways to cover the $19.5 Trillion bill! 

Fortunately, you can still protect yourself from any future threats by moving into physical  Gold & Silver now, that you could quickly take possession of in your IRA/401(k) before your options are further limited.

Hi  Friends,
    You know,  so-called, "Mental Illness" can be manipulated by 'modern head doctors' and molded into just about anything that they want to 'morph' or translate now days.    Just like when a person commits a murder, and claims,  "Not guilty by means of temporary insanity."   Duh......   And then the person reverts back to full sanity after he/ she does the evil deed ? ?   Strange.   I don't pretend to know everything about insanity or the mind,  but the bible has some great information about penalties of gross infractions of the Law, starting at Exodus, Chapter 20, verse One.    Few people know that, along with the "10 Commandments" Almighty God gave the Jewish people 300 other laws, equally binding and totally legal !    For example:  If a child ever hit his/ her parents, they could be STONED...  PUT TO DEATH !   So, even if that child wasn't 'right in the head,'  they were certainly accountable for their actions.   And if the parents truly loved that child [above the age of reason],  they would make sure that the child understood the entire Law Covenant !!    BTW, the parents would be required to cast the first stone.... in a stoning of their own child.   And that was actually a law of  "mercy,"   because they could knock the offspring out with a well placed blow to the head so they would not suffer so much, otherwise, outside the city gates in those ancient times.    The Israelites had a "Perfect Law system," given to them by a Perfect God, Jehovah [or Yahweh, YHVH].   IT WAS GIVEN TO AN IMPERFECT PEOPLE.... sinners, to 'magnify' and show them how big of sinners and far away from perfection they were after Adam and Eve, sinned in the Garden of Eden.     We, Christians, are NOT under that Mosaic Law code anymore,  yet many people THINK that if they follow the 10 Commandments and try to be "good" that they MIGHT go to heaven after they die.   That is just wrong thinking.... sorry folks.   Christians are under the "New Covenant Law" given to us from Jesus, Himself !  So all of the "Old Law" was replaced when Jesus expired/ died on the cross at Calvary, 33 years after he was born.  He was raised from the dead after the third day, by His Father and our God.    
       The fact is that Jesus, a perfect man [just like Adam] died a terrible death on the cross --- as an innocent Lamb offering, to free all mankind of all their sins, past, present and future sins---in the sense that when we do die, we know that we are forgiven and the gates of Heaven will be open to all  True Believers -- Christian, who bend knee to Jesus and openly Confess Him.     A Christian is still an imperfect sinner,  but he/ she is a:  "Follower and Imitator of Christ."  ---Webster's definition.   When we finally get to heaven ---- then we shall be PERFECT !   In the mean time, we can all confess our sins to GOD [not a priest or pastor], and they will be forgiven ----THROUGH and only thru  the Son,  Jesus Christ.
     Now,  a real Christian, even as he/ she is yet  a sinner on earth, would NOT go out and murder, rape, rob, plunder, refuse to work if he/ she is able, lie, cheat, etc.   Period.   But if they do,  they will still be forgiven if they are truly sorry,  but they would have to pay the penalty to the law enforcers [Caesar],  down here on earth, weather it be a fine of money, jail, or the death sentence !   See:  Genesis 9: 6,  ---"Whoso sheddeth man's blood,  by man shall his  blood be shed:  for in the image of God made he man."    Just like:  the chances of someone who really loves and obeys God and the Bible, murdering another human being, is hardly likely;  Improbable.   Yet, if something like that happens, and we are repentant of that horrible sin, we can still be forgiven....   but we  have brought shame, reproach upon our own name, the church where we worship, our families, etc.    We all make stupid mistakes,  but I have found that reading and studying the Bible and also rubbing elbows with other Christians really helps me walk a 'straight line.'     Self defense is different, if you or your loved ones are in danger of death or injury by an evil, sadistic, drug crazed person, or a wild beast.   This is also "Common Sense,"  besides, God doesn't want us to be Cowards !!     So, no matter what illegal, stupid, goofy, human  "laws" are passed in any country, like abortion, the Gay agenda OK'd, and many more sins and wickedness  --- we must obey God as ruler, rather than man.   [Says:  Acts 5: 29.].  

     Many people knew about this FEMA thing for a long time now.   I would think that it's a real threat made by a messed up illegally elected so-called,  'President'  ---on a power trip, and our U.S. Congress and Senate do NOTHING ABOUT IT !!   Shame !   Is it any wonder that Jesus will return to earth, SOON, and clean house, after He takes all His servants to a very safe, nice, place ??   He has promised as much.   This is called commonly referred to the Rapture.    Many people laugh, and make fun of this honest happening/ promise !   But just wait until you folks who are "Left Behind" to see their faces when MILLIONS of people just "disappear" some day in the not too long future, before the real SHTF [Spit hits the fan].  
    And really now, friends/ folks,  deep down in our hearts, especially the older Americans KNOW that what we have now in the U.S.A. is nothing like our Gov't SHOULD be !!  'Pay for Play,' corruption right out in the open, lie upon lie, deception, etc.  They must really think that most Americans are just plain STUPID!!   And just wait until our American Currency is totally worthless, and people find out that all their savings and most investments are not going to help them, and they won't have good jobs anymore.   Well, our corrupt Gov't has that all figured out too!   FEMA camps for those who riot in the streets and complain about the HUGE, RIP OFF, and THEFT OF ALL OUR MONEY !!
     I know that I shall suffer too, one way or another.  And so the only hope I have is God.
        Fear Not !   Jesus said that 'we should not fear evil men who can kill the body --- but not the soul !'   --- See:  Matthew 10: 28.

Smart people will can fresh foods, Veggies, Fruit, etc., and collect pure drinking water, IMHO.   If you have not started yet --- PLEASE do so now.... TODAY !!

Here is a picture of my good wife, Sharon, who passed away from heart failure, about 6 years ago in Wisconsin.   I still miss her and my son, Andy, so very much.

Warm  Regards,
Tom  Schuckman
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