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If we accept Jesus as Savior, can we then sin all we want? ... How shall we who died to sin still live in it?" ... "For by grace you have been saved through faith; ...

Germany Faces Another Banking Collapse; Orders Citizens to “Prepare for National Emergency”

Daisy Luther
September 29th, 2016
The Organic Prepper
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Commerzbank, wikimedia commons
Commerzbank, wikimedia commons
This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at The Organic Prepper.
Editor’s Comment: While it is admirable that the government in Germany has seen fit to give its population advanced notice of what is coming, the fact of the matter is that something very big is happening. This news is only building upon the enormous and very serious problems that Deutsche Bank has been having during the last few months. It holds grave weight in the economic perils that the global banking sector faces, but it is also bigger than that.
The social chaos, the turmoil and the uncertainty about stability in the future is driving anxieties worldwide… how much more pressure can the system take before everything gives way? This is going to happen everywhere, even as certain individual nations or corporations make headlines. Are you prepared for what happens in the aftermath?
Another Nail in Germany’s Economic Coffin: Commerzbank Cuts Out Jobs and Shareholders’ Profits
by Daisy Luther
Hot on the heels of  the Deutsche Bank debacle comes the next nail in Germany’s economic coffin.
Germany’s second largest bank, Commerzbank is planning to cut almost 10,000 jobs over and will stop paying dividends to shareholders. These actions will take place over the next 4 years.
When the news broke about Deutsche Bank collapsing, the German government said it will not assist the ailing bank – however, some have reported that the situation appears so dire that they may have softened.
According to Die Zeit, the German financial sector is in talks with the government to have a rescue plan in place to head off a total collapse of the bank. However, Deutsche Bank and the German Finance Ministry  have denied that the government would be prepared to hold a 25% stake in the bank to prop it up.
“This report is false. The federal government is preparing no rescue plans. There is no reason for such speculation. The bank has said that clearly.” A member of the Finance Ministry said yesterday. (source)
Concerns are rising due to the size of the fine imposed by the U.S. Treasury.
Deutsche Bank is Germany’s biggest lender and is facing a $14bn (£10.8bn; €12.5bn) bill for improper selling of mortgage-backed bonds before the financial crisis of 2008. Many experts don’t feel that they would have to pay the whole fine but say that it is within the rights of the Treasury to insist the fine is paid.  If this happens, there is little doubt that would lead to the total collapse of the bank in its current form.
Germany is in turmoil.
A few short weeks ago, the German government recommended that its citizens prepare for a national emergency by stockpiling food, water, and cash. Was an impending economic collapse the reason why?
This is a nation that isn’t used to having to deal with such things and their hard-line stance during the Greek financial crisis has put them in a position whereby they will look hypocritical if they step in to help a German financial institution when they basically turned their back on Greece. A “bank holiday” left the Greeks with no access to money, and their financial collapse resulted in tens of thousands of Greeks being unable to feed their kids and a skyrocketing suicide rate.
Merkel’s’ open door policy for migrants has also caused some deep divisions with massive gains amongst the far-right who have pledged to cut migration.
The country has been besieged by sexual assaults and a rise in violence over the last few months and one has to ask how long the ‘strongman’ of Europe can keep travelling on its present course.
Of course, astute observers knew something was amiss when Germany announced it was looking at the possibility of re-introducing the draft and had advised German citizens to stock up on food, water, and cash in case the country faced a national emergency.
Europe is teetering on the brink, and although we are thousands of miles away, we must take note of what happens there. Trade and economy are inextricably linked in this age of global connectedness and the ripples are felt around the world when a major economy hits its crisis point.
This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at The Organic Prepper.

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Hello  Friends,
     I guess I am not alone when I say that I feel some apprehension about the future.   I hope I don't get the label of "News Junkie,"  but like most people in the world,  I worked hard to enjoy my retirement so I wouldn't have to WORRY and be ANXIOUS from day to day !   Having the KJV Bible on my computer desk [the Kitchen table], and knowing bible prophecy and History both,  I can 'see the handwriting on the wall.'   
      I realize that, with talking to many other folks, if everything stops, like our steady income --- that 'everyone will be in the same boat.'  But, for some reason,  that just doesn't put my mind at ease.   My only Trump card is that I love and trust God.    Proverbs 3: 5, says,  "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding."   And I pray for trust and faith all the time.  And the Holy Spirit yields many fine fruits:  Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness,  Goodness, etc.   I guess it is because of a troubled past and hard times that I don't want to return to those hard ships anymore, ever !   And, at least I was able to WORK back then,  but retired and disabled now.    "Give us this day, our daily bread,"  is not our number one priority, as Jesus taught us,  but I live in a harsh, cold, Winter climate, where we depend on heat for survival.   I am not too worried about food,  because I know I can "live off my fat."  

I also depend on my friends on the InterNet, and emails, so I would get lonely here all alone by myself....  which is what I have now.   No One !    I once had a great friend in my wife, Sharon L. Schuckman,  but she passed away about 6 years ago, from congestive heart failure,   and I have not found anyone even close to replace her.....   Sad.   
     So, Today, if the Rapture came right now,  I would WELCOME it with open arms !!   If I was more "Able" I would probably get out more often to meet more Christian people.   But now days, most 'ladies' see me for what they can "GET FROM MEN,"  instead of seeing us for what and whom we really are, inside.   People have said that I have a big [and too soft, generous] of a heart....  and I get stung too often.   I have learned one, fact in life.....  that a woman will never kick a man out of her house -- until she has taken his last dollar.   Endurance is what I seek, not chance or "luck."   I know that many times our lives are more like a Chinese road map --- up and down, and of course, no one is perfect.   I have envied those fine people who are nice and steady.   I wish I were one of them.  'The spirit is willing -- but the flesh is weak.'  
     I think that we all need, strength, prayer, and support, right now.

