Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New FBI Documents--HRC a Crimminal.

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Hello Dear Friends,
    When a person HAS THE HOLY SPIRIT, and reads the bible, having been taught at least the bare, simple facts of life, good and evil,  they know in their heart what a LIE is.   I suppose we could argue for a while, split hairs, hem and haw ---to say that some lies are "little" and others are "big lies."  But the bible points out that even the HEATHEN/ PAGAN people have a basic conscience built into their brain pan !!      Stealing someone's property, wife, horse, etc., and lying about something are just plain WRONG !   I also think that 'all men are liars,' to some extent.   Ask a younger kid if he wants a good whipping with a 1/2 inch wooden dowel.... LOL, and see what he/ she says.   I used a stick on my 3 kids, not because I hated them.....  but because they needed DISCIPLINE [which means:  teaching.]  And after you repeat something a few times,  you 'might have to get their attention with a stick.'   And isn't it beautiful when your dearly beloved children OBEY and progress to a beautiful, gentle, intelligent state of mind, and TURN OUT GOOD ??
         Dang!  It never fails that when I talk about my children, Barb, Andy and Sarah,  my eyes begin to water.... I cry!!  Because I miss them so much, so badly !!   Especially my dear son, Andy T. Schuckman, who was murdered by two savages in Racine, WI., only one month after I lost my dear, lovely wife, Sharon L. Schuckman, from heart disease.    Those two punks are still in prison and they will have to answer to God Almighty, and perhaps, soon.    What a double kick in my gut !   I wished that I could take their place and die in their stead.   And Sharon and Andy loved each other too.   IMHO,  they all grew up to be very smart, responsible,  productive people and made me proud.    Ha!  They all 'took after me....'    Smile.   
     Yes,  my Mom keeps telling me that I had a 'rough life.'   But I disagree with her, saying that I had so much ADVENTURE and total, non-stop ACTION in my long life, and retired well  $$$ !   I had a great Military record and also a great work record, working over 30.5 years at one place.... and working at many other places too during my long 'lay off' when 6000 got laid off from Chrysler in Kenosha, Wisconsin, back in 1989.... for 5-6 years.  But I then had the time to go to college twice and learn a good trade !!   I even tried to write my own book, and also studied writing and other things at college.   I also studied the KJV Bible all the time.    Why??   When we are talking about all of eternity... that is a long time, and I didn't want to go to hell, so I studied up heavy, and finally "found the Lord, Jesus Christ", in 1995 !     Well,  that one act trumps everything else in my life !   Knowing that you are going to heaven some day --- but only because we take advantage of Jesus' blood sacrifice on the cross, once for all mankind.   
     I am happy to say that I recently led a nice lady to Christ [with the help of the Holy Spirit, of course].  

Well, again, it's too bad that I felt that I should write a post on HRC again, to prove that she is a liar.  Ha!  My big mouth might even cost me my LIFE !  

I am also reporting today/ tonight, that SOME financial experts are pointing to the end of Sept 30th, as a 'special day' financially, where our Gov't MIGHT change the sort of currency that we use every day.   But I am NOT betting the next month's Rent on this idea.....    I have seen and heard of many folks saying this and that.   And sometimes they are correct, and many times they are wrong.    I have to be frugal these days, anyway, and live within my means/ income level, retired.   My only wish is that a special friend learns how to cook a special Mexican meal that I love !   I like a few hot spicy peppers with my meal, too.   It's a mixture of 3 kinds of meat, beef, chicken, shrimp and fresh sweet peppers, onions, etc., on a bed of Spanish Rice.    Mmmmmm !  Good !   It's a meal to kill for !  If anyone knows how to cook this dish, please let me know.
   My email:

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

I used to grill many beef steaks when I was married to Sharon [who passed away about 6 years ago.   And this was our back yard with the house that I bought -- all by myself after I retired, in the small country town of Union Grove,  WI.   Sharon never used "A-1 Steak Sauce" -- as she said that it wrecks the meat !   Ha!   I also did a lot of fine carpentry, and Sharon always helped me and was a smart lady!

evidence just keeps piling up. it just defies all reason that anyone would consider voting for her
New FBI Documents Show Hillary Was OBVIOUSLY A Criminal. Here Are The Top 11 Revelations.[]
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
Ben Shapiro
September 2, 2016

