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Save our Precious InterNet !

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09/13/2016The Final ActSuicide   [Here is the talk I heard last night !] --- Tom  Schuckman

Good Day, Friends,
   What a great sunny Fall day this morning U.P. here where I live !   But the important move the 'President' has made regarding the InterNet, IMHO, is scary and just plain wrong !  Please access the short Video below and find out why.   I love and enjoy my Freedom here in the USA,  but being a History buff,  I know that a nation/ people can lose everything in one short generation... as President Ron Reagan said.   That is why I felt compelled to post this subject today, and then get busy trying to hang a close line outside, because my gas driven clothes dryer died and I just cannot afford a new one right now $$$, as they run about $800, and I am just renting here for a while.... for about 8 months now !    My, how a man's fortunes can change now days in the blink of an eye.   But I know that I have changed for the better and try to use my brain before I engage my mouth these days.   It's not so hard being a nice guy when you are usually dealing with other 'nice people...'   And,  I am thinking that being alone is not all that bad, either, some of the time.    It gives me time to think about things.
       And yes, God has blessed me with a good memory, as I reminisce about the good old days, and the 'not so good old days.'    I used to stand night time guard duty in Vietnam: 68-70, and for a "Hot, muggy, humid, Tropical country," I could actually see my breath at night --- so it got a bit chilly at times, so surprised I was, at age 19, when I got over there !   And let me depart here for a moment/ change gears, please .... that ALL the good education, mentoring, schooling, fatherly advice that I got prior to my service in RVN [Nam] really helped me so much !!   Pay attention to older, mature, smarter, wiser people !!!   They just might save your life sometime !    And knowing what I know now, about the KJV Bible, etc.,  if God didn't save me from death over there and before,  I would have surely ended up in HELL !   Because I wasn't yet Saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, yet !   In fact,  there are so many times that I escaped death over in Vietnam, flying every day in Helicopters and on the ground, dodging rockets, mortars, bullets, etc., that I painted a 'motto' on the back of my Flight helmet:  "Nine Lives."    Yes,  I am so very thankful that God kept me alive.... PTL  --- Praise the Lord.

Something  great happened to me last night in bed that really gave me encouragement !   I turned from my fav. 'rock n roll music station,' to get something else for a change.   I landed on a good strong wave length, a Christian radio station, and program called, "Night Sound." [shown up above in this post].   And the kind gentleman was talking about the subject of "Suicide," and how the bible and Lord looks upon that subject.   Wow!  That fine Christian man. with a soothing low, deep, voice,   made all the sense in the world, and also used logic and sweet kindness to make his point.   I wish I would have caught the entire message, and prayed that I would remember it the next morning,  today, and I did.   Friends,   I know about depression and Combat PTSD, and how many military people take their lives all the time !   I have had cousins and old friends take their own lives in the past,  and I am NOT their judge,  but it seems a waste to me,  sorry to be so blunt and direct.    If you or anyone you know is thinking or talking about taking their own life --- please contact me fast !   I honestly know what it is to be all alone, lonely, super depressed, feeling sorry about everything in the world, worried, and at the end of my rope -- so to speak.   Write down my email address, please:   And if you email me, I might also give you my cell phone number, too, so we can talk.    Also,  pray to Father God in a mighty way and ask/ beg Him for help right then on the spot !

A few times in my own life,  God put someone in my path to reach out and mentor me, and I so much needed that encouragement right at that dire time !!   I firmly believe that God intervenes at the right time with all of His followers and servants, and He has helped me many times and stopped me from doing something STUPID !   I like to "pay my bills" on time, and had a good up-bringing, IMHO, even though my Dad was a bit harsh with me,  being the 'first-born.'   It was his way, or hit the high way.   All that discipline paid off when I joined the Army and never had too much problem taking orders and obeying commands..... lawful commands.  
     We shall talk more about suicide and that Christian radio station, later.    I just don't want to waste a precious sunny day without catching some healing "Rays" outside, or roasting some of my fav. Italian sausage on the grill, etc.   And I will admit that too many 'rainy days and Mondays get me down.'   That was a nice song by the "Carpenters."

Warm Regards,
Tommy  Schuckman

Posted: 13 Sep 2016 10:08 AM PDT
tedcruzTed Cruz is out with a new ad this afternoon calling on Congress to protect the freedom of the internet by ensuring its governance doesn’t fall into the hands of the UN . . .
Trump Campaign

Poverty Is Exploding! Get Your Money Out of the Bank

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