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Time is Short.

Tom's Journal.

    Postings like the one below give me lots of joy and strengthens my convictions, that I am taking the right/ correct course right now, trying harder to get my life in harmony with the Lord -- because He has the 'only game in town.'   In some ways, the Bible is like an accurate road map, and those who have studied it know that they are on the right road.... and not the 'high way to hell.'   We also have a compass in the KJV Bible, where as the 'World' generally is lost and desperate.    Satan constantly throws up misleading sign and road blocks to steer us away from Christ,  because he knows his 'end game' is about up and the clock is definitely ticking, just as if we were in a foot ball game right now.  

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No, you're not experiencing deja vu. Yes, you found this message from me in your mailbox last week.

You are receiving it again because last week, due to circumstances beyond our control, the delivery of this scheduled program to our various broadcast partners was interrupted.

So we are presenting that edition of "The Hal Lindsey Report" this week. I thought you should be reminded of what this week's program will cover. So here we go again.

Well, maybe that is just a little deja vu!


The mainstream media barely mentioned it. They're preoccupied with the presidential campaigns.

And besides, the United Nations Security Council has met before in emergency session to discuss North Korea -- and nothing happened. How was the emergency session on September 9 any different?

It's true. North Korea and its weapons testing has been the subject of past UN Security Council meetings. And though official action has been adopted, nothing of any great consequence has ever resulted.

But North Korea's most recent weapons testing is different for a couple of reasons. First, the nuclear devices NK exploded a few days ago were more powerful than anything they've tested before. Probably because the North Koreans claim to have developed hydrogen bombs.

Second, it now appears that North Korea has achieved the capacity -- or will soon have it -- to mount these weapons on ballistic missiles.

This point is critical because earlier in the same week, they also successfully launched three medium-range missiles. Those missiles traveled more than 600 miles. That puts South Korea, Japan, and parts of China within reach.

Maybe that's why China acknowledged that the North Korean tests "shocked the world."

To further complicate matters, just a few weeks ago, North Korea successfully launched submarine-based ballistic missiles. That puts every coastal city in the world at risk.

And even though the left-leaning media tries to imply that North Korea is isolated from the world and poses no real threat, that's simply not true. Iran and NK have been partners in crime since the Iranian Revolution of 1979. And Pakistan furnished the expertise to help NK build the nuclear devices.

Further, The Korea Times is reporting that last May North Korea and Cuba started holding talks to strengthen their friendship.

What does this mean for the United States and the world? Well, North Korea is starving for cash (its people are literally starving), but they have weapons of mass destruction. And thanks to President Obama, Iran is newly flush with cash and desperate for those weapons of mass destruction. That's a marriage made in hell.

But that's just one possibility. Under President Obama's leadership, the world has experienced the worst nuclear proliferation ever. Nations that had never pursued nuclear weapons before are now active customers in the nukes market. Japan and South Korea will probably start their own nuclear weapons programs as a deterrent to North Korea.

Since the west has decided to allow Iran to join the nuclear club soon, other nations in the Middle East are actively shopping for places to purchase nuclear arsenals as a deterrent to the neighborhood bully. We're not just seeing a proliferation of these weapons, but an explosion of them.

You know, this all started back in 1994 when then President Bill Clinton decided to humor North Korea and make his own toothless "nuclear deal" with them. They promptly accepted all the goodies from the US, then reneged on the deal and proceeded to develop their own weapons.

Sound familiar? Foreign policy blunders live on well beyond the President who made them.

But none of this surprises students of Bible prophecy. In several passages, the Bible depicts future events that are eerily (and accurately) descriptive of nuclear warfare.

That's just another way we're seeing the whole world take the shape foretold by the ancient Bible prophets thousands of years ago.

Other interesting things are happening in Asia, as well.

The G-20 Summit was recently held in Hangzhou, China. President Obama attended, along with at least 19 other world leaders. But when he arrived aboard Air Force One, the Chinese hosts didn't bother to lay out the red carpet.

They didn't even roll the mobile stairway up to the door of the President's plane. He was forced to exit the plane by the built-in rear stairwell.

Further, on the tarmac, Chinese officials were rude to high-ranking members of the American delegation and some in the US press contingent.

Not a nice way to treat your largest customer. But China is obviously piqued at the US or at President Obama.

Probably because China wants to claim all of the South China Sea as its own and the rest of the world won't agree to it. Not the rest of the nations in the area. Not the United Nations. Not the World Court at The Hague. And especially not the United States.

In fact, in March President Obama specifically warned Chinese leader Xi Jinping not to build military installations on the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea, near the Philippines. But they're doing it anyway.

So the United States and its allies have been sending warships into the international waters near China and warplanes to fly close to China's airspace. All in an effort to emphasize that these are international lanes of commerce and China is not going to claim them and control them.

China isn't pleased. And they're not happy about President Obama's so-called "Asia Pivot." That means he sees America's future as aligned less with Europe and the Middle East and more with Asia.

Partly because the markets there are growing so fast. And partly because we want to rein in Asia's growing menace -- China.

Most observers believe that China refuses to stop North Korea from its madcap dash to nuclear capability so that it will continue to keep that part of the world off-balance and in turmoil. That distracts the rest of the world from the ferocious pace of China's drive to hegemony in Asia.

Whatever is really happening there, it is definitely worth watching. China has enormous wealth and technical expertise. China is aggressive and often hostile. And China figures prominently in the Bible prophecies about the "Kings of the East" in the last days.

As does Russia, of course. And it has gotten even more intriguing since my last program. See how quickly things are unfolding in the end-times scenario?

Last week, we learned that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was on the KGB payroll in the 1980s. As was Russian President Vladimir Putin. Abbas's code name was "Mole."

The information was discovered in a British archive of KGB agents from that period. Though the Palestinian Authority is trying to deny it, it makes sense. Abbas headed a Palestinian-Soviet friendship foundation during that time.

And now that the US is turning away from involvement in the Middle East and focusing on Asia, many people are pushing for Russia to become the new broker for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

A Hollywood screenwriter couldn't construct this intricate a plot, but the Bible's ancient prophets did. And they did it thousands of years ago.

Couple this bizarre turn of events with the alarming rise of antisemitism across Europe and into the Middle East and it's undeniable that the pace is quickening.

Recently, Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations noted that hatred of Jews and the demonization of Israel has reached "the highest level of our lifetimes."

Again, just as the Bible predicted.

Folks, if you have never accepted the forgiveness of sin that Jesus Christ purchased with His death on the cross, NOW is the time to do it. The race to the end is accelerating as never before. Time is short. It cannot be too long before Jesus will return to snatch away the true believers of this earth. You do not want to be left behind.

This week, I am going to discuss "Redemption" and show you how you can be ransomed and released from the "Certificate of Debt" that hangs outside your cell door. There is only one way out. You must be "redeemed." And only one Man can do it for you.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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