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

My wife that passed away,  Sharon.

September 30th, 2016

The recent rash of terror incidents in the United States is disturbing. With the bombings in New York and New Jersey and the stabbings in a mall in Minnesota, it is clear that terrorist attacks inside the US are on the rise.

I continue to be amused, sometimes amazed, at how anxious our government officials are to declare immediately that none of these events are terrorism, especially Islamic terrorism.

Of course, none of us want them to go off half-cocked and automatically declare any act of violence to be terrorism, but neither do we want them to automatically declare that is is not! Why can't they just wait until they know more information? Why immediately declare that it is not terrorism, then begin walking that back almost immediately?

Obviously, the knee-jerk reaction by those officials is to try to protect the Muslim community from any undue blame. However, the result is that instead of protecting Muslims, they are actually protecting the ideologies of Islam. They're automatically giving a violent and oppressive false religion a walking pass.

Sort of like the FBI granting immunity to suspects or witnesses before they find out what information the suspects or witnesses can offer.

Well, one thing seems certain. Allowing more high-risk individuals into the United States is not the answer.

We've been warning Europe about the possibility of a flood of hardened killers pouring out of the Middle East. Why aren't we heeding our own advice? Instead, the Administration has announced that it is dramatically increasing the number of "refugees" it will accept from the most troubled and ideologically dangerous areas on earth.

Our philosophy used to be that it is better to fight extremists in their homelands than to fight them in ours. Now, we're withdrawing from the fight over there and importing their soldiers here. For reasons known only to the deluded minds of the Washington elite, our new policy is to bring the fight here!

Since this is a fight against terrorism, that means that, increasingly, it will be waged in American shopping malls, churches, schools, sporting events, nuclear power stations, water reservoirs, and office towers. In other words, soft targets on American soil.

And if the past offers any indication, we will not be opening our doors to Christian refugees even though a Christian genocide is raging in several parts of the Middle East and Africa.

Speaking of the Middle East, the Islamic State seems to be losing ground in both Iraq and Syria. The media wants us to believe that Iraqi military successes have been made possible only because of U.S. air attacks. Now, that's certainly an important factor, but air power alone never won a war.

In reality, it's because the Iraqi government's ground forces have been aided by a group of 40 Shia militias. They're like a motley group of posses or lynch mobs in the Old West.

In fact, most of these militias have strong ties to Hezbollah and the Shia terrorist nation of Iran. Further, Iranian general Qassem Soleimani has been instrumental in forming and coordinating these militias. If you remember, Soleimani is the shadowy Iranian al-Quds Forces leader who brokered the deal to bring Russia to the Middle East.

Reuters and other news services are reporting that Iranian combat troops are also operating on the ground inside Iraq. These groups, especially Hezbollah, are contributing to similar success in Syria.

It's true, the land area held by ISIS is shrinking. And even though the U.S. air campaign has been important, the real key has been the involvement of Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah. This may be a case where the cure is worse than the disease!

As a result of their success against ISIS, Russia is becoming a key player in the energy-rich Middle East. Of course, the big winner in the region is Iran. They have used the presence of ISIS to place their military into key positions all around the region.

Just as the Bible predicted for these final days.

Recently, European Union leaders gathered for a summit in Slovakia. It was anything but business as usual.

They discussed the turmoil created by the recent Middle East migration tsunami -- which nations like Germany and France at first welcomed and even encouraged. Then they discussed the possible break-up of the EU with the British exit and the threatened desertion of several other nations.

Some of the old Warsaw Pact nations are forming a separate alliance to resist Brussels' heavy-handedness. Even the Mediterranean members are coalescing to resist the EU's edicts.

Europe today is not united. It is fracturing along predictable lines.

But instead of backing off its draconian demands on its members, the EU's unelected bureaucrat leaders are doubling down. Now they are proposing the creation of an EU Coast Guard to begin patrolling their shores by the end of the year.

They've already proposed a European Army to replace the armed forces of the individual states.

In fact, Jean-Claude Junker, the president of the European Commission, is pushing for a "United States of Europe" by the end of the year, too.

It's amazing to see all of this happening in the light of Bible prophecy. The transfiguration of Europe is taking place before our eyes.

The Bible says that when the dust clears, those that are left will join together into one final superstate -- a new Roman Empire. From the New Rome will come the Antichrist.

Folks, this is no longer just Bible prophecy, this is Bible reality!

Finally, this week I want to continue my recent discussion of "redemption" by briefly considering the day in history that forever altered the relationship between God and man -- the day Jesus died.

With His death, He "paid in full" the Certificate of Debt owed by every man and woman that has lived or ever will live. The only question that now remains is will we accept that free gift of pardon Jesus purchased and God now extends to us?

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I just want to make note of the recent passing of the former Israeli prime minister, president, statesman, and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Shimon Peres. Though he was often an enigmatic character in the unfolding drama of the State of Israel, there is no denying that he was a tremendous influence on those events.

He was the last surviving major player in the birth of the nation of Israel -- God's timeclock in the prophetic scenario. His passing is but another milestone that reminds us that time is marching rapidly toward the culmination of events at the close of this Age of Grace.

Make certain you are ready for what is coming next!

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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