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Stay Warm this Winter.

Tom's Journal.

Die Liebe zur Wahrheit und eine harte, anspruchsvolle Arbeit Ethik, ist das, was das Deutsche Volk. Sie sind eine schöne, Menschen, die mit Witz, Humor, Weisheit und eine hilfsbereite, freundliche Natur. Ich habe in Deutschland für eine kurze Zeit, und nichts hatte, aber die Bewunderung für sie. Deutschland Uber Alles.
--- Thomas G. SCHUCKMAN --disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70. Jesus ist der Herr.

On 911 two fighter jets scrambled from Andrews Air Force Base.  Their mission was to take down FLT 93 that was thought to be headed to the Capitol. Due to the pending emergency they did not have time to arm their aircraft.  Without weapons, their only way to complete the mission was to crash into the airliner.  They formalized their plan of attack in route. Lt Heather Penny’s role in the mission was to take out the tail section. Col.George Degnon was to head for the cockpit.  Neither computed that they could eject prior to the crash. Lt. Penny’s father was an American Airlines pilot who flew the northeast corridor.  She had no idea where he was that day or even if he was flying the aircraft they were about to take out of the air.  Prior to reaching the target, they received word that FLT 93 had crashed in PA.  They were given a secondary mission to patrol the skies over Washington and prepare to take any aircraft down.  Final mission of the day was to escort Air Force 1 back to Washington. Neither Lt. Penny nor Col Degnon have sought any publicity or recognition for their heroism.  They were only two service members answering the call to duty and accepting their orders as given without hesitation.  Just two great Americans who were willing to lay their life on the line for the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”. Sadly, on Sunday’s we elevate to hero status million- dollar football players who can’t stand for the National Anthem.

     I was born and raised in Wisconsin, and now live farther North in the U.P. [The Upper Peninsula of Northern Michigan, close  to Canada.].   So, yes, it does get very cold and snowy up here, and people have 'thicker skins,' etc., and sometimes they THINK a bit slower, too... LOL., but they know how to stay warm, in my opinion.   But I have seen some younger people in Winter out side, wearing shorts, with a Winter coat.... so I've got to wonder about them.   I believe that we are on the same latitude as Germany, and Northern Japan, and I have also been to those 2-- places, and was cold.   All the stuff you hear about 'layering' is true, and guys in the Army learned to wear 2--T-shirts, etc., to "trap the body heat."   Personally,  I love the Fall climate, and also think it's beautiful.  

Now,   I don't want ANYONE to call me paranoid....   but I do like to prepare, BEFORE the fact... before the "spit hits the fan," and I am caught in a stiff cold wind with my anatomy hanging out !   I remember living on the farm, and Autumn and September,  back to school, meant getting some new warmer clothes, and school clothes, etc.   We chain-sawed our own wood/ trees on the farm and had a huge PT-driven Circle Saw that was run with the fly wheel of our J.I. Case tractor, where my Dad, brother and I, all held on to a tree trunk and cut it down to fit into our huge basement wood stove, and I had to make the fire, usually,  where my lazy brother, usually got off work.... LOL.   So when I joined the Army in August 1967,  they were all S.O.L., and up the creek without a paddle.... Ha!   Then they actually had to work much harder.  Smile.   No malice intended, but I just love poetic Justice !  
      Now, there are some very good pointers down below in the timely article, and I even took notes, writing down what I still need to buy on payday.... if we all still get a paycheck in our messed up economy run by the monkey you all elected... Ha!   Goof grief, Charlie Brown !    And just think about the distinct possibilities of a hostile Islamic nation slipping an EMP weapon into our homeland and knocking out all the POWER !!   Now,  let's not forget all the cowardly Congress and Senate, either.    But blaming others while we freeze to death this Winter won't help anything, will it ?   Praying will help,  but I believe that we must be "Proactive."   Do something.  Prepare now ! !  
       Well,  I don't have a lot of money,  but I still have my nice PC --computer to look for cheap solutions, and I have become a sort of 'detective'...of sorts.    I have been trying to 'take care of business, all by myself,' as best I can.   And then I throw the rest of my burdens on the Lord, in prayer.   But I learned one thing....  never really depend upon another human being.   Because now days, words like, Honor, Duty, Dignity, Promises and Contracts, are nothing more than hot air coming out of someone's mouth !   Women, now days never want to keep their marriage vows...'for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in heath, to death do you part !'    God hates divorce, and so do I !   And most people need to get some kind of payment, or they won't lift a finger,  period.   It's just like the bible says, about these "Last Days" before Christ comes back with His Army of Saints, etc. to 'clean house' and take His true Believers Home, to a nice, safe place, right before the SHTF.  
        And I happen to know a LOT of people, smart bible students.... good people, who are waiting patiently and prayerfully, for Jesus to come and Rapture them ! 
        Which bring me to the point of knowing so many women [and men] who more or less worship a "creation," a human being, or material things, like their house, etc., their grandkids, what ever, and make them the focal point. most important thing in their lives !!   More important than their marriage promise/ agreement/ relationship, and they just 'TAKE, TAKE, TAKE, and spend, but never even try to develop a true, give and take, relationship!   Just think how they will feel when the Rapture comes.... where will their minds and hearts be ??    You see, if a man said he loved a woman, telling her how beautiful she is, etc, but all he really wanted was to get her into bed.... and he really didn't know what color her eyes were, or what she liked, what was in her heart....  that's not really love,  that's being a lustful animal.   There used to be many sweet talking guys who latched onto American women, just to get into the USA, and then they left the man.  But that can work both ways, and women are sly and foxy, too.   Well, now, Obama is secretly importing THOUSANDS of Middle Eastern, military age, voting age, Islamic, hostile, men, who have NO LOVE FOR OUR COUNTRY, and all they want is to rape, pillage and trash our country.... and Obama KNOW THIS, and the Liberals, Socialist oinks here also know this and support this illegal baloney !!   Dirty tricks, lying, stealing the election, fraud, are nothing new to these people !!  
    Actually, even though I plan to vote for the Conservative, hard working man, this November 8th,  it really wouldn't surprise me if something outlandish, even horrible happened in the mean time !   Friends,  I am being a "Realist," and someone who is prepared for what ever happens.   Other  countries are stone broke, bankrupt, starving, eating dogs and cats, and the same can happen here in the gold old, USA !  
     Read the Winter Warmth article, and get ready for the snow storm.