On Friday, the FBI released some of its files on the Hillary Clinton email investigation – more specifically, a memorandum summarizing the investigation, as well as the transcript of its interview with Clinton. The information was heavily redacted, but remained shocking and damaging nonetheless. Here are eleven of the top revelations:
1. Hillary Used TONS Of Different Devices. According to the FBI, Hillary used at least 13 mobile devices “associated with her two known phone numbers.” That blows up her original lie that she set up a private server so that she could use one email address and one device.2. Her Aides Destroyed Her Old Blackberrys...Or Lost Them. The FBI report states that Hillary’s aides were tasked with discarding of Hillary’s SIM cards when she’d switch devices – but “[Huma] Abedin and [Monica] Hanley indicated the whereabouts of Clinton’s devices would frequently become unknown once she transitioned to a new device.” According to another aide, he destroyed Hillary’s cellphones by hitting them with a hammer.3. Hillary Told The FBI She Had No Idea How Classified Intelligence Worked. Yes, that’s right – the Most Qualified Candidate In World History™ admitted to the FBI that she had no idea how classification worked. The FBI explained, “Clinton could not give an example of how classification of a document was determined…[she] did not recall receiving any emails she thought should not be on an unclassified system.” She even said that a classified email regarding a drone strike in Pakistan didn’t present a problem: “Clinton stated deliberation over a future drone strike did not give her cause for concern regarding classification.”4. Hillary Hid 17,448 Work Related Emails From The State Department. The FBI reported that they’d “recovered from additional data sources and reviewed approximately 17,448 unique work-related and personal e-mails from Clinton’s tenure.” Hillary has claimed that she turned over all work-related emails and was fully transparent.5. Hillary Wiped Her Email Again After The New York Times Reported Her Private Email Server. According to the FBI, one person interviewed “indicated he believed he had an ‘oh s***’ moment and sometime between March 25-31, 2015, deleted the Clinton archive mailbox from the PRN server and used BleachBit to delete the exported .PST files he had created on the server system containing Clinton’s emails.”6. Hillary Said She Didn’t Think “C” on Emails Meant “Confidential.” Yes, seriously. The FBI reported, “When asked about the e-mail chain containing ‘(C)’ portion markings that State determined to currently contain CONFIDENTIAL information, Clinton stated she did not know what the ‘(C)’ meant at the beginning of the paragraphs and speculated it was referencing paragraphs marked in alphabetical order.” That’s patently insane.7. Hillary Brought Her Blackberry Into A Secure State Department Area. Here’s the FBI again: “State Diplomatic Security Service (DS) instructed Clinton that because her office was in a [Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility], the use of mobile devices in her office was prohibited…Clinton stored her personal BlackBerry in a desk drawer in DS ‘Post 1,’ which was located within the SCIF on Mahogany Row.”8. Hillary Transmitted/Received Top Secret Classified Information. “The 81 classified email chains contained 8 email chains classified TOP SECRET,” according to the FBI, “37 email chains classified SECRET, and 36 email chains classified CONFIDENTIAL at the time they were sent.” So much for her “I never sent or received information marked classified” lie.9. Hillary Put Americans At Risk. According to Catherine Herridge of Fox News, Hillary discussed an undercover asset on her email server, outing him after his death and exposing his family to “grave risk.”10. Hillary Maintained Plausible Deniability By Shielding Herself Via Her Lawyers. She told the FBI that she told her lawyers to provide work-related emails to State, but she “did not participate in the development of the specific process to be used or in discussions of the locations of where her emails might exist.”11. Hillary Clearly Attempted to Avoid Scrutiny. According to an email to Cheryl Mills dated August 30, 2011, State offered Hillary a new Blackberry. They told Hillary that any emails on the device would be subject to Freedom of Information Act requests. The device was never issued to Clinton.

Here’s the bottom line: this is obviously criminal activity. The FBI’s decision not to recommend indictment was a total fraud; they hid behind the fig leaf that she didn’t “intend” to break the law, which was not required by the law. Even so, there is no way in hell that any other human being would be treated with such deference regarding the question of intent. Either 
Hillary Clinton is either the most incompetent woman ever put in charge of a major governmental department, or she’s a criminal. There’s no in-between here. And we’ve been informed she’s the Most Competent Woman In Human History.

Which means
 she should be behind bars, not in the White House.

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