Saturday, September 17, 2016

Real, True, Salvation.

Tom's Journal.

   Here is a 45 minute U-Tube Video about the Rapture.    I think that it's very important that we all understand exactly what the Bible says on a few important subjects -- because we don't want to be guessing or gambling on our eternal future after we die, get killed, or what ever.   And a 2nd life.... an "afterlife" is what will surely happen, except it will be in one of three  PLACES.   Heaven, Earth, or Hell.    Hell is what we really want to avoid --- except that we cannot do it on our own merit or strength.   We need God's Grace, Mercy, and the Holy Spirit, and the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.   If ever we needed to LEARN something important,  this is IT !   I don't want to rest my future or knowledge on some imperfect human's ideas or thoughts....  but on the solid rock of the KJV Bible truth !   I plan to devote this very next week of September, starting tomorrow, to some deep research and study to come to a simple conclusion that I will know well enough to reduce it to writing and post on it.   All your prayers are welcome and accepted.

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

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