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U.S.A. Debt.

Tom's Journal.

   There is nothing wrong with telling the truth.   I was looking for "The Truth" right after I got home from battle/ war in RVN, 1970,  and ended up in a  False Religious Cult  for the next 22 lost years... the JW's cult.... the 'church of the poisoned mind.'   Yes,  those are the folks who do NOT believe that Jesus is God,  but the angel Michael, instead.   Beware of the "New World Translation," --where those friendly people have corrupted the New Testament, big time, to suit their own twisted ideas.  Best to use the KJV Bible, to get the pure rendition.    I finally left that cult and found the Lord, after He "humbled me" to take away my foolish pride, etc.   I count that nothing short of  a miracle !  
       Hebrews --Chapter 11, verse 17 [and so forth] ... talks about DISCIPLINE.   "Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are excercised thereby."      Ha!  Ain't it the truth ! ?   And just look at all the crime, immorality, drugs, murders, rapes, and violence in our inner cities like Chicago and Detroit now days !!   There IS NO FATHER FIGURE for those lost children !   And they were not raised to know, read and practice the KJV Bible !   So.....  what's it going to be,  a godly form of loving discipline and love,  or just stay on the Welfare/ Food Stamps line, quit school, sell drugs, join gangs and get young girls pregnant as soon as you can, so you can start getting the "free lunch" that MY taxes pay for.... and you all wonder why this Country is broke/ busted/ still printing worthless money in the back room!  

Guess what folks,  all this was well planned many years ago, and it's all about the OWG... The New World Order that must come, according to the book of Revelation, chapter 13 !!    Yes,  soon enough, no matter what man or woman gets into office,  the huge DEBT $$$ will crush our country and many other countries, so that chaos and disorder and mass starvation will force the masses of humanity to BEG FOR THE NWO !!   Some countries that are inches away from cannibalism are just about there already !!   See:  Socialism 101.  ---South America.  

So,  I know that I have been blessed in many ways,  but still a bit anxious.   Well,  it's time to just stop rushing around now, and look at the big, true picture.   We must still try to do what it right --- but we also have to realize what our future will be.   'Will YOU live forever ?'    The answer is:   YES !   But where will you live it ??   You and I have a choice,  but it is a serious, sit down and think time right now.... today, right now.   Will you find out the truth by reading for yourselves what the Bible says about the future??  Or listen to the lies of men and women ?    It's not going to be easy, one way or another, friends.   But the end game/ solution is what counts.   If we are mostly going to live and suffer for a while,  why not do it for the right reason, and win the Gold in the end ?  
       I am far from perfect, a sinner, and yet I know where I am going.  So if a weak, imperfect sinner man like me can positively know the end game,  YOU CAN TOO !
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Tom  Schuckman

The total amount of the United States debt is $19.2 trillion. At this steady increase of debt, by the year 2020, U.S. debit is predicted to surpass $21 trillion.

The projected over $720 billion interest on the 2024 debt is a massive increase from the $227 billion interest paid in 2015. Meanwhile, Social Security and Medicare are rapidly approaching insolvency. Simply put, the government cannot mathematically keep up its current path without eventually leading the country to default, or excessively high taxation, or massive cuts to programs. Either way, excessive public debt sacrifices long-term growth.

Regardless of which party controlled the White House and Congress, national debt has grown steadily since 1980.

A lot of presidents have presided over balanced budgets, which is when government spending matches government revenue. But a balanced budget doesn’t necessarily mean no debt, because old debt can carry over from previous years. Jackson was, in fact, the only president to preside over a total elimination of all remaining debt while having a balanced budget.

  • Allowing Congress to overburden citizens with debt in the present means that the next generation will have to come to terms with paying off trillions of dollars in debt. Instead of putting money into the private sector to grow the economy through job creation, investments, and savings, future taxpaying adults face the risk of higher tax rates, higher inflation, and a severe brake on economic growth.

    Ultimately, national debt is driven by an unhealthy addiction to government spending. Tax hikes have been suggested as a solution to reducing the national debt, but such proposals would just hurt our already weakened economy. America is deeply in debt because politicians spend too much, not because people and business are taxed too little.

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