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Are You Ready for War ?

Tom's Journal.

'Be careful what you wish/ pray for.....'   But maybe this is a 'protection from the Lord...'     ----Terrible Tom

Ich denke, meine Freundin, "B.A.K., entleerte mich. Ich hoffe, Sie haben genug von meinen "Metalle". Ich bin ganz allein, aber vielleicht die Entrückung ist in der Nähe von..... Ich bete.

October 7th, 2016

On September 28, FEMA, the FCC, and the National Weather Service conducted a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS). EAS allows the federal government to take complete control of the content of television and radio stations, as well as cable systems.

Broadcasters are required to place the EAS switch between their studios and the station's transmitter. When the government activates the switch, the broadcaster's own sound and picture are replaced by the government's.

Only once before has this system been tested nationally. That was in November of 2011. There were several glitches and the system failed to perform adequately.

Apparently, last week's test was a complete success.

Ostensibly, EAS will be used to alert the public in the event of an impending natural disaster, probably a catastrophic weather emergency. Maybe even a national defense threat. Who could object to that? I don't.

But we've all seen movies where the super-villain somehow interrupts every broadcast in the nation (or the world) to announce his threats or demands. In real life, the EAS system used far too many and varied protocols for that scenario to be even a remote possibility.

But EAS is now part of the wider Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS). It is based largely on the internet. This wider system not only has the power to commandeer broadcast and cable content, it can also access smart phones.

After the recent bomb attacks in New York and New Jersey, the government sent out a warning to smart phone users in that area to be on the lookout for the primary suspect. For the first time (unlike an Amber Alert or an Emergency Weather Alert), they transmitted the man's picture.

Interestingly, your smart phone gives you control over the kinds of alerts or notifications you receive, such as Amber or weather alerts. But you do not have the ability to disable an alert from the White House. The President's order overrides everything else.

In view of what Bible prophecy says about the Antichrist's ability to communicate with the entire world, I think this is an interesting development.

Someone recently remarked to me that the EAS is old news. It's been around for years.

My thought was that it has never worked satisfactorily. Until now. It was never fully comprehensive. Until now.

I replied that every system or tool the Antichrist needs to accomplish his worldwide takeover has been in development for years, decades, even centuries. What makes it interesting is that they are all coming into completeness and full utility now. Just in time for the Antichrist's arrival.

Something else makes the rapid emergence of the tools and mechanisms he will need even more amazing. That is the fact that they are all being placed into the hands of global entities and authorities beyond the control of individual nations and states.

As of October 1, oversight of the internet has been completely ceded to an international agency. The ultimate authority to grant internet domain addresses now rests with a corporation outside the reach of the United States government. It remains to be seen what protections and rights that we, as American citizens, will now have available to us.

That pattern is repeating itself over and over. On September 20, President Obama told the United Nations that the United States has too much power and needs to relinquish some of its sovereignty. I know that's hard to imagine, but it's part of a worldwide trend.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a perfect example. That agreement took years to negotiate and is over 5,000 pages long. Though it is promoted by our leadership as a "trade" agreement, actually "trade" is only a small part of what it governs.

By agreeing to it, the United States is ceding an alarming amount of our own sovereignty and right of self-determination to a group of shadowy, globalist bureaucrats. And the TPP leaves very little recourse to us if we find it to be oppressive or harmful to our interests.

Most of it was negotiated during Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State. In 2012, she called it, "...the gold standard in trade agreements." Now that she's running for president, she claims to be against it. But if elected, you can be sure she will reverse course again and promote it vigorously.

TPP legally obligates its members to implement the United Nations' Agenda 2030. That's the program the UN claims will end poverty and pollution by 2030. Its provisions first become active in 2018.

Agenda 2030 is an update of the notorious Agenda 21. It passed the UN unanimously last year. And it calls for massive changes in all our lives. It is literally a scheme to subjugate mankind under the heel of corporate and international elites.

When the Antichrist assumes power, he will need global tools and organizations, as well as incredible technology, to accomplish his purpose. And it looks now like he will have everything he needs. Right on time. Just as the ancient prophets predicted.

Last week, Israel's last major founding figure passed away. Shimon Peres died at age 93.