Warm  Regards,

Tom   .... in 1989 >>>

Winter Warmth When the Grid is Down


 by Sarah Duncan

I live in a Northern climate in a home without a fireplace.  The heat in my home is totally dependent on the grid.  Since the weather is cold here at least 8 months out of the year, much of my prepping attention is focused on keeping the family warm.
In years gone by, most Northern homes had either a fireplace or a woodstove for heat.  Our society has become so certain that the grid is permanent that many homes built over the past 50-60 years have been designed without those vital elements.
The first and best choice for alternative heating is wood.  If you don’t have that option, don’t despair – there are many other ways to stay warm if the grid goes down.
1.)    Propane Heaters:  There are several propane heaters on the market that do not require electricity.  I own a Little Buddy heater.  These small portable heaters are considered safe for indoor use in 49 states.  They attach to a small propane canister and use 2 oz. of fuel per hour to make 250 square feet extremely warm and toasty.  A battery operated carbon monoxide detector provides an extra measure of safety when using these heaters indoors.
2.)    Kerosene/Oil Heaters:  Kerosene heaters burn a wick for heat, fuelled by the addition of heating oil.  An antique “Perfection” oil heater can be a charming addition to your decor that can be called into service during a grid-down situation.  Click here to read more information about the different types of kerosene heaters that are available.
Of course, the above options require fuel that may not be available after an extended disaster.  Use a combination of these keep-warm strategies to extend your fuel provisions.
  • Seal off a smaller area to heat.  When our furnace went out one winter, we huddled into a small room with just one window.  We closed the door to the bedroom and used a folded quilt at the bottom to better insulate the room.  You can also hang heavy quilts in the doorways of rooms with a heat source to block them off from the rest of the house.
  • Insulate your windows.  You can use a plastic shower curtain and duct tape, topped by a heavy quilt to keep the wind from whistling through your windows.  This has the added benefit of keeping the windows dark if you are concerned about OPSEC.
  • Light some candles.  Burning candles can add some much needed warmth to a small area.
  • Use heavy sleeping bags.  Zipping into a sleeping bag will conserve your body’s warmth more than simply getting under the covers.
  • Pitch a tent.  This works especially well when you have children because it adds an element of fun to an otherwise stressful situation.  Inside a tent, you can combine your body heat to stay much warmer.
  • Heat some rocks.  If you have a place outdoors for a cooking fire, you can add large rocks to the fire.  Rocks retain heat for a very long time.  When you are ready to go to bed, move the rocks into a cast iron Dutch oven.  VERY CAREFULLY take this into the room that you are heating.  The stones will emit heat for several hours.  This is an excellent way to passively heat your room when you’re sleeping.  With this method, you don’t have to be concerned about the potential of a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning during the night.
  • Dress warmly from head to toe.  Most body heat is lost through the top of the head, so always start with a warm knit hat.  Layer your clothing, making sure your chest and neck are covered with a scarf.  Lightweight gloves will also help you maintain your warmth.  Wear heavy socks and shoes to protect your feet from cold floors.
  • Cook!  If your cooking method does not require electricity, use it to generate heat as well as a hot nourishing meal.  The addition of steam also makes the house warmer – add a kettle of water to the top of your stove.
  • Drink warm beverages – hot cocoa, coffee or tea can increase your body temperature.
  • Snuggle!  Combine your body heat to stay warmer
  • Use a hot water bottle.  This can provide additional moist radiant heat in your tent or closed-off room.
In your search for warmth make certain that you also maintain safety.  Keep fire extinguishers handy and invest in a battery operated carbon monoxide detector.  Keep children and pets away from items that could burn them or that could tip over, causing a fire.  Be sure to store all flammable materials (such as propane and kerosene) according to manufacturer’s instructions.

This information has been made available by Ready Nutrition
Originally published November 1st, 2012

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