As a young man in his mid-twenties, Peres was part of the group that established the modern state of Israel. He joined the team in 1947, almost exactly one year before the War of Independence in 1948. He was a trusted protege of "modern Israel's founding father," David Ben-Gurion.

From the beginning, Ben-Gurion entrusted young Peres with a variety of important tasks and positions. Throughout his long service to his nation, Peres served as Director General of the Israeli Defense Ministry, Minister of Finance, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Internal Affairs, and other high positions.

He oversaw the creation of Israel's military. In the 1950s, he convinced Ben-Gurion to initiate Israel's nuclear weapons program. That program alone has possibly been the major factor in Israel's effective deterrence of invasion by its much larger enemies.

In later years, Peres was twice Prime Minister of Israel. Later, he served for seven years in the largely ceremonial office of President of Israel. In fact, he is the only person in Israel's history to have been both Prime Minister and President.

But in the 1990s, the man who worked so long and hard for Israel's security, made a terrible mistake.

As Israel's Foreign Minister, Peres was the primary force behind The Oslo Accords. Even though he shared Nobel Peace Prizes with Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin for their efforts, the Oslo Accords have been called "Israel's Munich."

It was a disaster of the first order. Oslo led to major intifadas (almost immediately), bus bombings, wars, and a general sense of chaos throughout the land.

The Oslo Accords never brought peace.

Though he was wrong in this instance, I believe we can say that Shimon Peres tried with all his might to bring peace to his nation.

In his speech on the White House lawn the day the Accords were signed, Peres said, "Let us bid once and for all farewell to wars, to threats, to human misery. Let us bid farewell to enmity, and may there be no more victims on either side."

I believe he truly longed for those words to be true. Can you imagine how disappointed he must have been when the opposite happened?

I met Mr. Peres only once. I have always counted it a privilege to have spent time with one of Israel's most important founding figures.

Now that the last of the generation of courageous leaders that founded Israel (God's timeclock) has passed, it reminds me that every day we are moving closer to the climax of this Age of Grace.

Speaking of which, this week I want to tell you the difference between the Resurrection and the Rapture.

Let me give you a hint. If you are reading this, you don't need Resurrection, you need Rapture!

But you can prepare yourself for both, in exactly the same way!

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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Well, now....  I sincerely hope that all the Liberal ignorant block heads who voted for Obama-oink are really happy now, that we are on the edge of a state of war with Russia !   Some of you might remember that movie called,  "Wag the Dog," where the USA started a war just to cover up all their mistakes and corruption at home to mislead the American public.   We should not doubt one bit that this is the same event !!   Fact is,  the good guys have just uncovered enough evidence to blame the Clinton female and link her to Obama to put them all on the gallows !   So, why not murder off a few million of our own citizens to cover it all up ???   Ha!   The Obama's hate America anyway, so what a nice way to exit, and right on time !   Yes,  I am being sarcastic today, and it's raining where I live.   I just wonder what kind of lame excuse the Liberal Dims have for their STUPID choice....  duh.    That's right,  when all else fails and the American dollar is about to be counted as WORTHLESS  --- start a war with a nuclear strong man, and Mr. Putin is not a stupid man, IMHO.    It seems like he is taking care of his people fairly good and allows freedom of religion for the Christians over there.   That more than we can say here for America.    I fought for this country, the USA, and therefore I do have a say, and I also voted, but never for Obama !

I cleaned up my act, now alone, all by myself, and I KNOW WHERE I AM GOING.... when I die.   Can all you folks say the same thing??   Because on my last post here, I proved what the scriptures say about 'knowing that our salvation is secure and certain !'   If you are not completely sure, go back and read the surrounding texts that I posted to make sure.   In fact read the entire book of Romans, TODAY !!  
    I got a late start this morning,  but I did charge up my power scouter last night so I got wheels to shop at all the stores today, etc.   I ate baloney sandwiches yesterday, and maybe I will eat more today.   But I like a hot meal sometimes to make me feel good.   Watch out for rationing in the future, and FEMA might also try to TAKE your food !   Oh yes,  Obama was a great choice --- wasn't he?  Remember, "you can KEEP your own doctor !!"  --ObamaCare --B.S.  The sunny day of Summer are gone.   Sorry to rain on your parade, today, friends.   But God loves YOU !   Do you love Him ?  Prove it.

Warm Regards,
Tommy  Schuckman

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